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Follow-Ups in RMPro

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Follow-Ups in RMPro.

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follow ups in rmpro
Follow-Ups in RMPro

The Follow Up feature of RMPro allows users, who have responsibility for following up on a Patient Safety Report, to document their follow up in the report. It also allows users to communicate in a peer review protected manner with each other about follow up within the system.

HH Risk Mgt 3/2012

follow up responsibilities
Follow Up Responsibilities
  • Initiate and document comprehensive follow up within 48 hours of receiving a Patient Safety Report. Follow up should be initiated immediately for reports with a severity level above level 3. Timeliness is essential to assure meaningful follow up.
  • Follow up should include analysis and comments on factors that contributed to the event, whether the event was preventable, and any corrective measures taken.
  • Complete follow up within 7 business days of the Patient Safety Report being entered (though in some instances this is not possible).
  • If yours is the primary department involved in the event, notify Risk Management when all follow-up has been completed and the file is ready for closure by entering the follow up type: “FILE IS READY FOR CLOSURE”. If this step is omitted, Risk Management will not be notified that the file can be closed.

HH Risk Mgt 3/2012

follow up responsibilities1
Follow Up Responsibilities
  • When another department/service is involved, use the email function in RMPro to communicate promptly and directly with other manager(s) who need to add follow up.
  • If your department is one of the other departments and services involved in an event, complete follow up as noted above and enter the follow up type: “Follow up is complete for my area”.
  • Review the “Open Files” report which you will receive weekly, and respond to open files. Files open for your area can also be viewed any time by looking in “Add a follow up note”.
  • Communicate changes and improvements to staff using RMPro reports as appropriate.

HH Risk Mgt 3/2012

initiating rmpro
Initiating RMPro
  • Locate the RMPro icon on any Hallmark Health System computer desktop or in the “Hallmark information resources” website
  • You may also log on remotely at:

HH Risk Mgt 3/2012

logging in
Logging in

Log in to RMPro

using your current Outlook log in and password.

Note: Your user ID will appear in capital letters but do not use the “CAPSLOCK” key.

HH Risk Mgt 3/2012

entering the system
Entering the System

Click on

“Add a follow-up note”.

HH Risk Mgt 3/2012

a list of the files available to you will appear on the screen
A list of the files available to you will appear on the screen

Then, click

“Add a Follow Up” which will open the file

Select the file you plan to add a follow up to

Please Note: If the file you are looking for does not appear on your list, please contact Risk Management to give you access to it.

HH Risk Mgt 3/2012

adding a follow up
Adding a Follow Up

Click “Follow up List” in either of these places to link to the “Follow Up Details” screen.

Click “Follow up List” in either of these places to link to the “Follow Up Details” screen

HH Risk Mgt 3/2012

entering follow up details
Entering Follow Up Details

Fill in the fields as indicated and write a description of your follow up.

***When finished be sure to click the “OK” button so your follow up will be recorded.

NOTE: IF YOU PLAN TO EMAIL YOUR FOLLOW UP, you must do so before clicking this “OK” button.

See the following pages for instruction.

HH Risk Mgt 3/2012

emailing a follow up
Emailing a Follow Up

After you have entered the follow up details, click on the Email button on the lower left

The email box will then pop up. Simply click “OK” and you will be linked into Outlook

HH Risk Mgt 3/2012

emailing a follow up1
Emailing a Follow Up

Your Outlook email screen will open where you can retrieve addresses and send the follow up.

The text of the email will automatically populate from the “Description” entered.

NOTE: You must email from your own Hallmark Health computer, with the email function installed, for this feature to work.

HH Risk Mgt 3/2012

in conclusion
In Conclusion
  • Once you have clicked on the “OK” button on the lower right of the “Follow Up Details” screen, your follow up will be recorded. Be sure to log out when you are finished.
  • ALL communication regarding Patient Safety Reports should be kept in RMPro to maintain peer review protection.
  • Please do not email regarding Patient Safety Reports outside of RMPro. By doing so, peer review protection is lost and we do not have a record of follow up.

If you have questions, pleasecontact Risk Management:

Debra Wright: 781-338-7636 or Martha Krache: 781-338-7742

HH Risk Mgt 3/2012