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AEC advanced environmental control aps. is a Danish company specialized in manufacturing, marketing and sales of sewage and waste water treatment plants . eco-line ® system.

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Aec advanced environmental control aps
AECadvanced environmental control aps

  • is a Danish company specialized in manufacturing, marketing and sales of sewage and waste water treatment plants.

Eco line system
eco-line® system

  • eco-line® system is a compact and efficient biological sewage treatment plant specially designed for small and medium flow applications.

The modular eco line system
The modular eco-line® system

is simple, effective and reliable -

the advantages of the system are:

  • Fully enclosed design with simple dependable biological operation

  • High Quality Effluent

  • Occupies small space

  • No annoyance from smell or noise

  • Long term reliability and efficiency with low maintenance and operation costs

  • High Tolerance with flow and load variations

Eco line system1
eco-line® system

The plants are fully buried in the ground to the cover level to avoid any visual impact on the site


  • eco-line® system suites isolated wastewater treatment applications such as:

  • Small villages

  • Holiday villages - camping & hotels

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Old Peoples Homes

  • Restaurants

  • Or… any other application without a connection to a public sewer system.

Biological treatment process description
Biological treatmentProcess description:

  • From the pre-settling tank wastewater enters the eco-line® system.

  • The biological degradation takes place in the aerated fixed-film reactor.

  • The degradation process of dissolved organic material is carried out by microbes growing on the submerged filter surface.

  • The number of units needed to achieve full degradation depends on the organic load entering the plant and effluent requirements.

  • Surplus bacteria are kept in suspensionin the reactor tank unit until it flows to the post-sedimentation unit.

Fixated film process
Fixated film process:

  • The system is based on submerged, aerated biofilter technology (fixated film process).

  • The filter is made of polypropylene and build into a stainless steel (AISI 316) frame.

  • Oxygen is supplied in the form of atmospheric air and distributed via a system of diffusers (rubber hoses with thousands of tiny holes).

Eco line system2
eco-line® system

  • is manufactured in a variety of sizes to meet the requirements of the population served and the effluent standards.

  • All plant components are made of corrosion resistant materials.

  • The plants are supplied with full automatic control and only very little maintenance is needed.

  • The only items requiring replacement in the long term being pumps and some other parts of the electrical and mechanical equipment which can be easily replaced at minimal cost.

Compartment for mechanical electrical equipment
Compartment for mechanical/electrical equipment

  • The compartment forms an integrated part of the eco-line unit and contains:

  • Electric Control Board

  • Blower for aeration

  • Hydrotech drum filter

  • Sump pump

The hydrotech drumfilter
The Hydrotech Drumfilter:

  • The Post Settlement System used to separate suspended solids from wastewater

  • Treated effluent and a suspension of biomass solids overflow from the biological unit to the drum filter

  • The treated wastewater enters the drum filter and remains stationary, until the water level reaches a certain level.

  • Then the drum filter starts to rotate.

  • The separated solids are rinsed off the filter mesh into the sold collection tray where it is introduced back to the inlet of the pre-settling tank or to the inlet pumping well.

  • Treated water flows to the recipient.


  • The eco-line® system is completely enclosed to minimise fluctuations in temperature, thereby providing stable conditions for optimum biological treatment

Eco line

  • leaving the factory

  • loaded in a 40” high cube container

Easy installation
Easy Installation

  • The plant is installed.

  • In/out arrangements are connected as well as electricity.

  • Ready for back filling

Ready for operation
Ready for operation

  • Installation executed

  • The plant is ready for operation

Eco line compact plants
eco-line®compact plants:

  • Now introducing eco-line compact plants:

  • …an eco-line compact plant is a turn key sewage treatment plant

  • containing all needed components for sewage treatment up to about 250 p.e - all in one container...

  • - buffer tank inclusive pumps and pumping control

    • pre-clarifier and sludge holding tank

    • bio reactor with all electric mechanical equipment

    • post clarifier

    • disinfecting equipment as UV/UV-ozone filtration or hydro-chlorine dosing (optional)

  • You just need to connect inlet, outlet and electric cables - that’s all.

  • (Also produced as mobile for temporary applications such as oil fields, construction sites or emergency replacements.)

  • Eco line applications

    Aec aps eco line present for more than 20 years in
    AEC aps / eco-line,present for more than 20 years in….

    • Egypt

    • Iran

    • Kuwait

    • Saudi Arabia

    • Sudan

    • United Arab Emirates

    • Bangladesh

    • The Philippines

    • Taiwan

    • Vietnam

    • Canada

    • Panama

    • USA

    • Venezuela

    • Denmark

    • Finland

    • Greenland

    • Norway

    • Sweden

    • The Baltic’s

    • England

    • Hungary

    • Ireland

    • Italy

    • Poland