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Meeting the Challenge:
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  1. Meeting the Challenge: Next Generation ProfessionalEnergy Workforce Development Ali Daneshy, Director Petroleum Engineering Program University of Houston November 3, 2005 Energy Workforce Development Conference Global Energy Management Institute Bauer College of Business, University of Houston 4/28/05

  2. Energy Technical Manpower Supply It is broken!! How do we fix it

  3. Essence of The Globalization Challenge • Innovation -- critical to long term business viability • Technical innovation -- key to competitiveness • Skilled leadership – key to successful execution of innovation • Traditional “learn-as-you-go” too slow for today’s speed-of-change Discovery Development Implementation “Value-Add” = Innovation =

  4. Key to Effective Mobilization:a Strong Skilled Workforce Development Pipeline • Greater throughput at every stage • Greater flow through CC’s into universities • Greater movement into energy-related disciplines • Next generation global competitiveness skills throughout pipeline Must achieve:

  5. High-Valued Interface Accelerators Industry Internship University Community College High School

  6. Petroleum Engineering Program at University of Houston Aligning curricula with careers

  7. PE Internship Program • Attract top quality engineering students into the PE program • Provide an early link between these students and oil and gas companies in the Houston metropolitan area • Provide financial assistance to students • Offer industry high quality potential future employees • Enlarge the pool of talent available for employment in the oil and gas industry

  8. Program Structure • The internship is offered to all engineering students starting at Junior level • Students get a BS in the original field of engineering and then continue to earn an MS degree in Petroleum Engineering. • Students finish the MS requirements one year after the BS degree

  9. Benefits • Students get $12,000./year internship support in return for 10 hrs work/wk and commitment for full time paid summer work • Students tailor their education to fit their employment opportunities, thus becoming more marketable • Companies get better prepared students • Both industrial partners and students agree on working hours and conditions • Opportunity for companies to identify available talent early, and for students to select a good place to work.

  10. Petroleum Engineering Program Role • Enhance the quality and quantity of engineering talent available to Houston oil and gas community • Align student curriculum with career needs • Train the students with the latest industry practices • Facilitate greater link between industry and U of Houston

  11. Highly Incentivized Program Fulltime Employment with Industrial Sponsor

  12. Thanks you Michael!