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Cumberland Park CCB Project

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Cumberland Park CCB Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cumberland Park CCB Project. Virginia Department of Environmental Quality October 9, 2007. Project Description.

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cumberland park ccb project

Cumberland Park CCB Project

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

October 9, 2007

project description
Project Description
  • The Giles County Partnership for Excellence submitted an application for a coal combustion byproduct (CCB) fill project along Route 460, outside the Town of Narrows, and adjacent to the New River.
  • The CCB fill area will encompass approximately 7.7 acres of the 14.8 acres property.
  • Filling for the project is expected to begin in late-Fall 2007 and to be completed by mid- to late- 2010.
  • Approximately 254,000 cubic yards of CCB material will be placed at the site.
  • The CCB used at the site will consist of fly ash and bottom ash from the American Electric Power Plant in Glen Lyn, Virginia.
  • The site is being constructed for commercial development.
regulatory requirements
Regulatory Requirements
  • The Virginia Coal Combustion Byproduct Regulations (§ 9 VAC 20-85 of the Virginia Administrative Code) establish standards for siting, design, construction, operation and administrative procedures pertaining to the use, reuse and reclamation of coal combustion byproducts (CCB).
regulatory requirements1
Regulatory Requirements
  • The owner or operator of the site must provide the following documentation to ensure compliance with the CCB regulations:
    • Certification of legal control over the site for the project life and closure period;
    • Certification from the local government that the site complies with local ordinances;
    • General description of the intended use, reuse, or reclamation of the CCB material;
    • Operations plan;
    • Closure plan;
    • Owner’s statement allowing authorized representatives of the Commonwealth access to the site to ensure compliance. 
regulatory requirements2
Regulatory Requirements
  • Upon receipt, the Department evaluates the submitted documentation for completeness within 30 days, to verify that all of the necessary documentation has been submitted. 
regulatory requirements siting
Regulatory Requirements - Siting

Requirement Cumberland Park Project

regulatory requirements siting1
Regulatory Requirements - Siting

Requirement Cumberland Park Project

regulatory requirements design construction
Regulatory Requirements – Design & Construction

Requirement Cumberland Park Project

regulatory requirements operations
Regulatory Requirements – Operations

Requirement Cumberland Park Project

regulatory requirements operations1
Regulatory Requirements – Operations

Table 1: List of Constituents and Maximum Levels

Arsenic                  5.0 0.25 0.0057

Barium                  100 0.29 2.9

Cadmium               1.0 0.0042 ND

Chromium              5.0 0.014 0.0028

Lead                       5.0 0.0028 0.014

Mercury                  0.2 ND ND

Selenium                1.0 0.20 0.0070

Silver                       5.0    ND ND

Constituent Level (mg/L) Fly Ash Bottom Ash

ND = Non Detect

frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is a permit required for this type of facility?
    • In accordance with §9 VAC 20-85-150.A, the owner or operator of a site which manages only fossil fuel combustion products allowed under 9VAC20-85-40 shall not be required to have a solid waste management facility permit. Documentation must be submitted to the Department to verify the regulations are being met.
  • Is groundwater monitoring required for the proposed project?
    • The regulations do not require groundwater monitoring for this type of project. The regulations establish maximum constituent levels for heavy metals in the CCB material.
frequently asked questions1
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is a liner required?
    • The regulations do not require a liner to be installed for this use.
  • Can CCB fill be placed in the floodplain?
    • The regulations allow placement of CCB fill in the floodplain, provided the CCB is protected from inundation and washout, and the fill complies will all local ordinances. As part of the application the owner must provide a local government certification which states the proposed project is consistent with all local ordinances.
frequently asked questions2
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why has no public hearing been held or public comment period advertised?
    • There is no public participation or hearing required by the state CCB regulations. However, local government may have their own requirements for public hearings.
  • Is financial assurance required?
    • No financial assurance is required.
frequently asked questions3
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is project owner?
    • The application was submitted by the Giles County Partnership for Excellence. Howard Spencer is the listed owner contact for the Partnership.
  • Does DEQ inspect these facilities during construction?
    • DEQ does periodically inspect these facilities during construction. However, there is no regulatory requirement or frequency for these inspections.