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  1. pop VS rock

  2. What does the passage talk about? • 2. What is the main idea of each paragraph? The comparison between pop and rock. Para1 Why is music important to musicians? Para2 How are the songs written? Para3 What are the songs about?

  3. Music is their career. They use music to become rich and famous. Music is their life. They play music to satisfy their inner desire. One person writes the words, someone else the music, and other musicians record it. One person has a strong feeling and expresses it with music, and others help build the song Rock music expresses true feelings about society, friendship and even war. Most pop songs are simple stories about love that make people feel easy and forger about the real world.

  4. dizi guanzi suona VS

  5. VS clappers muyu pengling luo sheng xiao

  6. Pipa, erhu, suona, guqin, zheng, drums, luo, etc. Drums, keyboard, sometimes traditional instruments At weddings, during festivals, and in the royal courts Every day, on TV and radio Songs are often handed down from generation to generation Pop stars or writers write new songs every year Love, life, society Love, life, news, legends

  7. Choose one of the two writing tasks below 1 Write about a Chinese or English song that you like. Try to describe the song and how it makes you feel. Explain why you like the song and what the song makes you think of. 2 We write songs to say something about ourselves and the world. If you write a song, what will you say? What will your message be? Work in pairs and try to write a song --- you can use the music of a song you already know or you can make up your own.

  8. Music Tips Music is more than just sound --- it is a way of thinking! When we listen to music, sing and dance, or play an instrument, we are also becoming better thinkers. Music intelligence is one of our eight human intelligences. We can learn language from songs and chants. Some people study better with music on!

  9. Find out the mistake in each sentence and then correct it. • The large building which is now built near our school will be a well-equipped hospital. • I hope this road will be repaired by next summer. • Tom had to travel by bus as his car had damaged in an accident a few days before. • She has got married to Robert for a year. • This kind of shoes are not sold well in the store. • Two of the boys hurt while playing football. Suggested answers: now being built 2.will have been repaired. 3. had been damaged 4. has been married 6. were hurt 5. don`t sell

  10. Checkpoint 11 Grammar The Passive Voice in Different Tenses 1.The key to the classroom door ______ (keep) by our monitor. 2.The theme song of the 1998 World Cup ____ (perform)by Ricky Martin. 3.The performance ____ (give) in the Capital Concert Hall. 4.He knew that he ____ (invite) to perform in the New Year’s Concert. 5.This song ____ (play) all over the country now. 6.He wrote this song while his watch ____ (repair). 7.Although it ____ (play) many times, he still loves this tune. 8.It was the first time he _____ (award) a Grammy. is kept was performed will be given would be invited is being played was being repaired has been played was awarded

  11. Talk about the picture P148 • The window is open and the glass is broken. • The telephone line is cut off. • The drawers are half-opened. • The purse is thrown on the ground. • The flowers are pulled out of the pot. • The curtain is torn into pieces. • The room is in a mess.

  12. Thank You