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WELCOME TO JASPER HIGH SCHOOL. CLASS OF 2015. Choices. Are you ready for all of the choices that you have to make? The things you do in high school will determine the things you can do after high school. College 2yr. or 4yr. Technical School Military Workforce. Basic Preparation.

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Are you ready for all of the choices that you have to make?

  • The things you do in high school will determine the things you can do after high school.
  • College 2yr. or 4yr.
  • Technical School
  • Military
  • Workforce
basic preparation
Basic Preparation
  • Meet ECA requirements in English 10 and Algebra I
  • Earn a diploma
    • Core 40 diploma
    • Core 40 with Academic Honors diploma
gqe requirements
GQE Requirements
  • Meet ECA standards in Algebra I and English 10
  • Waiver
    • Retest at least once a year
    • Complete all remediation provided by school
    • Maintain 95% attendance rate
    • Achieve a C- average (1.6 GPA) in the 34 credits specifically required for graduation
    • Complete all graduation requirements
    • Complete requirements for “Evidence-based” waiver or “Work-readiness” waiver
additional considerations for academic honors diploma
Additional considerations for Academic Honors Diploma:

Must complete ONE of the following:

  • 2 AP courses and corresponding AP exams –OR-
  • Dual HS/college courses resulting in 6 college credits –OR-
  • 1 AP course and corresponding AP exam and a dual HS/college course resulting in 3 college credits –OR-
  • 1200 or higher on SAT combined critical reading and math –OR-
  • ACT composite of 26 or above
core 40 with technical honors diploma currently only available for welding and it programs
Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma(Currently only available for Welding and IT programs)
additional requirements for core 40 with technical honors
Additional requirements for Core 40 with Technical Honors

Must complete TWO of the options below, one of which must be A or B:

A. Score at or above the following levels on Work Keys:

Reading for Info – 6

Applied Math – 6

Locating Info – 5 -OR-

B. Earn 6 college credits in technical, transferable dual credit courses

C. Complete a professional career internship or cooperative education course

D. Complete industry-based work experience (140 hrs)

E. Earn a state approved industry recognized certification – only available in Welding and Information Technology

*B, C, and D must be in the career/technical program area of study

general diploma
General Diploma
  • Beginning with students who enter high school in 2007-2008, completion of Core 40 becomes a graduation requirement.
  • A general diploma is only available to students whose parents feel students are unable to complete the Core 40 curriculum.
  • To graduate with less than Core 40, a formal Opt-out process must be completed.
  • Beginning in fall 2011, Core 40 will be an admissions requirement to attend a public four-year university in Indiana (Core 40 is a minimum requirement – colleges may have additional admissions requirements).
core 40 opt out triggers
Core 40 Opt-Out Triggers
  • A parent may request that a student be exempted from the Core 40 curriculum and be required to complete the general diploma to graduate, or
  • The student does not pass at least three (3) courses required under the Core 40 curriculum, or
  • The student receives a score on the graduation examination that is in the twenty-fifth percentile or lower when taking the graduation exam for the first time.

***If the decision is made to opt-out of Core 40, the student is required to complete the course/credit requirements for a general diploma and the career/academic sequence the student will pursue is determined.

core 40 opt out process
Core 40 Opt-Out Process
  • The student, the student’s parent/guardian, and the student’s counselor meet to discuss the student’s progress.
  • The student’s career/course plan is reviewed.
  • The student’s parent/guardian determines whether the student will achieve greater educational benefits by completing the general curriculum or the Core 40 curriculum.
a change from middle school
A Change from Middle School
  • At the end of a semester, if you complete courses with a passing grade of D- or better, you earn one credit in each of those courses.
  • If you fail a required course - you must repeat each semester of all required classes until you earn the credit.
course retake grade replacement

A grade retake/replacement occurs when a student retakes a class that he/she has already taken to hopefully receive a better grade. A student who receives below a C- on a course may retake that course for credit. The second grade earned will replace the original grade—no matter what the grade—and shall count for grade point average and class rank. The original grade will remain on the transcript with the credit for that class being transferred to the second class. A student may take advantage of this option up to two times in his/her high school career. This would allow a student trying to earn an Indiana Academic Honors diploma an opportunity to retake a class where he/she might have received below a C-, thus giving him/her an opportunity to keep his/her Academic Honors diploma. This change will become effective for the students in the Class of 2014.

not to worry
Not to Worry
  • We have seven periods in each day.
  • If you take just six classes each semester, and pass all your classes, you will graduate with 48 credits.
ninth grade enrollment decisions








Biomedical Sciences


Family/Consumer Science

Language Arts



World Languages

Ninth Grade Enrollment Decisions

English 9

English 9, Honors

english guidelines
English Guidelines
  • Any student that wished to be in English 9, Honors must fill out an application
  • Maximum number of students enrolled will be 52
  • If more than 52 students submit an application, a rubric will be used to determine which students will be enrolled in the class
  • The applications are due to Mr. Hacker by Friday March 11. No late applications will be accepted.


Algebra I

Algebra I, Honors

Geometry, Honors

mathematics guidelines
Mathematics Guidelines
  • State guidelines require that all students complete Algebra I as two of their math credits required for graduation.
  • Eighth grade math teachers will make the math placement recommendation.
eighth grade algebra
Eighth Grade Algebra
  • Completion of Algebra in the 8th grade is required for Geometry, Honors
  • Grades earned in 8th grade Algebra will go on high school transcript and start the student’s GPA if the student takes Geometry, Honors in the 9th grade
  • Grades earned in 8th grade Algebra will NOT go on the transcript if the student takes Algebra I, Honors in the 9th grade

Biology Ior

Biology I, Honors

health and p e
Health and P.E.

All freshmen will take :

Health – one semester


P.E. – one traditional credit by the end of freshmen year.

**Students will need to take PE I before taking any other elective PE

pe ii option
PE II Option

Students will be able to count the following for one credit of PE after they have taken a traditional PE course.

Completion of:

  • any athletic season in good standing
  • marching band, including flag corps
  • Cheerleading
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Life Guard Training
summer pe
Summer PE
  • Summer P.E. – Day after teacher workday through June 29
  • Cost for P.E. - $100.00
  • Time commitment:
    • Mon.,Tues.,Thurs., and Fri. 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
    • Wednesdays are 8 hours for special activities
First Semester

Fundamentals of Ag Science and Business

Second Semester

Plant/Soil Science


Introduction and Advanced 2D Art

  • This is a full year course.
  • This course is required before taking any other art classes.
First Semester only

Business Foundation

Second Semester only


Adv Comp Apps


May be either First or Second Semester

Computer Applications*

* Meets Local Graduation Requirement

family consumer science
Family & Consumer Science

Full year course


Available Second Semester only

Interpersonal Relations

world languages
World Languages

All are two semester classes

French I

German I

Spanish I

Students that have completed Spanish I in the 8th grade may register for Spanish II

language arts
Language Arts

Student Publications

  • This is a full year course
  • This class produces the school newspaper and yearbook
  • Must have passing grades in English
Instrumental Music

Dance Performance -

One semester only

Marching guard

Audition required

If not enrolled in band


Full year

Vocal Music

Beginning Chorus

Full year

new project lead the way curriculum
New Project Lead the Way Curriculum
  • Principles of the Biomedical Sciences
    • Introductory course in the curriculum
    • Study of human medicine, research processes & intro. to bioinformatics.
    • Investigate human body systems & health conditions
    • Will include engineering principles
    • Determine factors that led to death of fictional person, lifestyle choices & medical treatments
One Semester courses

Fund Engineering 1

Fund Engineering 2

Full Year Course

Intro to Eng Design- PLTW

Algebra I required – completed or enrolled in

National pre-engineering program

Introduction to the scope and rigor of engineering

courses that are weighted receive ap weight all others receive honors weight
English 9, Honors

English 10, Honors

AP Eng Lang & Comp*

AP Eng Lit & Comp*

Eng Comp

World History, Honors

U.S. History, Honors

AP U.S. Government*




Algebra I, Honors

Geometry, Honors

Algebra II, Honors


AP Calculus*

Biology I, Honors

Chemistry I, Honors

Earth/Space Science, Honors

Chemistry II

Anatomy & Physiology

Physics, Honors

AP Biology*

Spanish IV

German IV

French IV

Courses that are weighted*Receive AP weight. All others receive Honors weight
course enrollment decisions
Course Enrollment Decisions
  • Planning to enroll in seven classes each semester?
  • Consider
    • Homework
    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Work
    • Goals
    • Interests
  • Most students take six classes and a study hall.