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REVISION. c omparison of adjectives „going to” Future Future Simple Quiz time – The UK and London. COMPARISON OF ADJECTIVES. young. young er. the young est. 50kg. 30kg. 20kg. heav y. heav ier. the heav iest. c old happy short windy deep hilly . big. big ger.

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  1. REVISION • comparison of adjectives • „going to” Future • Future Simple • Quiz time – The UK and London


  3. young younger the youngest 50kg 30kg 20kg heavy heavier the heaviest cold happy short windy deep hilly

  4. big bigger the biggest wide wider the widest

  5. the most expensive expensive moreexpensive GOOD and BAD good better the best bad worse the worst

  6. difficult more difficult the most difficult • large larger the largest • flat flatter the flattest • famous more famous the most famous • sunny sunnier the sunniest • wet wetter the wettest • beautiful beutiful more beautiful • delicious more delicious the most delicious • dry drier the driest • good better the best

  7. „going to” Future

  8. FORM: -verb „to be” + going to + infinitive of the main verb (without „to”) Example: She is going to see a movie. Negative: She isn’t going to see a movie. Questions: Is she going to see a movie? WE USE IT : -for future plans

  9. PRACTISE TIME • I’ve booked the tickets. I am going to travel (travel) to Spain next month. • Look at those black clouds. It is going to rain (rain). • She is has a temperature. She is going to go (go) to the doctor’s. • Lucas isn’t going to speak (not/speak) to his girlfriend. • Are Mary and Jane going to go (go) to the dance?

  10. FUTURE SIMPLE TENSE FORM: -will + infinitive of the main verb (without „to”) Example: They will go to America. Negative: They won’t go to America. Questions: Will they go to America? WE USE IT: -for predicitions

  11. PRACTISE TIME • She will eat (eat) an apple. • I think I will visit (visit) my granparents anext week. • They won’t go (not/go) to the party. • Will we watch the birds? • You won’t read (not/read) the book.

  12. PRACTISE – Future Simple or „going to” Future • I think my mother will like this CD. (to like) • Paul's sister is going to have a baby. (to have) • In 2020 people will buy more cars. (to buy) • Look at the clouds! It is going to rain soon. (to rain) • I feel really tired. I think I will goto bed. (to go)

  13. QUIZ TIME THE UNITED KINGDOM and LONDON, Future Tenses, Comparison of Ajdectives

  14. 1.Choose the right option and write it down on a paper (write a or b). Look at those black clouds. a) It will rain. b) It is going to rain. I’m bored. I think a) I will go to the cinema. b) I am going to go to the cinema. They bought the tickets yesterday. a) They will go to Spain next week. b) The are going to go to Spain next week.

  15. 2.Who is who? 1.________ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________ 5.________ 3. 4. 1. 2. 5. Kate is shorter than all the others. Mary is taller than Kate ,but shorter than the others. Jane is thinner than Mary. Nick is taller than the girls, but shorter than Jack. Jack is the tallest boy.

  16. 3.Name four countries that are part of the UK. • 1.________________________ • 2.________________________ • 3.________________________ • 4.________________________

  17. 4.What is the name of the flag below?

  18. 5.What is the capital city of England?

  19. 6.What is the name of the British Queen?

  20. 7. Write names of the future king of The UK parents’ of the, George Alexander Louis .

  21. 8.Who is in the building when the flag in up?

  22. 9.Write down the name of this river.

  23. 10.What is really Big Ben?

  24. 11. How many statues of lions are there on Trafalgar Square?a) 4b) 6c) 8

  25. 12.What is the name of this building?

  26. 13.How many capsules are there on the London Eye?

  27. 14.What is the nickname of English policemen?

  28. 15.What is the name of this famous English dish/food?

  29. 16.What is the name of British anthem? • God Love the Queen • God Save the Queen • God is the Queen

  30. ANSWERS: 1. b, a, b (3 points) 2. 1)Jane 2)Mary 3)Jack 4)Nick 5)Kate (4 points) 3. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales (4 points)

  31. 4. Union Jack ( 1 point) 5.London (1 point) 6.Elizabeth II. (1 point) 7.William and Kate (Catherine) (2 points) 8.The Queen (1 point) 9.The Thames (1 point)

  32. 10.a bell (1 point) 11. a) 4 (1 point) 12.Westminster Palace or Houses of Parliament ( 1 point) 13. 32 14.Bobby 15.fish and chips 16.b)God Save the Queen

  33. SONG TIMEThe Beatles: All my loving http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kg1YAKcIlyc

  34. THANK YOU! You were great! Good luck on your exam! 

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