actaeon n.
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Actaeon. A hunter, saw Artemis bathing She forbade him to speak and when he did… became a stag and was torn apart by wolves. ad astra per aspera. To the stars through difficulties. ad lib/ad libitum. at one’s pleasure. Adonis. god of beauty and desire in Greek myth

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Presentation Transcript
  • A hunter, saw Artemis bathing
  • She forbade him to speak and when he did…
  • became a stag and was torn apart by wolves
ad astra per aspera
ad astra per aspera
  • To the stars through difficulties
ad lib ad libitum
ad lib/ad libitum
  • at one’s pleasure
  • god of beauty and desire in Greek myth
  • annually renewed, ever-young god of vegetation
  • his religion belonged to women
  • loved by Aphrodite
  • hunter
  • given to Persephone disguised as baby
  • P fell in love, refused to return him
  • spent 1/3 of year with P, 2/3 with Aphrodite
  • Killed by wild boar (Artemis’s jealousy)
  • God of the winds
  • Helped Odysseus on voyage home
  • Refused help a second time, thinking him cursed
  • Helped Juno delay Aeneas by causing a storm
  • Sworn statement of fact
  • “he has declared upon fact” – medieval Latin
  • one faces charges of perjury if false
  • Brother of Menelaus, Helen’s husband
  • Father of Orestes and Electra
  • King of Mycenae (Argos)
  • Commanded Greek forces in Trojan War
  • Murdered upon return to Greeceby wife’s lover, Aegisthus
  • Clytemnestra?
alba longa
Alba Longa
  • Ancient city of Latium
  • southeast of Rome in the Alban Hills
  • Destroyed mid 7th-century BCE by Rome
  • Head of Latin League
  • Romulus and Remus descendants of royal dynasty
  • sea goddess
  • wife of Poseidon
  • seals and dolphins her offspring
  • Wife of Hector
  • Witnessed his gruesome death at the hands of Achilles
  • Daughter of King Cepheus and Cassiopeia
  • Had to sacrifice her, chained her to a rock
  • Perseus saved her from sea monster, married her
ars gratia artis
ars gratia artis
  • Art for the sake of art
  • Art for art’s sake
ars longa vita brevis
arslonga, vita brevis
  • “Art is lasting, life is short”
  • Historical region of Greece (central) containing Athens
  • peninsula
  • Juts into Aegean
augean stables
Augean Stables
  • Stables owned by King Augeas
  • Hercules cleaned them, 5th labor
  • flooded the Alpheus and Peneus to quickly and efficiently clean them
  • Hadn’t been cleaned in 30 years, 1000 cattle
  • Augeas did not fulfill promise of 1/10 of cattle
  • Hercules killed him
  • Watching the flight patterns of birds
  • Interpreting those patterns as omens, messages from the gods
  • Groups/alone, sounds, direction, kind of bird
  • Augur= priest
ave maria
Ave, Maria
  • Hail, Mary
  • Public building in forum
  • Also buildings with religious purposes
beware the greeks
“Beware the Greeks…
  • bearing gifts”
  • spoken by Trojan priest, Lacoon.
  • The Trojans did not listen
  • Athena sent serpents, killed him and 2 sons
  • Son of Priam and Hecuba
  • Staff carried by Hermes
  • Symbol of commerce and negotiation
  • Not connected w/ medicine.
  • Rod of Asclepius = 1 snake, no wings
  • Muse of eloquence and epic poetry
  • One of nine daughters of Mnemosyne (nee MOZ i nee) and Zeus
  • Daughter of Atlas
  • Name = “to hide”
  • Fell in love w/ Odysseus, offered him immortality
  • O. wanted to go home, Zeus forced her to release him
  • 1 of 12 daughters of Priam and Hecuba
  • gift of prophecy from Apollo; cursed her w/ never being believed
  • Predicted events that led to fall of Troy
castor and pollux
Castor and Pollux
  • Twin brothers, born of Leda and Jupiter (swan)
  • Brothers to Helen
  • Hastened to her rescue when Theseus and Pirithous hauled her off
  • Castor tamed horses; Pollux was a boxer
  • inseparable
  • Argonautic expedition
  • Castor slain in war w/ Idas and Lynceus
  • Pollux ransomed his life for Castor’s
  • Jupiter allowed them life alternately
  • Constellation of Gemini
  • Battle of Lake Regillus/Temple in Rome
causa belli
Causa belli
  • For the sake of war
caveat emptor
Caveat emptor
  • (Let the) buyer beware
  • Took head count in Rome to determine taxation
cf confer
  • To compare
  • Existing only as the product of unchecked imagination; improbable; fantastically visionary
  • Head of lion, body of goat, tail of dragon, breathed deadly fire
  • Chimeara had terrorized Lycia until B. rode in on Peg. Killed him
  • 520-430 BCE
  • Consul in 460
  • Dictator in 458 and 439
  • Hero, opponent of the plebs
  • Son convicted and sentenced to death, he was forced to live on a small farm
  • Called to Rome to serve as dictator (6 mo. term) when war w/ Aequians, Sabines, and Volscii arose
  • Promptly resigned at end of conflict – model of civic virtue
ca circa
  • Around, used with dates
  • Sorceress, daughter of Helios.
  • Turned Odysseus’ men into swine
  • Did not work on Odysseus
  • Fell in love with him and helped him on journey
cleopatra vii
Cleopatra VII
  • 69 – Aug. 12, 31 BC
  • Last pharaoh
  • Ptolemy dynasty
  • 1 child w/ Caesar, Caesarion
  • 3 children with Mark Antony
  • Aligned w/ MA in 44 BCE to oppose Octavian’s rule
  • Lost to Octavian’s forces at Battle of Actium
  • Both C and MA committed suicide
  • Caesarion murdered at Octavian’s order
  • Egypt = Roman province, Aegyptus
cogito ergo sum
Cogito ergo sum
  • I think therefore I am
  • A joining together
  • “Hello, “ + “World” = “Hello, World”
  • String operation of computer programming, + is the concatenation operator
  • Catena = “chain”
  • Emperor, 306-337 CE
  • He and Licinius, co-emperor, issued Edict of Milan, 313
  • religious tolerance in Empire
  • Imperial residence at Byzantium = “New Rome”
  • People called it Constantinople, capital of Eastern Roman Empire for over 1000 years
  • Founder of E. Roman Empire
corpus delicti
Corpus delicti
  • Body of crime
  • Crime must be proven to have happened before a conviction of said crime can occur
  • Duh?
  • Something that must be corrected
  • Orderly, harmonious system
  • Antithesis of chaos
  • Pythagoras the first philosopher to use the term in reference to the universe
cum grano salis
Cum granosalis
  • With a grain of salt
cupid and psyche
Cupid and Psyche
  • Psyche – made Aphrodite jealous.
  • Venus ordered Eros, her son, to punish her but he fell in love.
  • Married her secretly, condition that he only visit her in the dark
  • she discovered his identity, Aphrodite punished her
  • Eventually forgiven and welcomes on Mt. Olympus
curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae
  • Course of life
  • Aka, a resume
de facto
De facto
  • “Concerning the fact”
  • in practice
  • People obeying a contract as though there were a law enforcing it
de jure
De jure
  • “concerning the law”
  • in law vs. in practice
  • Practice may exist but may not necessarily be followed
  • The act of being thrown out a window
  • Athenian statesman and orator
  • 384-322 BCE
  • Opposed Macedon’s expansion
  • Attacked Phillip II for plans for southern expansion
  • Leader of uprising against Alex the Great
  • Committed suicide to avoid being murdered by supporters of Antipater, Alex’s successor
  • One of 10 greatest Attic orators
deucalion and pyrrha
Deucalion and Pyrrha
  • Warned by father Prometheus that Zeus would punish mortals with a flood
  • He and wife, P, built a huge ship
  • Repopulated world by throwing stones which formed new men and women