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Baby scans for every stage of your pregnancy

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Baby scans for every stage of your pregnancy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When you choose to go down the private route for antenatal pregnancy scans it makes good sense to choose a company that offers the full range of antenatal scans for every stage of your baby\'s growth and development.

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Baby scans for every stage of your


When you choose to go down the private route for antenatal pregnancy scans it makes good sense

to choose a company that offers the full range of antenatal scans for every stage of your baby's

growth and development.

Even if you're just choosing to have one scan done privately initially, it's reassuring to know that all

the other options - and the corresponding medical expertise needed to interpret them - are available

should you choose to request them.

Ultrasound Direct is the UK's leading provider of private antenatal ultrasound scans and offers a total

of 14 different antenatal diagnostic scans, including early pregnancy scans, nuchal scans, anomaly

scans and late presentation scans, as well as fertility scans using the latest 3D and 4D scanning


Pre-pregnancy scans

Some women opt to have a pelvic scan before they try to conceive just to check their fallopian tubes

and uterus are all in working order and there are no structural issues which could cause fertility


Ultrasound Direct's pelvic scan can be used to evaluate the time of ovulation (when your egg is

released) and for measuring egg follicles and endometrial thickening for assisted conception/IVF in

the UK or abroad.

Early pregnancy scans

The early weeks of pregnancy are exciting, but can also sometimes be a worrying time because of

the risk of miscarriage.

Ultrasound Direct offer a number of diagnostic scans in those important early weeks which can

provide you with the information and - in most cases - reassurance you need. These include:

Early scan: This 30 minute scan is offered at 7 to 11 weeks and the primary purpose is to find

out if your pregnancy is viable and measuring correctly for your dates.

Dating Scan: Performed at between 10 and 16 weeks, this 20-minute scan is also referred to

as a 12-week scan or booking scan. Its main purpose is to date your pregnancy by measuring

your baby's size and find out how many babies you're expecting. From 12 weeks we can use

the latest 4DFREEVIEW™ technology to give you a 3D moving picture of your baby. With a

4DFREEVIEW™ pregnancy scan you'll get to see your baby's internal organs -including their

heart beating, and a checklist of other signs indicating their wellbeing will be completed.

Nuchal Translucency Scan: Ultrasound Direct offer a Babybond Nuchal Translucency (NT)

Scan (also called a nuchal scan) at between 11 and 13 weeks and 6 days gestation. This is a

screening test using ultrasound to measure fluid at the back of your baby's neck (this area is

called the nuchal fold). If a baby has extra fluid at this point - it's a marker for an extra

chromosome and they may have Down's syndrome and you'll be counselled to see if you

want further diagnostic tests to find out for sure.


 NIPT scan: This test combines a non invasive pre natal blood screening test for Down's

syndrome (called Harmony) with a 30 minute diagnostic scan to check viability and dates. It's

performed between 10 and 22 weeks.

Second trimester scans

There are a number of scans available in the middle trimester of your pregnancy between 12 and 24

weeks. These scans are more detailed and can tell you important things about your baby's growth

and development, as well as identify their sex and any structural abnormalities in internal organs.

Many of these scans use the latest 4DFREEVIEW™ ultrasound technology.

Scans available at this stage of pregnancy include:

Anomaly scan: This 40 minute scan is performed between 19 and 24 weeks and measures

your baby's growth and checks your baby's internal organs and is probably the most

important scan you'll have in pregnancy. The scan includes complimentary sexing of your

baby (but only if you want to find out!).

 4D Bonding Scan: There are various types of bonding scan available from 20 weeks.

Other important second trimester scans include the Babybond Gender Scan at between 16

and 23 weeks and the JustGender™ scan at 18 to 30 weeks.

Third trimester scans

The primary medical purpose of these scans is to check on your baby's growth, wellbeing and

presentation. Ultrasound Direct offer:

Growth scans: These are scans to measure your baby's growth and are offered between 24

to 34 weeks and can estimate fetal weight too.

Presentation scans: Performed from 35 weeks onwards, these scans are to find out if your

baby and placenta are in the right positions for birth.

For a complete list of all scans offered pre and during pregnancy by Ultrasound Direct please click