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Me Encantan Los Libros (I Love Books) PowerPoint Presentation
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Me Encantan Los Libros (I Love Books)

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Me Encantan Los Libros (I Love Books)
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Me Encantan Los Libros (I Love Books)

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  1. Me Encantan Los Libros (I Love Books) By: Mary Kay Hill

  2. I chose to do my informational program at one of our district elementary schools, Kensett Elementary. This school has a larger hispanic population than any in the district. The program was based on building pride in culture by reading positive stories written by and about hispanic people. I had a thirty minute time restraint for three groups of second graders. Informational Program

  3. The beginning • The children were greeted in the room with a tradition Mexican and Puerto Rican song because of our stories. • I introduced the program by talking about family/culture, mine and theirs.

  4. Grandma’s Gift • This autobiography is a loving tribute of success to his Grandma’s and culture’s influence. There were several Spanish words and phrases. • A high school student, Lucia, beautifully read and discussed it with the children.

  5. Lucia Reading to the children

  6. Lucia and I talking about the story and the author

  7. After the story, Lucia taught them a Spanish phrase. They loved it! I sang one finger puppet song and another song that allowed them to get the wiggles out of their systems! After this, all the children were given new pencils and allowed to look at the different book displays and pictures. After the story

  8. Dear Primo by Ducan Tonatiuh • For the next session, another high school student, David, read Dear Primo, a story about two cousins, one in Mexico and one in America, writing letters to each other and teaching the other about their homes.

  9. My Introduction to the story

  10. David Reading to the Class

  11. I do believe that programs that help show and celebrated positive and fun examples of a diverse population is good for all students. It was exciting and sweet to see the children proud to speak Spanish and to have family from all over the world. Program

  12. Tonatiuh, Duncan. (2010). Dear Primo: A Letter to My Cousin. New York: Abram’s Books for Young Readers. Unknown Artist. EstaNavidad Puerto Rican Christmas. [Recorded by Unspecified Aritists]. On Folk Music U.S.A.: Volume 1. [MP3]. (1958). Unknown Artist. Traditional-Mexican Hat Dance. [Recorded by L’Inviti Players]. On Twinkletoes. [MP3]. Velasquez, Eric. (2012). Grandma’s Gift. Walker Childrens. References