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PHS JUNIOR PARENT NIGHT (COLLEGE NIGHT). March 6, 2013. School Counselors. Ms. Schulman A-Brou Mrs. Mountford Brov-Dei Mrs. Arbakov Dej-Fri Mrs. Cesari Frj-Ha Ms. Bergmann He-Ke Mrs. Salmon Kf-Lh Mrs. Burger Li-Me Ms. Barnum Mi-Pa Mrs. Krajci Pe-Rt Mrs. Rugarber Ru-Ta

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    2. School Counselors Ms. Schulman A-Brou Mrs. Mountford Brov-Dei Mrs. Arbakov Dej-Fri Mrs. Cesari Frj-Ha Ms. Bergmann He-Ke Mrs. Salmon Kf-Lh Mrs. Burger Li-Me Ms. Barnum Mi-Pa Mrs. Krajci Pe-Rt Mrs. Rugarber Ru-Ta Mr. Wright Te-Z

    3. NAVIANCE A comprehensive program used by the Guidance Department, Pennsbury students, and their families to enhance application management and college planning services.

    4. Common Application • 488 member institutions accept the Common Application • The application can be filled out online or downloaded and printed at: • General information is only entered into the application once • Colleges may require students to complete supplemental application questions specific to their institution when filling out the Common Application

    5. How To Build A List of Possible Colleges • Complete College Search on Naviance • Consider using an additional College Planning Website: • • • • • Based on the information provided, students will have generated a “working list” consisting of safety schools, good matches and reach schools. • Visit College Campuses.

    6. Resume of Activities • Colleges are looking for commitment to activities. • School Activities • Community Activities • Volunteerism/Community Service • Work Experience

    7. Essay • Essays • Tips • begin rough draft of essay over the summer • allow time to write and revise college essay • be specific, clear and honest • answer the question that is being asked • proofread carefully • do not repeat information found elsewhere • Characteristics • tell your personal, unique story • indicate your interesting attributes • What are colleges looking for in the essay • maturity - communication skills • enthusiasm - leadership • creativity - talent

    8. Counseling Office Procedures • Junior year meeting in the spring. • Senior year meeting upon return to school in the fall: much of the process is now completed online through Naviance • Transcript Request Form • Teacher Letter of Recommendation Form • Complete Student Activity Sheet and Parent Brag Sheet on Naviance required for counselor to complete letter of recommendation.

    9. What do these ICONS mean? Please refer to the descriptions below when preparing documents for your counselor: College or University does not accept online transcripts. Please provide your counselor with the Transcript Request Form and an envelope addressed to the college with proper postage and any secondary school forms that are required by the college. Common Application- you must use the common application website to complete the application for this school- provide your counselor with the Transcript Request Form. No additional Common Application Secondary School Reports are needed. Online Transcripts and Counselor Recommendations are accepted- provide your counselor with the Transcript Request Form. No additional forms are needed. These icons are located in the Student’s list of colleges in Naviance.

    10. FERPA Waiver for Submitting Application Materials through Naviance You must complete the privacy notices for all college applications. If you have schools that are accepting the Common Application you must complete a common application online and enter your username and password so your account is properly linked to Naviance

    11. NCAA Eligibility Center • The website for the Eligibility Center (formerly the NCAA Clearinghouse) is • All information needed is included on this website, including the NCAA guidelines. • To fill out an online student release form, click on the Create New Account link. • In order to register online with the Eligibility Center, you must have a valid VISA or MasterCard. • As a prospective student-athlete at a Division I or II institution, you have certain responsibilities to attend to before you may participate. Information concerning who needs to register with the Eligibility Center and what documents should be submitted can be found online in The Guide For College Bound Athletes.

    12. Remaining SAT Dates for 2012-2013 SAT DATE REGISTRATION DEADLINE May 4, 2013 April 5, 2013 June 1, 2013 May 2, 2013 School Code: 395-415 Test Center: 39-264 Registration: WWW.COLLEGEBOARD.COM Remaining ACT Dates for 2012-2013 ACT DATE REGISTRATION DEADLINE April 13, 2013 March 8, 2013 June 8, 2013 May 3, 2013 School Code: 395-415 Registration: WWW.ACT.ORG SAT Prep courses available after school at PHS

    13. SAT Subject Tests • Who should take the SAT Subject Tests? • When should they be taken? • What schools require the SAT Subject Tests?

    14. Graduation Requirements • 27 credits (7.5 per year) • 4 credits of Math, English, Science Social Studies and 4 years of Physical Education • State-mandated Graduation Project • Demonstrated Proficiency through state exams (Keystones)

    15. Keystones • All students are required to demonstrate proficient or advanced status in both mathematics and reading. • Students graduating in 2014, 2015 and 2016 will need to fulfill Pennsbury School District’s graduation proficiency requirements for math and reading. • Most students will accomplish this by scoring proficient or advanced on the Keystone Exams in Algebra 1 and Literature. • Students who score below proficient on the Algebra 1 and/or Literature Keystone Exams will be eligible to retake the assessments through the spring of their junior year. • Keystones are given in December, January and in May of each school year.

    16. College Admissions Counselors • Ms. Danielle Anzalone, Assistant Director of Recruitment, Bucks County Community College • Ms. Marla Stalone-Johnson, Enrollment Management Consultant, Penn State University • Ms. Sarah Smith, Assistant Director of Admissions, West Chester University • Deneen Brown, Assistant Director of Admission, Villanova University • David P. Weisbord, Associate Director of Admissions of Columbia University in the City of New York