miss wall s environmental issues final review n.
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Miss Wall’s Environmental Issues Final Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Miss Wall’s Environmental Issues Final Review

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Miss Wall’s Environmental Issues Final Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Miss Wall’s Environmental Issues Final Review. . Funds set aside by US government for cleaning up toxic waste. The use of plants and fungus to clean-up toxic waste. What do we call the smog that has been carried to the North pole? Arctic Haze What is Superfund? What is Phytoremediation?

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Miss Wall’s Environmental Issues Final Review

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Funds set aside by US government for cleaning up toxic waste

The use of plants and fungus to clean-up toxic waste

  • What do we call the smog that has been carried to the North pole?

Arctic Haze

  • What is Superfund?
  • What is Phytoremediation?
  • What is the name of the city where toxic waste was buried under their homes and schools?
  • What is the main source of toxic waste in the US?
  • What is toxic or hazardous waste?

Any discarded material that is known to cause death, cancer, mutations, is corrosive or explosive.

  • Where are 45% of the world’s endangered animals found?
  • About 65% of household trash is made up of ______________ ?
  • When did Fresh Kills Landfill close?
  • What is leachate?
  • What is the “black sludge” in China and other third world countries?

The toxic runoff created from the piles of turn-apart electronic waste

  • What is the biggest waste dumped in our oceans, besides plastic?
  • What do we call uncovered areas of waste disposal?
  • The majority of solid waste in the US comes from ____________________.

Love Canal, New York

Petroleum industry




Toxic liquid produced from decomposition of waste

Nuclear Waste

Open Dump




Staten Island


  • Which country is the best for recycling solid waste?
  • Where was Fresh Kills Landfill located?
  • What is the percentage that NYC recycles?
  • What happens to 80% of America’s e-waste?

Shipped to 3rd world countries to have valuable pieces removed by poor communities

  • Where and when was the biggest oil spill in US history?

The Gulf Spill, 2010

  • What country leads the world in carbon monoxide emissions?
  • What does VOC’s stand for? What are some examples?

Volatile Organic Compounds- cleaners, paints, candles…

  • What are CFC’s and what are the destroying?
  • Describe the TWO types of smog and how they are created.

Sulfurous- black from burning of coal (London and China)

Photochemical- car exhaust and sunlight (brownish haze- LA)

  • What is flotsam?
  • How is acid mine drainage cleaned up?

Limestone pools that neutralize the pH


Ozone Layer

Floating plastic trash in our oceans


Aerosol cans and freezing devices



  • What is a major source of CFC’s?
  • Which greenhouse gas has increased 400% in the past 200 years?
  • Why is the ozone layer important?

Protects from Ultra Violet Radiation

  • About 80% of Americans trash is ____________________________.
  • What is the process of restoring land to its natural and productive state?


  • Many hazardous waste can be disposed of in ______________________.
  • Which state in the US has the most toxic waste dumps in the country?

New Jersey

  • What is the process of helping natural decomposition of waste?
  • What is the name of the landfill that is designed to hold solid waste safely?

Sanitary Landfill

  • What is the best way to reduce waste?
  • How do landfills contaminate our ground water?

Leachate leaking-dangerous sludge created decomposition of waste

  • What major policy was passed to decrease CFC’s production?

Montreal Protocol

A sink or drain




Deciduous Forest

  • Why are gas-powered lawn mowers a major contributor to air pollution?

No catalytic converter to control emissions

  • Where was the largest storage area in the US for toxic and nuclear waste?

Yucca Mountains

  • What biome do we live in?
  • What is an organism that can make its own food?
  • About 50% of the US’s electricity comes from:

Coal Burning

  • Which biome receives less than 25cm on rain a year?
  • What is the process where carbon dioxide is absorbed by the oceans?

Carbon Sink

  • What is the biggest reason why killer whales are endangered?

Oil Spills

  • Where was the only nuclear melt down in the world?

Chernobyl Russia

  • What type of wetland is the meadowlands?







  • What is an overgrowth of algae due to increase pesticides and fertilizer runoff?


  • What is the air pollutant given of mainly from the burning of coal?
  • What is the amount of available oxygen in a body of water?
  • What is the toxic runoff from the tearing apart of old e-waste in 3rd world countries?

Black Sludge

  • What is a device placed on smokestacks to reduce air pollution?


  • What is the term that means “caused by humans”?
  • What is the air pollutant given off by the decomposition of waste and organic material?


  • What is the increased acidity in a freshwater system that also has an orange precipitate?

Acid Mine Drainage

  • What is an area of water so depleted of oxygen that nothing can survive?
  • What is an ecosystem that has sitting water for most or all of the year?


  • What is an increase in toxins higher up the food chain?



Dead Zone


Sulfurous smog




Point Source Pollutants

  • What is the blackish smog created from burning of coal?
  • What is a group of the same species in a given area?
  • What is an organism’s natural role in an ecosystem?
  • What is a group of different species in a given area?
  • What are direct and observable release of pollutants?
  • What is the air pollutant mainly released by car exhaust?
  • What is the brownish haze created from the pollutants released by cars and sunlight?
  • What is the main gas linked to global warming released from burning fossil fuels?
  • What are the non observable and indirect release of pollutants?
  • What is the soapy waste water released from cruise ships?
  • What is the absorption of carbon dioxide by the oceans?
  • What are the large rotating currents in each of our major oceans?
  • What is the death caused to coral by increased ocean temperatures?

Coral Bleaching

  • What is the deadly pesticide that caused for biomagnifications in birds of prey?



Photochemical smog

Carbon Dioxide

Non Point Source

Grey Water

Carbon Sink



Off Stream Usage





  • What is the use of freshwater when it is removed from its source?
  • What is the layer of the ocean where temperature drops quickly?
  • What is the percentage of plastic trash in our oceans?
  • What is transferred in a food chain?
  • What is the lowest trophic level?
  • Based on lab results, which sample had the lowest pH?
  • What device is used to absorb oil of the shores after a spill?
  • What is a species that moves into an area after succession to begin animal life in an ecosystem?
  • Which type of succession occurs after a fire?
  • Which biome is made up of coniferous (pine) trees?
  • What are four reasons why wetlands are import?

storm buffer, nutrient rich soil, filters sediment, prevents flood, unique plants/animals

  • How is acid mine drainage created?
  • A Basic substance has a pH between _______ and ________.
  • Over 200,000 gallons of sewage are released weekly by:
  • Excessive sediment erosion and ecosystem alterations downstream are caused by:
  • ___________ _____________ is an ancient community that demonstrated overexploitation of natural, nonrenewable resources.

Poland springs water


Keystone species

Secondary Succession

Coniferous Forest

Oxidation of pyrite in coal mines



Cruise ships


Easter Island




Acid rain


  • Smoke, soot and small pieces of heavy metals are examples of ____________ in the air.
  • If you live in a ___________ you increase your chance of mortality by 15-25%.
  • Nearly the entire eastern United States suffers from ________ ____________.
  • What is the secondarily air pollutant with the sweet odor?
  • What is a biotic factor?
  • What is a most important step of the preliminary stage of water treatment?

BAR SCREEN- in the preliminary phase of water treatment

  • Which has a lower pH, Poland Springs or NJ rain water?
  • What does BOD stand for?
  • What caused the deaths of 4000 people in London in 1952?

Stationary front blocked smog from leaving town

  • What is WASTE TO ENERGY?

Using methane from a landfill for energy- example- Brooklyn

  • Who were the men in charge of the Chernobyl clean-up?


Living factors: grass, animals, fungus

Poland Spring

Biochemical Oxygen Demand