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Information Session for Teaching Development Fund

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Information Session for Teaching Development Fund - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information Session for Teaching Development Fund. Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office. Agenda. Policy briefing Expectations of awarded projects Experiences of previous successful applicants Questions and Answers. Teaching Development Fund.

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Information Session for Teaching Development Fund

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information session for teaching development fund

Information Session for Teaching Development Fund

Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office

  • Policy briefing
  • Expectations of awarded projects
  • Experiences of previous successful applicants
  • Questions and Answers
teaching development fund
Teaching Development Fund
  • It was established in 2011, with an annual budget of 500,000 RMB.
  • It is aimed at foster active learning, first-class curricula and broad disciplinary pedagogical research.

University support to staff for enhancement of learning and teaching:

  • CPS
  • Teaching Prizes
  • Teaching Development Fund
  • XJTLU Annual Learning and Teaching Staff Colloquium
  • All academic and teaching staffwho hold a contract that covers the period of this fund applied for;
  • The fund will support projects which have the prospect of improvement to pedagogical practices and the enhancement of the learning process
we fund
We Fund
  • Research projects that reflect and evaluate current teaching practices;
  • Development projects that propose educational innovations aiming at enhancing teaching, learning or assessment practices within XJTLU;
  • We DO encourage collaborative projects across departments.
  • There is no limit on the amount of money of each application, but applications for more than 50,000 will be regarded as exceptional; The highest budget that has been funded so far is 68,000RMB.
  • There is no limit on the number of applications that an individual may make, but normally funding will be awarded to a member of staff for no more than one project at the same time.
examples of funded projects
Examples of funded projects
  • Evaluating Case Teaching Method (CTM) for Cross-Disciplinary Teaching
  • Mobile Learning in English language teaching and learning in the Language Centre
  • Exploring Good CSR Teaching Practices in Management Education in XJTLU
  • The development and evaluation of 'Marking Mate' - an online tool to provide feedback on English academic writing
  • Developing and validating an instrument for measuring learner autonomy in English learners
we do not fund
We Do NOT Fund:
  • Student activities within or out of the classroom;
  • Teaching materials developing (e.g. book writing, or case-study developing…)that should be part of curriculum development within departmental budget;


  • Motivating students’ learning by a Math competition; (X)
  • Using IPADs to support student engagement in classroom discussion (?)
what budget will be funded
What budget will be funded?
  • research tools;
  • teaching or learning tool that will enable your project;
  • Labour expense involved;
  • Conference travel X
  • Tuition for professional training or development X
how to apply for it
How to apply for it?
  • A Proposal (appendix B)
  • An Application form (appendix A)
  • An Appraisal letter from the head of department
  • E-copy submitted to
  • Semester 1: by

13th December 2013

  • Semester 2: by

23rd May 2014

assessment of your proposal
Assessment of your proposal
  • Appropriateness of the project (fit for the aim of this fund, appropriate design and implementation, ethical issue…);
  • Demonstration of professional reflection and/or innovation with regards to the specific aspects of learning and teaching;
  • Demonstration of contribution to the transformative impact on university learning and teaching practices;
  • Justification of budget planning;
what support available from lte
What support available from LTE?

Before submission

After submission

Clarify feedback to your proposal from the panel;

Guidance on budget spending;

Guidance on report writing after completion;

  • Consultation services on submission process and documents;
  • Consultation services on specific questions on learning and teaching resources/references/issues
  • But NOT specific comments related to proposals
what does a successful bid include
What does a successful bid include?


Doesn’t include

Lack of engagement in subject area

No clear vision/direction.

A feeling of wanting a grant rather than enhancing teaching and learning

No clear/real benefit to the university

  • Aims and objectives
  • Methodology
  • Value to the department and university
  • Outcomes
  • Realistic budget
evaluation and dissemination of tdf project
Evaluation and Dissemination of TDF Project

Evaluation of your projects

Evaluation of this Fund

The TDF panel will prepare a summary report annually submitted to the University Learning and Teaching Committee.

From this year, awarded projects in each selection round will be published on Learning and Teaching website.

  • Dissemination of the project within the university;

- XJTLU Annual Learning and Teaching Staff Colloquium

  • Project report after completion;
tdf team
TDF Team
  • Chair: the Dean of Learning and Teaching,

Dr. Stuart Perrin

  • Panel member: seven academics (from Built Environment cluster, Business, Science cluster, Engineering cluster, ECC, Math, Teaching Centers)
  • Support: Chunming Tai for general enquiries, Yao WU (Support for financial issues)
experiences from previous successful tdf recipients
Experiences from previous successful TDF recipients
  • How does this Fund (will) support their research project related to teaching and learning?
  • In which way their teaching practice and their students (will be) are benefited from this funded project?
  • What are their most useful suggestions to other colleagues who are applying for this fund?

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