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Safe Harbor Statements PowerPoint Presentation
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Safe Harbor Statements

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Safe Harbor Statements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Safe Harbor Statements.

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Safe Harbor Statements

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safe harbor statements
Safe Harbor Statements

The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.

The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

oracle business intelligence product and technology roadmap
Oracle Business Intelligence Product and Technology Roadmap

Jack Berkowitz– VP, BI Product Management

July 2013

  • Framing the Discussion
  • Review of Current Releases
  • Investment Priorities
business users want to
Business Users Want to…
  • Report on operational data in near real time
    • Example: What are my customer orders in my New York warehouse today?
    • Query and analyze operational and historic information
    • Example: How many of these customers had late deliveries in the past year?
    • Analyze information across multiple dimensions
    • Example: Summarize # of orders by these customers and revenue impact by sales territory; Summarize whether delayed orders disproportionately affect particular customer segment
    • Compare information to financial plans and budgets
    • Example: What is the potential affect of revenue / profit shortfall associated with these segments?
    • Analyze unstructured / social data to identify any correlations
    • Example: Have the customers who are affected by delays complained in feedback forums to customer service or on social media about my product delays?
    • Apply predictive models to determine future outcomes
    • Example: Are these existing or related customer segments prone to future churn?
business users want to1
Business Users Want to…

Operational Reporting

  • Report on operational data in near real time
    • Query and analyze operational and historic information
    • Analyze information across multiple dimensions
    • Compare information to financial plans and budgets
    • Analyze unstructured / social data to identify any correlations
    • Apply predictive models to determine future outcomes

Relational OLAP (R-OLAP) / Ad-hoc Query & Analysis

Multi-Dimensional OLAP (M-OLAP)

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Unstructured / Big Data Analytics

Predictive Analytics

a complete analytics platform requires
A Complete Analytics Platform Requires…

Operational Reporting

Ad-hoc Query & Analysis

Multi-dimensional OLAP


Operational Data Store


Warehouse or Data Mart



Planning & Budgeting

Unstructured Analytics

Predictive Analytics



Planning System



Statistical and other Models


Social Data

but the capabilities must be integrated
… But the Capabilities Must be Integrated

Shared, consistent metadata enables federated views

Operational Reporting

Ad-hoc Query & Analysis

Multi-dimensional OLAP

Targets / KPIs

populate scorecards

Historical data informs planning assumptions

Combine structured and unstructured data

Predictions provide input for planning assumptions

Planning & Budgeting

Unstructured Analytics

Predictive Analytics

oracle business analytics strategy
Oracle Business Analytics Strategy

Any Data, Any Source

Any Format

Full Range of Analytics, Integrated


Analytic Applications

On Premise, On Cloud,On Mobile

tapping into diverse data sets
Tapping into Diverse Data Sets

Any Data, Any Source,Any Format

Your Data:

Decisions based on your data





Big Data:

Decisions based on all data relevant to you

Social Data

Machine-Generated Data

tapping into diverse analytical tools
Tapping into Diverse Analytical Tools

Full Range of Analytics, Integrated

Analytical Tools

Reporting & Analysis


Planning & Budgeting

Unstructured Analytics






Analytical Engines

integrated analytic applications
Integrated Analytic Applications




  • Financials
  • HR
  • Procure & Spend
  • Projects
  • Supply Chain
  • Order Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Contact Center
  • Price
  • Loyalty
  • Financial Close
  • Strategic Planning
  • Planning & Forecasting
  • Profitability Management
  • Communications
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Public Sector
  • Financial Services
contextual integration for insight to action
Contextual Integration for “Insight to Action”


Analytic Applications


Late Payment Trend

Headcount Budget Analysis

Forecast Update


Poor Campaign Results




Supply Chain


Hold Credit


Approve Discount


Redirect Funds


on premise on the cloud on mobile
On Premise, On The Cloud, On Mobile

Mobile &Cloud


  • Self-service
  • Multi-tenant enabled
  • Full range ofBI capabilities
  • Mobile consumption without any content re-work
  • Framing the Discussion
  • Review of Current Releases
  • Investment Priorities
what s new
What’s New

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation

New Visualizations & Interactions

New Office & Smart View Enhancements

Oracle BI Server



Hadoop MR


New BI Mobile Enhancements

New BI Server - Exalytics & Big Data

New BI Publisher Enhancements

obiee 11 1 1 7

New and Improved Visualizations

Performance Tiles

Immediately reveals summary metrics to the end user that will likely also be presented in larger, more detailed Dashboard views.

100% Stacked Bar

Compare distributions within categories and also display the differences between categories

Freeze Headers

Anchor the header for large tables or pivot views


Determine how an initial value is affected by a series of intermediate positive or negative values

View Suggestions

An algorithm will determine which visualization type would be best suited for the display of current data

Trellis Chart Grid

Data-dense view type displays large amounts of data for comparative analysis.

obiee 11 1 1 71

User Interaction Improvements

Navigation / Actions from Totals

Pass context to any Action Framework process

  • Better Search
    • Facet-based UI for full-text search for Oracle BI, leveraging Endeca MDEX technology
  • Breadcrumbs
    • Contextual awareness and Breadcrumbs for easy navigation
  • Save As Analysis on Dashboard
    • New Save-as option when editing Analysis from dashboard replace the updated analysis within the dashboard

Trellis Actions

Context per bar in Simple Treliis

Action for entire cell in Advanced Trellis

obiee 11 1 1 72

Office Integration Improvements

  • Export Dashboards &Dashboard Content
    • Export Report in Native Excel & PowerPoint formats (2003, 2007+)
    • Export Dashboard or Dashboard page; Dashboard pages appear as separate Excel worksheets
  • BI Presentation Catalog in Smart View
    • Smart View replaces the existing Oracle BI Add-in as the primary Office application
    • Full support for BI dashboard page and report prompts
    • Enhanced security including single sign-on
  • BI View Creation in Smart View
    • Answers View creation from Excel
    • Save in Excel or as an Answers View
    • Publish and save in the OBIEE Web Catalog
    • OBI Data is accessible to other Smart View providers (e.g. Planning, HFM, DM)
obiee 11 1 1 73

Production Reporting Improvements

  • BI Publisher Direct Access to Semantic Layer
    • Use one or more subject areas to create reports in Publisher
    • No need to create a data model beforehand
    • Execute logical SQL directly against BI Server using JBIPS
  • Export Dashboard to BI Publisher
    • Export Dashboard to BI Publisher Layout, with automatic Data Model & Report creation, and export of supported Views and styles
    • Export Dashboard to Office formats
  • Template Based Printing of Dashboards
    • Pixel-perfect printing of Dashboards
    • Associate multiple templates to Dashboard
    • Dashboard state supported
obiee 11 1 1 74

Oracle BI Mobile Improvements

BI Publisher Integration

Offline support and fully interactive views on BI Mobile client

Maximize Views

Double-tap to maximize/restore view; utilizes full consumable real-estate on the device

  • BI Mobile Security Toolkit
    • Available via OTN download. Supports the internal delivery of a packaged/certified BI Mobile application. Specialized licensing restricts customizations to security modifications

Advanced Visualizations

Performance Tile, Waterfall, Trellis views enabled for mobile interactions; Swipe gesture to navigate data in tables

obiee 11 1 1 75

Integrating with Big Data and Streaming Data

  • Hadoop Integration
  • BI Server generates Native HiveQL
  • Query data directly from Hadoop through Hive
  • Integrate Hadoop data with other OBI sources
  • Leverage Exalytics against Big Data sources
  • CEP Integration
  • BI Server generates CQ
  • Query Business Activity Monitoring data through Complex Event Processing Gateway
  • Integrate BAM data with other OBI sources
  • Leverage Exalytics against continuous data sources

Oracle BI Server

Oracle BI Server


Hive QL / ODBC


CQ Service

Hadoop MR

BAM Server


oracle endeca
Oracle Endeca

Simplicity of Search, Power of Discovery

  • Self-Service Data Discovery
    • Walk-up ease of use
  • Contextual Search + Faceted Navigation + Visual Analysis
    • In-Memory Performance
    • Leverage Existing BI Investments
  • Unstructured and Structured Data
    • Content Acquisition and Text Enrichment
new endeca 3 0
New: Endeca 3.0
  • Endeca Information Discovery 3.0
    • Self-service data upload
    • Wide range of drag and drop visualizations
    • Redesigned end user experience
  • Endeca Server 7.5
    • Self-service provisioning
    • Simple for IT to manage
  • Endeca Integrator 3.0
    • Integrated Text and Sentiment Analysis
    • Robust acquisition system for file/web crawls
    • Multi-lingual support

OEID Studio

Create and share discovery applications that anyone can use

Oracle Endeca Server

Analyze new combinations of data with agile enterprise IT infrastructure

OEID Integrator

Integrate and enrich structured and

unstructured data

Structured Data

Unstructured Data

self service discovery with endeca 3 0
Self-Service Discovery with Endeca 3.0

OEID Studio 3.0

  • Upload local files (Excel) into Endeca Server and create personal apps
  • Mash them with the applications based on curated data sets provisioned by IT
what s new in bi applications 11 1 1 7 1
What’s New in BI Applications

Indirect Spend Planning

  • Financials
  • HR
  • Projects
  • CRM
  • Procurement & Spend
  • Supply Chain & Order Management

Student Information Analytics

New Content Enhancements

New Applications

  • Data Lineage
  • ETL Validation
  • GUI Based Configuration
  • Functional Setup Tool

Oracle Data Integrator

Oracle GoldenGate

New TCO Tools


New Data Integration

oracle bi applications 11 1 1 7 1
Oracle BI Applications

New Content

    • Commitment Control & Public Sector Financial/Budget Analysis (EBS & PSFT)
    • Fixed Assets (EBS)
    • Time & Labor (EBS & PSFT)
    • Global Payroll (PSFT)
    • Transfers (EBS & PSFT)
    • Resource Management (EBS & PSFT)
    • Cross Charge (EBS & PSFT)
    • Forecasting Enhancements & Commitments (PSFT)
    • GL Reconciliation (EBS & PSFT)
    • Service Analytics Enhancements (EBS)
    • Price Analytics (EBS)
    • Sourcing Analytics
    • Enhancements to Change Orders and Agreements
    • Costing
    • Inventory Cycle Count
    • Other Enhancements
oracle indirect spend planning
Oracle Indirect Spend Planning

Leveraging Oracle Procurement & Spend Analytics

  • Indirect Spend Planning enables procurement teams to forecast indirect spend, and use packaged what-if modeling tools to reduce spend
  • Pervasive context from BI helps planners make better decisions about supplier allocations
  • Integration to Oracle ERP business rules means more accurate plans based on real-world constraints
  • Leverages existing Procurement & Spending Analytics data model and ETLs
oracle bi apps 11 1 1 7 1
Oracle BI Apps

New Module: Oracle Student Information Analytics

  • Insight into Student Success & Institutional Performance
  • Integrated view of admissions, recruiting, student records and student financials
  • Cross-functional analysis with
    • Financial Analytics
    • HR Analytics
    • Procurement & Spend Analytics
  • Certified for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0 Bundle #25
  • Exalytics and BI Mobile certified
oracle bi apps 11g ps1
Oracle BI Apps 11g PS1

New Technologies: Oracle Data Integrator and GoldenGate Integration

Oracle Data Integrator

  • In-database E-LT Transformation vs. E-T-L
  • Best in class performance, scalability, availability
  • Lightweight deployment for lower TCO
  • Faster time-to-value through declarative design

Oracle Golden Gate option for BI Apps

  • Reduce load on source system by streaming data continuously into persistent store in the DW
  • More reliable change data capture and delete support
  • Enable near real time DW refresh
oracle bi apps 11 1 1 7 11
Oracle BI Apps

New Tools: to Accelerate OBIA Deployments

  • Configuration
  • Manager
    • Administrative UI to manage system configuration for your BI Applications
  • Data Lineage Analysis
    • Allows customers and implementers to track lineage from source to target
  • Functional Setup Manager
    • Administrative UI to track & manage implementation projects and required functional setup steps
  • ETL Validation Utility
    • Provides scripts and validation reports comparing source and target data
  • Framing the Discussion
  • Review of Current Releases
  • Investment Priorities
business analytics strategy
Business Analytics Strategy

Innovation & Investment Priorities

  • In-Memory
  • Visualizations
  • Mobile
  • Unstructured Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Analytic Application Portfolio
  • Cloud
business analytics strategy1
Business Analytics Strategy

Product Themes

  • Self-Service
  • Radically Simple
  • Visually Stunning
  • Lifecycle Enabled
  • Measurement & Feedback
  • Performance and Scale
  • Mobile
planned high density visualizations enabled by exalytics
Planned: High Density Visualizations Enabled by Exalytics



Shows distribution and reveals patterns via colored individual values displayed in a matrix

Timeline Analysis

Represents key events over a particular period and surfaces supporting detail as needed

Thematic Map

Focuses on specific themes to emphasize spatially-based variations in data

Histogram/Chip Display

Plots density and allows estimation by showing a visual impression of the distribution of data


Shows patterns in data by displaying hierarchical (tree-structured) data as sets of nested rectangles

Hierarchy Wheel

Illustrates the relative impact of each contributing level on the distribution of values in a hierarchy

planned interactive capabilities enabled by exalytics
Planned: Interactive Capabilities Enabled by Exalytics

In-line Planning

Integration of BI + Essbase at scale for real-time planning and scenarios driven by interactive controls. Drastically reduce planning cycles and impact analysis.

Interactive Trellis

Allows advanced interaction for Trellis view – i.e., selection marquees for specific data points, sets of cells to include, exclude, show data, etc.



Show Data


Flow Analytics

Provides views on the transition between states, such as a Sales Pipeline, Issue states, or Funding pathways. Key to understanding Relationships across organizations.

Motion Chart

Shows changes to reveals trends over time. This view would augment existing time controls and be especially useful for demographic and e-commerce data

oracle bi mobile direction
Oracle BI Mobile Direction


Available Today!

BI Mobile App Designer

BI Mobile Consumer

  • Function Specific – Tailored to Service
  • Purposeful, pre-built apps for reporting
  • High fidelity design and layout
  • Multi-source, cloud data and task-oriented
  • IT Controlled – Managed, Consistent
  • Support users throughout their work.
  • Enterprise or Operational
  • Sophisticated and reusable content
business intelligence applications
Business Intelligence Applications

Key Strategic Themes

  • Deliver integrated analytics supporting Oracle’s Cloud Apps
    • OTBI for Fusion, Taleo, Rightnow, Eloqua
  • Cloud Adapters to support coexistence and cross-functional analysis
    • BI Apps DW as a bridge between on premise and cloud sources
  • Add functional coverage and lower TCO to increase appeal of the suite
    • Module completion, new source adapters
  • Expanded value proposition through new analysis types
    • Essbase for what-if analysis ,Endeca for unstructured analysis, Advanced Analytics for predictive metrics
information discovery
Information Discovery

Key Strategic Themes

  • Self-service
    • Data source breadth
    • Automatic data refresh
  • Performance and scale
    • Data size
    • Search innovations
  • End user experience
    • Extensible visualizations
    • Link and graph analysis
  • Mobile and Cloud