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  1. MAFISYS – ABSENCE AND FRESH In big business hubs businesses have proved to be a great victim of employees being absent. As absenteeism can adversely hamper the overall growth of the organization at large. A person due of ABSENCE may be due to various reasons however it is necessary to keep a track of his attendance within the organization. Because there are time like performance appraisal or performance assessment when it become necessary to judge the performance of an individual based on the number of days he has been present. Our firm helps companies determine the number of days an employee was present by calculating the number of days he or she remained absent. The ABSENCE of employees in very large number can hamper the growth of the company. Our competent task force will help you to detect which are the factors behind employees being absent and provide solution for the same. You company won’t suffer a loss due to employees being absent. Thus you can very well know the employees who are being constantly absent for many days all together. Such a system will be of much help in decreasing the number of absentees to work and thus rendering the full co operation of your force in action. Other hand when it comes to training and recruiting new and FRAISemployees it become a mammoth’s task as it is very much essential to recruit competent and enthusiastic employees who can contribute towards the growth of the company. Due to today’s education scenario it has become al the more difficult to filter out good resumes out of the many. Our firm people are well trined in recruitment procedures and will make sure that your company gets the most competent people taken also after the recruitment process it becomes important to train them in accordance with the work culture of the company. You don’t have to worry as our men are capable of handling such tasks with ease and resemble the structure of your company imminently. In this way the FRAIS trainees can get set in their work culture and start contributing as soon.