r u socially moo n.
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R U socially moo? PowerPoint Presentation
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R U socially moo?

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R U socially moo? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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R U socially moo?
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  1. R Usocially moo? Presented By: Ajesh Shah

  2. Socially acceptable Socially active Socially responsible Socially useful Socially inclusive Socially ideal Socially Moo

  3. Socially inept Socially awkward Socially challenged Socially incompetent Socially impaired Socially dysfunctional Socially Moo

  4. R Usocially moo? As brands and communities get social through the socially moo platform, they get insights into each step they take and are taught the best practices of how to be more social. That is being socially moo.

  5. Socially Moo(In a slightly longer term) A Secure platform that allows a brand or community to learn how to use social media more effectively as well as group their social media activity in a way that enables them to monitor and improve buzz. At the same time making economical sense from Day 1. We believe that communities will easily embrace and learn how to have better conversations with their fan base through Social Moo.

  6. Features of Moo Can engage with Facebook Pages, Twitter, Youtube Create campaigns that allow better management, security and analytics of social activity Give feedback and how to improve actions taken by users A la carte option of features. Pay for what you need Smartly designed for easier use Team Delegation System Customer Relation Management system (CRM)

  7. Business Model Socially Moo is based on the SaaS model. Online Identities pay a monthly subscription fee based upon the number of active applications or features Basic features will always be free and free trials will be given away frequently Dashboard will be accessible via web, smartphones or desktop applications Developer Platform, where developers can create and sell apps, a share of it will be given to Moo Ad Platform, Improved targeting tools can be offered at different pricing. These analytics and suggestions can offer intelligent ad targeting The Third I OS: Intelligent, Integrated, Interconnected offer system that allows coupons, offers or ads to be shared on other identities’ properties in return for Moo Credit, which can then be applied towards discounts on Apps. This can monetize online identities and leverage leads better API: API can be shared with other apps or integrated with other systems to share results (like Salesforce.com)

  8. Viral Hooks As admins add more community managers, those community managers can see how to use it and in turn use it on their own social media properties Teaching and constant analysis of social activity sets it apart from competition and keeps loyalty which in turn means better word of mouth Free apps and landing pages have powered by Socially Moo logo About Us page increases number of shares and people wanting to have that page set up URL shortener again spreads the word about the product

  9. Personality of Moo We hate jargon, we love simplicity We dislike social media / marketing terminology that gets people lost or its used to death We love number crunching, scheming scenarios and giving our 2 cents We love grass route campaigns, and think that is the true power and best utilization of social media We know our social media shit and despise social media farces Our co-founders are easily accessible, love to wear shorts and sandals and love cats especially named Munku, Minx, Manx We are suckers for viral campaigns & videos. Yes you Old Spice guy and LOLCats! We believe Social Media is best done not when 1 does 100%, but when 100 people do 1 %. It is everyone’s responsibility.

  10. Our 2 Cents The advice we give is simple. But simple enough to change the way you approach social media and have more meaningful conversations with your audience

  11. Problems faced in Social Media Large number of people are getting on to social media platforms, and online identities have to constantly find ways to stay a part of these conversations Social Media is quickly becoming an essential part of campaigns Most global brands and small medium businesses have limited budgets and resources to delegate, as they are still trying to figure out if Social Media works for them and see any ROI As more platforms emerge, managing and analyzing results is getting more difficult Engaging with the audience as it gets more cluttered remains a large problem and staying relevant Companies that are just tuning into Social Media are facing intense competition with already established online identities Ability for Online Identities to showcase their support or branding on engagements Ability to turn fans, followers into Leads and Power Influencers Security in administration rights Creating Social Ads that reach your intended audience and can learn who the audience can be