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Discuss the following questions with your partner . Also ask further questions and see where the topic takes you . . Does everybody have the right to carry a firearm ?. Why do people smoke ? Should smoking be banned in all public places ? How about smoking on balconies ?.

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Discuss the followingquestions with yourpartner.

Alsoaskfurtherquestions and seewhere the topictakesyou. 

Does everybody have the right to carry a firearm
Doeseverybodyhave the right to carry a firearm?

Why do people smoke should smoking be banned in all public places how about smoking on balconies
Whydopeoplesmoke?Should smoking bebannedin allpublicplaces?How aboutsmokingon balconies?

What other special talents do some people have

What s your stand on tattoos
What’syourstand on tattoos?

Talk about the teaching profession
Talkabout the teachingprofession.

Talk about the teaching profession1
Talkabout the teachingprofession.

Talk about the teaching profession2
Talkabout the teachingprofession.

Talk about the teaching profession3
Talkabout the teachingprofession.

Talk about the teaching profession4
Talkabout the teachingprofession.

Talk about the teaching profession5
Talkabout the teachingprofession.

Talk about the teaching profession6
Talkabout the teachingprofession.

Discuss this picture

What s your favourite make of car and why
What’syourfavouritemake of car and why?

How much math can you do without a pocket calculator
How muchmathcanyoudowithouta pocketcalculator?

Are you more interested in the american way of life or life here in e urope
Areyoumoreinterested inthe American way of lifeor life here in Europe?

How would you like to live when you eventually move away from home
How wouldyoulike to live whenyoueventuallymoveawayfrom home?

How would you look for information if there was no internet
How wouldyou look for informationiftherewas no Internet?

The genie of the lamp grants you three wishes what are they
The Genie of The Lampgrantsyouthreewishes! Whatarethey?

What would be the best rock song ever
Whatwouldbe the best Rock Song ever?

Name the best rock festivals today why are they so popular
Name thebestrock festivalstoday. Whyaretheysopopular?

Name some jobs you c ould never consider doing yourself give grounds
Namesomejobsyoucouldneverconsiderdoingyourself. Givegrounds.

Does money bring happiness discuss
Does money bringhappiness? Discuss.

When have the stakes been high in your life
Whenhave the stakesbeenhigh in your life?

Why is biking a better option than going by car
Why is bikinga better optionthangoingbycar?

When did you last feel really frustrated

If you had a time machine what would you do with it where would you like to go
Ifyouhada timemachine, whatwouldyoudo with it? Wherewouldyoulike to go?

Have you ever considered science as a career
Haveyoueverconsidered science as a career?

He s about to jump what is he thinking
He’saboutto jump.What is hethinking?

Do you think there s life in space discuss
Doyouthinkthere’s life in space? Discuss.

Which qualities or skills would you like to have
Whichqualitiesorskillswouldyouliketo have?

Share a nice memory with your partner
Share a nicememory with yourpartner.

What are your plans after senior high school
Whatareyourplansafter senior highschool?

How cluttered is your desk
How cluttered is yourdesk?

Are you interested in science
Areyouinterested in science?

Do you agree

How do you deal with stress
How doyoudeal with stress?

Do genes or environment have a greater role in what you are in other words nature or nurture
Dogenesorenvironmenthave a greaterrole in whatyouare? In otherwords: Natureornurture?.

Which piece of good news would you like to hear
Whichpiece ofgoodnewswouldyouliketo hear?

Name a piece of music that surely must strenghthen the brain
Name a piece ofmusicthatsurelymuststrenghthenthe brain.

How responsible are you about your homework
How responsibleareyouaboutyourhomework?

Do you think that man will ever live on other planets
Doyouthinkthatmanwillever live on otherplanets?

How much math should everybody know
How muchmathshouldeverybodyknow?

What is a good nurse or doctor like
What is a goodnurseordoctorlike?

Talk about the different stages of a typical project
Talkabout the differentstagesof a typicalproject.

Explain this pic to your partner
Explainthispicto yourpartner.

Which of these cities would you like to visit and why
Whichof thesecitieswouldyouliketo visitand why?

Tell your partner why you like to listen to some of these bands
Tellyourpartnerwhyyoulike to listen to some of thesebands.

What would your band be called

Describe the rock n roll lifestyle to your partner
Describe the rock’n’rolllifestyleto yourpartner.

Talk about why led zeppelin is the best rock n roll band ever
Talkaboutwhy Led Zeppelin is the bestrock’n’rollband EVER!

Which matters more to you good pay or a fulfilling job
Whichmattersmore to you: goodpayor a fulfillingjob?

Talk about free school lunches with your partner
Talkaboutfreeschoollunches with yourpartner.

Are nuclear weapons still a threat to world peace
Arenuclearweaponsstill a threat to worldpeace?

Will man ever learn to respect wildlife on this planet discuss
Willmaneverlearnto respectwildlifeonthisplanet?Discuss.

Talk about why the pen is mightier than the sword
Talkaboutwhythe penis mightierthanthe sword.

How would you cope without your mobile phone and the internet
How wouldyoucopewithoutyourmobilephoneand the internet?

Talk about your favourite foods is there any food you don t like
Talkaboutyourfavouritefoods. Is thereany food youdon’tlike?

How do you deal with stress1
How doyoudeal withstress?

What s your favourite way of transport give grounds

What should one do to protect one s teeth from decaying
Whatshouldonedo to protectone’steethfromdecaying?

What are some of your favourite weekend activities
Whataresomeof yourfavouriteweekendactivities?

What are people usually worried about

Should cannabis be legalized

Are you a cat person or a dog person give grounds
Areyou a cat person or a dog person? Givegrounds.

Tell a joke to your partner
Tell a joke to yourpartner.

How do you feel about hitchhiking have you ever done it
How doyoufeelabouthitchhiking?Haveyoueverdoneit?

What s your favourite day of the week and why
What’syourfavouriteday ofthe weekand why?

Are you a night owl or an early bird is it easy for you to get up early if necessary
Areyoua nightowloran earlybird?Is iteasy for youto getupearlyifnecessary?

Which contemporary songs will become classics in the future
Whichcontemporarysongswillbecomeclassics in the future?

Should students be allowed to bring a cheat sheet like this to an exam
Shouldstudentsbeallowedto bringa cheatsheetlikethisto an exam?

How important is your gender in today s working life
How important is yourgender in today’sworking life?

Name some young artists or bands that just might be big one day
Namesomeyoungartistsorbandsthatjust mightbe bigoneday.

Do you agree with the statement made here
Doyouagreewiththe statementmade here?

Name some other things that divide people

Name a song that gives you goose pimples
Name a songthatgivesyougoosepimples. 

How clean does everything have to be around you
How cleandoeseverythinghave to bearoundyou?

Discuss this outgrageous claim with your partner

Do you prefer slow food to fast food give grounds
Doyoupreferslow food to fast food? Givegrounds.

Should man go back to space is there life out there
Shouldmangobackto space?Is therelifeout there?

How can we protect the seas on our planet
How canweprotect the seas on ourplanet?

Name some other jobs that one could also do abroad

Talk about fear of heights high anxiety what other fears do people have
Talkaboutfear of heights / highanxiety. Whatotherfearsdopeoplehave?

Should men be more open about their feelings

Name some everyday things that make you happy

Talk about ways in which facebook can really be useful
Talkaboutwaysin whichFacebookcanreallybeuseful.