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Gender Differentiated Classrooms

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Gender Differentiated Classrooms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gender Differentiated Classrooms. Parkway West Middle School Spring 2012. Why is West Interested in Gender Differentiation?. Gender differences in learning styles and interests Test scores Special Education Intervention rates. In What Ways do Boys and Girls Learn Differently?.

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gender differentiated classrooms

Gender Differentiated Classrooms

Parkway West Middle School

Spring 2012

why is west interested in gender differentiation
Why is West Interested in Gender Differentiation?
  • Gender differences in learning styles and interests
  • Test scores
  • Special Education Intervention rates
in what ways do boys and girls learn differently
In What Ways do Boys and Girls Learn Differently?

The differences in WHAT boys and girls can do is small; the difference in HOW they do it is large.

  • In language tasks, girls tend to be analytical, while boys are more concrete.
  • The areas of the brain involved in language and fine motor skills such as handwriting develop earlier in girls than in boys.
  • For girls, appropriate stress tends to decrease the blood flow to the brain. (Girls operate parasympathetically=“rest and digest”)
  • For boys, appropriate stress tends to increase the blood flow to the brain, helps him remain alert and focused. (Boys operate sypathetically=“fight or flight”)
how will my son benefit
How will my son benefit?

When boys perceive themselves as learners they are more likely to:

  • Graduate from high school
  • Succeed in college
  • Avoid harmful life choices
  • There is a decrease in behavioral concerns when boys are accepted for who they are, and are taught in ways that acknowledge their needs.
how will my son benefit cont d
How will my son benefit? (cont’d)
  • The male brain works best in situations that involve competition, real possibility for failure, and problems that require choice and involvement.
  • Literacy achievement increases when boys are encouraged to read and write about topics of interest to them.
  • An environment that nurtures boys’ natural curiosity and activity level may decrease the number of medical and educational interventions.
how will my daughter benefit
How will my daughter benefit?
  • Girls are more likely to take academic risks and explore activities that are typically associated with boys while learning in a gender-specific classroom.
  • Gender-specific discussions with girls are more analytical and open-ended.
  • Girls have a greater level of hearing acuity and tend to be distracted by the active participation that often characterizes boys’ learning.
how will my daughter benefit cont d
How will my daughter benefit? (cont’d)
  • Girls experience success when their positive thoughts and deeds are acknowledged and supported.
  • Literacy development increases when girls’ learning is connected to the real world.
  • Girls feel more comfortable taking academic risks when they set reasonable goals and are given opportunities to celebrate their accomplishments.
how will this impact my child s social growth and development
How will this impact my child’s social growth and development?

Effective and appropriate strategies for discipline may differ for boys and girls.

  • Use of such strategies minimizes discipline concerns among boys.
  • Girls develop higher self-image.
  • Boys can be taught vocabulary to express their feelings about themselves as learners.
what will the boys classroom look like
What will the boys’ classroom look like?

Teachers will capitalize on behavioral assets typical to boys:

  • One task at a time
  • Opportunities for movement
  • Friendly competition
  • Topics of relevance to boys
  • Clear routines and expectations
  • Environmental differences
  • Goal Setting
what will the girls classroom look like
What will the girls’ classroom look like?
  • Real life examples to capitalize on inductive reasoning skills.
  • Personal stories woven throughout all subjects.
  • Movement, as needed, generally with less activity and volume than is required for boys.
  • Praise and encouragement to counteract girls’ self-critical nature.
  • An emphasis on sharing and public speaking/discussion.
how research says boys learn best
How research says boys learn best…
  • In written expression, boys benefit from the use of visual models for writing. If they draw first, and then write, their writing is richer and more detailed.
  • Boys appreciate and connect with fiction better when it is coupled with non-fiction texts.
  • Boys enjoy taking risks and are motivated more by competition and reward than most females.
how research says girls learn best
How research says girls learn best…
  • Girls benefit from talking about characters’ feelings and emotions in a story. This is because girls typically navigate between the right and left hemispheres to process language.
  • Girls are better able to imagine a story with a beginning, middle, and end. They do not always need pictures or models prior to writing.
  • Girls better connect ideas when given real life examples.
will the curriculum be different for boys and girls
Will the curriculum be different for boys and girls?
  • No. Parkway and the State of Missouri have clear guidelines for curriculum at each grade level, which will be followed by both teachers.
questions concerns
Questions? Concerns?
  • Feel free to contact either of us at any time with ANY AND ALL concerns or questions!
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