Our solar system
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OUR SOLAR SYSTEM. By Jacqueline. Mercury. This is the first inner planet. The diameter of Mercury is 3,032 miles across It is one of the only planets that have no moons. This planet has not been explored by humans This is our solar system’s smallest planet. Mercury’s cool facts.

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Our solar system


By Jacqueline


  • This is the first inner planet.

  • The diameter of Mercury is 3,032 miles across

  • It is one of the only planets that have no moons.

  • This planet has not been explored by humans

  • This is our solar system’s smallest planet

Mercury s cool facts
Mercury’s cool facts

  • Mercury’s core was once hotter than it is today. As it cooled Mercury shrunk.

  • The biggest crater on this planet is 62 miles

  • In 2011 there will be a space craft that will land on Mercury


  • Venus ,like Mercury, has no moons

  • The diameter across Venus is 7,521 miles

  • This planet has not been explored by humans

  • It is the 6thbiggest planet.

  • Venus is the second planet from the sun.

Venus s cool facts
Venus’s cool facts

  • Venus is sometimes called Earth’s twin because they are almost the same size.

  • Venus is hotter than Mercury, even though Mercury is closer to the Sun.

  • The surface of Venus is covered in canyons, hills, mountains, and volcanoes


  • Earth’s diameter is 7,926 miles across.

  • It is the third planet from the sun

  • Earth is the 5th biggest planet

  • You should already know that Earth has 1 moon

  • This planet has been explored by humans

Earth s cool facts
Earth’s cool facts

  • Winter nights in Antarctica are about three months!

  • Earth is the only planet not named after a Greek or roman god or goddess!

  • The atmosphere is the thing that protects Earth from meteors!

Our solar system

  • Mars’s diameter is 4213 miles across

  • It is the 4th planet from the sun

  • It is the 7th biggest planet

  • 2 moons orbit Mars

  • This planet has never been explored by humans

Mars s cool facts
Mars’s cool facts

  • Mars has a canyon that is the size of the United States

  • Scientists think that water flowed on mars long ago

  • Seasons last 6 months their.


  • Jupiter’s diameter is 88,732 miles across

  • At least 63 moons orbit Jupiter

  • No one has ever explored this planet

  • It is the biggest planet in the solar system

  • It is the 5th planet from the sun

Jupiter s cool facts
Jupiter’s cool facts

  • Jupiter has a storm that has lasted more than 350 years

  • More than 1,300 Earths can fit in Jupiter

  • Any thing that enters Jupiter’s clouds will be crushed by the pressure on this planet


  • Saturn’s diameter is 74,975 miles across

  • 34 moons orbit Saturn

  • This is the second biggest planet

  • It is the 6th planet from the sun

  • No one has explored this planet

Saturn s cool facts
Saturn’s cool facts

  • If someone put Saturn in a bathtub Saturn would float.

  • Galileo Gallia looked through a telescope and thought he saw wings on Saturn ,but the wings were really Saturn’s rings.

  • Saturn’s biggest moon Titan is bigger than Pluto and Mercury.


  • Uranus is the 7th planet from the sun

  • It’s diameter is 31736 miles across

  • It is the 3rd biggest planet

  • It has 27 moons

  • Humans haven’t explored this planet

Uranus s cool facts
Uranus’s cool facts

  • Uranus was the 1st planet discovered by telescope

  • Light from the sun takes 2 ½ hours to get to Uranus

  • Unlike Earth, Uranus’s core is made of ice and rock


  • This is the last planet from the sun

  • It’s diameter is 30603 miles across

  • It has 13 moons

  • It is the 4th largest planet

  • Humans have not explored this planet

Neptune s cool facts
Neptune’s cool facts

  • There was once a storm on Neptune that was as big as Earth

  • You can’t stand on Neptune because it is made of flowing gasses

  • Some of Neptune’s moons are as big as earth


The world almanac for kids 2006

Mercury by Adele Richardson

Venus by Adele Richardson

Earthby Stuart Clark

Mars by Adele Richardson

Jupiter by Adele Richardson

Saturn by Adele Richardson

Uranus by Adele Richardson

Neptune by Suzanne Slaze