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CyberLead Ad Posting Maximize Your Online Inventory PowerPoint Presentation
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CyberLead Ad Posting Maximize Your Online Inventory

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CyberLead Ad Posting Maximize Your Online Inventory - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CyberLead Ad Posting Maximize Your Online Inventory
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  1. CyberLead Ad PostingMaximize Your Online Inventory

  2. Key Features Cost-effective Multiple highly trafficked auto websites updated daily with your inventory Consolidated traffic reports for all your ads Automatic inventory upload capabilities Time-saving posting tools for Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji, Twitter & more! Lead-generation tools such as email and internet-phone capabilities built-in Comprehensive phone-lead tracking, recording & reporting

  3. Ad Distribution • Free Ad Channels • Automatically update your inventory daily on our network of highly-trafficked classified sites • Generate more leads • Track your results • We take care of ad distribution and save you time so you can focus on what you do best – Selling cars! • Posting Tool • Time-saving tools to help you make the most out of manual - posting sites like Craigslist, BackPage, Kijiji& others • Take charge of your lead & traffic potential • Track your results Social Networking Use built-in tools to post ads and schedule ad campaigns using popular social-networking sites like Twitter & others. Paid Ad Channels Because we are well established in the industry, we are registered 3rd-party providers with many of the industry’s leading auto sites, and at your request we can update your inventory daily on the following paid ad channels as well! You maintain your relationships with the vendors that help you sell cars – we make it easy to keep them updated with your cars!

  4. The Network In Action Free Ad Channels: Daily! Posting Tool: Social Networking: You decide! You decide! Your paid Ad Channels: Daily!

  5. Inventory Management Create new vehicle in the system Search inventory by year, make & model Sort columns in ascending & descending order • Actions Column • Edit / Delete vehicles • Post vehicles on • Social Networking • sites • Flexible Inventory Options • Easily uploadusing built-in Vin Lookup technology • Update daily with feed for hands-free ad management Posting History Easily see status of individual vehicles on various ad channels

  6. Posting Tool • Works on Craigslist, BackPage& Kijiji • Craigslist compliant! • No software to download! • Fill-in ads with 1 click! • 8 Templates available • User-definable templates available • Saves time! • Attractive ads One-click access to multiple templates per-vehicle Shows last date posted to help manage ads online Sort by post-date, number of photos, price & more! Automatically fills in all ad info Fills in HTML for attractive ads No need to upload images! Insert up to 27 images instantly!

  7. Effective Craigslist Templates • 8 Templates to choose from for every car • User-definable templates available • No more copy/paste! • No more uploading photos!

  8. Dashboard • Updates Daily • Last two-week’s activity at-a-glance Number of vehicles in the system Daily ad traffic totals Phone & Web Leads

  9. Ad Traffic • Easily Track Your Ad Traffic • Across Craigslist & the entire Ad Distribution Network • Updated Daily • Daily & Weekly Totals • By Site, Make, Model, Stock # & More!

  10. Lead Generation Capabilities Clearly see where your leads are coming from, when they came in & which vehicle they are for Toll-free or local tracking number included to track & record all calls Track all incoming email leads in one place Email leads fully compatible with all CRM systems for seamless lead integration and tracking Instant reporting

  11. Email Leads • Track all email leads coming in on your vehicles • Leads fully compatible with all CRM’s (ADF/XML) • Spam filtering reduces junk leads–focus on real leads • Text-notifications – get notified of leads on your cell, BlackBerry, etc. • Emails list source of lead Real-time list of Email Leads Expand individual leads for detailed information Detailed client information Detailed vehicle information with link to the car in your inventory Web-Form helps qualify leads Customer Comments

  12. Phone Lead Tracking Print or Email custom call reports Dedicated Login allows you to listen to calls, run comprehensive reports & more! • Take Control of Your Phone Leads! • Included Toll-free number captures all calls • Record all incoming calls • Email notifications for every call • Comprehensive call-forwarding & routing options • Run custom reports • Setup recurring email reports on phone traffic • Record custom play-files & customer greetings • More!

  13. Microsite Contact form on each vehicle collects customer information and asks key questions to help qualify the lead. Google Map lets customers easily find your dealership Multiple links to dealer’s website Search Make & Model • Generate more Traffic & Leads • Drive hits from organic search (Google, etc.) • Receive traffic from channels on Ad Network • Link directly to Microsite from Craigslist ads • Dynamic Land Page: Today’s Special & Featured Autos • dynamic & based on customer’s incoming search Vehicles link to detail pages with all vehicle info, all photos.

  14. eResponse Customers who email a dealer will receive an automated response containing a link to the vehicle page for the car they responded to. • Respond Instantly • Responds automatically to prospects • Engages prospects & begins conversation • Schedule follow-up campaigns • Customize response templates Action-Buttons collect more information from client and help increase conversion.

  15. Why Us? Cost-Effective Easy-to-use Fully integrated system: All-in-one solution Unlimited leads, calls, tracking, and no vehicle limits Automated ad distribution on highly trafficked auto sites Time-saving tools for posting on manual channels (Craigslist, BackPage & more!) Get your inventory in front of people looking for calls across the web.