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  1. Welcome! 2011-2012 School Year Back to School Night College Gardens Elementary School IB World School Ms. Maizel, Mrs. Asadullah, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Taylor, Ms. Skroback, Mrs. Hernandez, and Mrs. Xia

  2. BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT • Essential Questions • What instructional components will be present in our rigorous first grade curriculum? • How can we work together to benefit all students? • We believe that all children can be successful. Our goal is to ensure that all students are taught with materials and at a pace that is challenging to each pupil and that develops their unique talents and strengths.

  3. Schedule • Reading, writing, math, social studies, and science will be integrated into our daily instruction through our PYP units of inquiry. • Specials • Media , Music, PE, Art • Media • Monday: Maizel 9:45-10:15 • Monday: Asadullah10:20-10:50 • Tuesday: Hernandez 1:30-2:00 • Thursday: Harris 9:45-10:15 • Thursday: Skroback: 10:20-10:50 • Friday: Taylor 10:20-10:50 • *** Each teacher has a different schedule***

  4. Grading • Students in first grade receive the following report card grades • “O” for Outstanding • “S” for Satisfactory • “N” for Needs Improvement

  5. Classwork Rubric • 4 Points Complete Understanding • 3 Points General Understanding • 2 Points Developing Understanding • 1 Point Minimal Understanding

  6. Homework • Homework and projects are extensions of school instruction and therefore an integral part of your child’s education. • Homework assignment sheets will be sent home on the first day of the school week and completed work should be returned to school by Friday of the same week. • It is beneficial for families to review their children’s work.

  7. Behavior Management Go for the Green • All students start out on green at the beginning of each day. If a student is not following the school or classroom standards, he or she will receive a warning. If the behavior continues, his or her name will be moved to the next color. • Students will color in their calendars every day. Calendars need to stay in their communication folders. • Students may also earn Got Attitude stickers for showing PYP Attitudes or an element of the Learner Profile. When a student earns a sticker, he or she will place a star in the correct day on their Go for the Green calendar. • (each sticker = 1 ticket)

  8. CGES Behavior Ladder of Discipline 1. Verbal warning 2. Move to yellow. Reflection form and conference with teacher. 3. Move to red. Minimum of 10 minute classroom timeout, reflection form, and conference with teacher. • 4. Remain on red. 15 minute loss of recess, reflection form, conference with teacher, and note home. • *Three reds in a week = office referral

  9. Reading • Leveled Texts • Junior Great Books • Poetry • Informational Text • Foundational Skills • Literature • Vocabulary

  10. Reading Whole class- For concepts all students need to learn Guided Reading- For reading material on the students’ instructional level **Guided Reading books will come home in bags. These should be read at home and returned to school every day. Individual Work- Reinforcement and Enrichment activities Centers- Activities that review high frequency words, chunks, and any other skills/concepts taught

  11. Words Their Way Words Their Way is a developmentally driven instruction approach providing an integrated way to teach phonics, vocabulary, and spelling to improve literacy skills. Words Their Way instruction will begin on Sept. 12th. Students will receive classroom instruction on individual sorts and this program will be a part of their homework every week. Stages Letter Name-Alphabetic Stage Within Word Syllable Juncture

  12. WTW Put into Practice at School 1st day –cut and write their name on the back 2nd day –sort at least two times 3rd day- blind or speed sort 4th day- write sentences using some of the words\pictures 5th day- sort and glue words in their journal

  13. WTW Put into Practice at Home 1st night –Cut and sort 2nd night-Blind sort 3rd night-Speed sort 4th night- Writing sort **Words sorts from home do not need to be sent back to school with homework. Please make sure you place your initials on the lines provided on the homework cover sheet.

  14. Writing • Writing will be modeled through a mini-lesson. Small groups will be pulled for direct instruction in writing skills, strategies, and process. Finally, students will practice their writing strategies independently. • Writing will include: • 6+1 Traits • Writing process • Writing opinions • Informative\Explanatory Writing • Narrative Writing • Research • Use of Language

  15. Math • MCPS Math Grade 1 Elementary Integrated Curriculum • Flexible grouping based upon skills Some topics covered: • Measurement and Data • Geometry • Operations and Algebraic Thinking • Number and Operations in Base Ten

  16. What is MCPS Curriculum 2.0? • New Internationally-driven standards in mathematics, reading, and writing. • Renewed focus on teaching the whole child. • Integrates thinking, reasoning, and creativity for a lifetime of learning.

  17. Where can I learn more? • • • Definitions and examples of Thinking and Academic Success Skills • Parent Guides for the content in each grade level – K-2 (what will my student learn?) • Video examples of integration • Video on Mathematics changes • Share your feedback with MCPS • Detailed curriculum framework (philosophy, research, content area learning objectives)

  18. Primary Years Programme Community Students Transdisciplinary Skills Units of Inquiry PYP Concepts IB Learner Profile PYP Attitudes Action

  19. PYP Theme: How we Express Ourselves Title: Express Yourself Central Idea: History is passed from one generation to another. Lines of Inquiry: • Expressions of personal ideas and feelings • The use of ideas and voice in writing • Ways to remember the past

  20. PYP Theme: Who We Are Title: Observation, Investigation andYOU! Central Idea • We gather and share information to learn more about the world around us. Lines of Inquiry • Characteristics of a good researcher • The ways researchers present information found • The ways being informed helps change the world

  21. PYP Theme: How the World Works Title: Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes Central Idea • Change occurs over time. Lines of Inquiry • The scientific process • Change in matter • Change in weather • How data is used to make predictions

  22. PYP Theme: Where We Are in Place and Time Title: Roam Around Central Idea • Humans use geographical tools to learn about the world around us. Lines of Inquiry • The different types of maps • Purpose of geographical tools • Explorations

  23. PYP Theme: How We Share the Planet Title: Nature Rocks! Central Idea • Nature supports life. Lines of Inquiry • Earth’s coverings that support life • Relationships between living and non-living things • Caring for our environment

  24. PYP Theme: How We Organize Ourselves Title: Global Communities: Producers and Consumers Central Idea • Resources, services and goods influence the way communities interact. Lines of Inquiry • Goods and services • Resources found around the world • Producers and Consumers

  25. College Gardens Standards of Communication • Communication Folders • Students will use communication folders daily for notes to and from school. • Homework will be sent home weekly. • Work with a score of 4, 3, 2, or 1 will indicate graded material. • Newsletters • PYP newsletters will include grade level information. • Keeping in contact • Understanding that time is limited and valued, staff should respond within one to two school days.

  26. Sign Up Sign up for a conference • Thursday, November 10th and Friday, November 11th (early dismissal both days) Classroom volunteers

  27. 3-2-1 Summarizer 3 Important things that you will take back with you 2 Things you want to know more about 1 Thing you will work on with your child to make him/her successful If you need to contact me, please email me.

  28. We look forward to a great year!