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Zone Chair Meet-up PowerPoint Presentation
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Zone Chair Meet-up

Zone Chair Meet-up

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Zone Chair Meet-up

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  1. Zone Chair Meet-up • Southeastern U.S.A. • Area 1 E

  2. Overview of Web Conference • Review the Job of the Zone Chair • Focus On Clubs • Making Zone Gatherings Worthy of Your Clubs

  3. RESPONSIBILITIES OF ZONE CHAIRPERSON You, as zone chairperson, are the administrative officer of the zone. You are accountable to the district governor or region chairperson. Your primary responsibilities are to:  Further the purposes of the association  Serve as chairperson of the district governor’s advisory committee in the zone and call regular meetings of this committee  In coordination with the District GMT Coordinator, play an active role in membership development including extension of new clubs  In coordination with the District GLT Coordinator, play and active role in supporting leadership initiatives by informing Lions within the zone about leadership development opportunities at the zone, district, or multiple district  Perform other functions and acts as may be required by the International Board of Directors outlined in the district officer manuals and other directives Additional responsibilities are to:  Monitor the health and status of clubs in the zone  Return status quo and financially suspended clubs to good standing  Attend meetings of each club in the zone; and provide a summary of these visits to the region chairperson, or vice district governors and governor if there is no region chairperson  Discuss the status of the clubs in the zone with the region chairperson or the vice district governors if there is no region chairperson, especially clubs that are experiencing difficulties  Be aware of the activities of all the clubs in the zone  Suggest and implement methods to assist all the clubs within the zone, especially status quo clubs, financially suspended clubs, young clubs, and clubs with problems  Facilitate the exchange of ideas about programs, projects, activities, and fund-raising methods among clubs in the zone  Promote district, multiple district, and international programs to clubs in the zone  Ensure that every club in the zone follows its constitution and by-laws  Encourage clubs to attend international, multiple district and district conventions  Work in harmony with the district cabinet  Attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the district

  4. Key Role of Zone Chair • Know Your Clubs and their Leaders--Become Their Friend • Be a Positive Resource for the Clubs • Communication Officer!

  5. Methods to Deliver • Club Visits • Club Officer Contacts • Zone Meetings (GAC) • Reporting to Governor

  6. 5 Goals for Good ZM • District Leadership learns the welfare of clubs • Quality ideas are exchanged (training and sharing) • Club Leaders are encouraged and recognized for hard work • District, State and Club Activities are Promoted • Fellowship is fostered among Local Clubs

  7. What A ZM Should Not Be: • Chance for Clubs to Brag • Opportunity for Speeches • Everybody Coming to Another Club’s Meeting

  8. Club visits • 2 or More Independent Visits • Friendly Guest • Observe More Than Talk • Go/Help With Project

  9. Officer Contact • Call Monthly • President • Secretary • Chat, Find Out How You Can Help • Reminders

  10. Communication • Active Member of Cabinet • Report What is Happening • Alert DG Team of Struggling Clubs

  11. Club Excellence Process • Helping Clubs reach higher

  12. Overview of CEP • Goal: Provide Lions Resources To Strengthen Clubs • Four Aspects of Program: • Facilitated Learning and Planning • Resource Discovery • Club and Community Exploring • Guided Program Delivery

  13. CEP at Zone Level • Recruit Clubs to Take Part In • Put on A Workshop In Your Zone This Year • Fits Nicely into 2 Zone Meetings • Lead by Experienced Facilitator • Clubs Grow Through Process

  14. Pride Building Award • Recognize Leaders that Fulfill Their Commitment to Building Quality Clubs • Special Exception this Year: Visit by End of January • Start Making Calls etc.

  15. Conclusions • Zone Chairs are THE KEY to Club Support • Zone Chairs Build Lasting Relationships With Club Leaders • Zone Meetings (GAC) Should Have Impact! • Club Visits are Vital To Building A Strong Zone • It’s All About People • CEP is a Great Resource for Your Zone