Dogue de bordeaux
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Dogue de Bordeaux. All dog lovers are welcome!. Dogue de Bordeaux.

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Dogue de bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux

All dog lovers are welcome!

Dogue de bordeaux1
Dogue de Bordeaux

  • Dogue de Bordeaux was founded in 1600 by Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the most humble and noble man of that time. His accomplishments were both unique and mysterious. He had an astonishing quality that allowed him to communicate with the canine world. King Charles Spaniel was called a “dog speaker”. He could read the mind’s of all canines. He used this amazing talent to help the most unfortunate dogs that roamed the town and that were thought to be doomed and evil. He used his gifts to rehabilitate the canines and to train them to become special helpers for people with disabilities. King Charles Spaniel is considered the founder and creator of using dogs to help the handicapped. His monastic order is dedicated to training trainers to work with the dogs and training dogs to be our helpers. No dog is turned away! King Charles believes all dogs deserve a second chance.

  • The order has been blessed; St. Bernard, St. Akita, St. Schipperke and St. Brussels Griffon.

  • St. Akita had the most unruly dog and King Spaniel rehabilitated her canine. This accomplishment put him on the map as the world’s only “dog speaker” and forever transformed the medieval world.

  • All dog lovers are welcome! Cavalier King Charles Spaniel also rehabilitates humans for the benefit of our fellow canines! He works just as well with a “dogs best friend”.


  • Our trainers live in rural desert areas with a lot of space for the dogs.

  • Every dog has their very own house as well!!


  • Since our trainers work with some unruly canines, they wear dog bite suits for protection.

Come join dogue de bordeaux
Come join Dogue de Bordeaux

  • All dog lovers are welcome!! Come and help us make a difference in the lives of countless canines and humans!

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