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The Machine Yard

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The Machine Yard - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Machine Yard. Team 2’s level of the Going Ballistic campaign P resentation by Arielle Shander. Meet the Team. Arielle Shander - Group Leader, Artist John Welkner - Artist Hussein Nasr - Artist Thomas Nettle - Level Designer James Thompson - Level Designer

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the machine yard

The Machine Yard

Team 2’s level of the Going Ballistic campaign

Presentation by Arielle Shander

meet the team
Meet the Team
  • Arielle Shander - Group Leader, Artist
  • John Welkner - Artist
  • Hussein Nasr - Artist
  • Thomas Nettle - Level Designer
  • James Thompson - Level Designer
  • Sang Kim - Scripter

Temporary Team Members:

Kyle Eggers, Jacob Clayman, Sean McMakin

level concept
Level Concept
  • “The survivors must travel across the base’s now-defunct machine yard to reach the main bunker entrance.” - Excerpt from the first version of the concept
  • Second level in the five-level campaign
  • Contains a guard shack (starting point), indoor garage, two office buildings, roads as outdoor paths, a blast door (seals off the area before the safe room), and of course, a junkyard
main problems we encountered
Main Problems We Encountered
  • Scope of level and its geometry was too big
  • Initially went over model limits
  • Some problems encountered were unclear and difficult to solve at first
  • Some scheduling conflicts between teammates
  • Blast door didn’t appear until the second time it was made and put it; other custom props never made it into the game
  • Junkyard’s navmesh for the surrounding mounds of dirt (which keeps players on a linear path) needed to be fixed
  • Initially had problems putting level halves together
  • Fell behind because artists were told to focus on making custom props
biggest achievements
Biggest Achievements
  • We cooperated as a team
  • Even when we were behind, we usually caught up quickly
  • Blast door programming and animation was successful
  • Infected ladders work
  • Level mostly resembles initial concept
  • Successfully imported custom model (blast door)
  • Fixed complex pathing issues over exotic terrain (collapsed building’s ramp)
  • Safe rooms match and are consistent with the other levels
  • Fixed doors so that theyclose naturally and realistically
  • Fixed lighting and skybox
  • Added a cool machine gun at the end, which helps the player fend off the horde
  • Fixed prop errors (by switching certain dynamic props to staticandvice versa)
  • Got flag to animate
  • Everything worked out in the end, and the project was completed on time!
  • The scope of our level was our biggest issue; too much dead* space makes a level feel empty, so we tried to compensate by filling it up with props
  • Even though we ran into several problems throughout our three to four months of development, our team managed to complete the project in time
  • *Yes, I made a pun (Left 4 Dead and/or Dead Space- take your pick)
thank you
Thank You:
  • Brian: For giving me a chance to be a group leader, even though it’s only my first semester here
  • The audience in this room: For listening to my speech

And most importantly…

  • My teammates (main and temporary): For working so hard and being just plain awesome! Stay cool, guys!