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Thomas Svitkovich , Ed.D ., Superintendent Beverly Knox-Pipes, Asst. Superintendent Genesee Intermediate School District Lisa Hagel , Superintendent Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools John Schantz , Superintendent Bentley Community Schools. A Seat Time Waiver for you: Genesee County’s

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Presentation Transcript
Slide1 l.jpg

Thomas Svitkovich, Ed.D., Superintendent

Beverly Knox-Pipes, Asst. Superintendent

Genesee Intermediate School District

Lisa Hagel, Superintendent

Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools

John Schantz, Superintendent

Bentley Community Schools

A Seat Time Waiver for you:

Genesee County’s

Seat Time WaiverGoes Statewide

MASA Mid Winter Conference

January 27, 2010

Detroit, MI

Outline l.jpg

  • Setting the stage

  • What is a Seat Time Waiver?

  • Progress to date

  • What is the process to begin?

  • What does the future hold?

  • Q&A

Today one out of every four michigan children fails to graduate with their class l.jpg

"Today, one out of every four Michigan children fails to graduate with their class,"

“To turn the tide, we must think differently and build a shared vision to

support and engage students so they are able to succeed, not drop out of school."

Superintendent Flanagan, 2009

We have to get out of this old way of thinking and create a new normal l.jpg

“We have to get out of this old way of thinking and create a ‘New Normal’.”

Superintendent Mike Flanagan, 2009

Slide6 l.jpg

Growing up a ‘New Normal’.”


Slide7 l.jpg

ANY TIME, a ‘New Normal’.”


Invitation to michigan schools 2007 l.jpg
Invitation to Michigan Schools, 2007 a ‘New Normal’.”

“In an effort to expand opportunities

for Michigan high school students,

Superintendent Flanagan has invited schools

and school districts to seek waivers

from the Administrative Rules and pupil accounting rules that

cause barriers to innovation and student academic success.”

Guiding principles l.jpg
Guiding Principles a ‘New Normal’.”

  • Offer opportunities for students to stay in school and work toward graduation

  • Increase access to courses that may not otherwise be available

  • Offer teachers new options in teaching school to more students

  • No Child Left Behind

    • Meet the needs of all students

First 3 districts approved by mde l.jpg
First 3 Districts Approved by MDE a ‘New Normal’.”

Traverse City –

Montrose – 100% online program for expelled students with teacher home visits

Wyoming –

Slide11 l.jpg

GenNET Board a ‘New Normal’.” Genesee Network forEducation Telecommunications

  • Approved a process to apply

  • Created a working committee

  • Designated Beverly Knox-Pipes, Assistant Superintendent,GISD, chairperson and program coordinator

Slide12 l.jpg

GenNET Staff a ‘New Normal’.”



Pupil Accounting


High School


High School Principals





Benefits to genesee county students l.jpg
Benefits to Genesee County Students a ‘New Normal’.”

Dropout reduction

Continued support toward high school completion

Provide the skills necessary to be successful in post secondary education or the workforce

Offer quality education for all students

Seat time waivers l.jpg
SEAT TIME WAIVERS a ‘New Normal’.”

It’s all about the


“Count day”

Slide15 l.jpg

It’s about KIDS !! a ‘New Normal’.”

Slide16 l.jpg

GISD Seat Time Waiver Presentation a ‘New Normal’.”

Superintendent Flanagan extended the Seat Time Waiver to all Michigan School Districts through their Intermediate School District in partnership with GISD

Follow GenNET established processes

Register through the GenNET Portal

MAISA Summer Conference

July, 2009

Voice l.jpg
Voice a ‘New Normal’.”



Slide18 l.jpg

The Consortium was formed.. a ‘New Normal’.” 1990

Owned & operated by the 21 public school districts of Genesee County, Michigan & Genesee ISD….


Provide Genesee County learners an interactive telecommunications path to the world.

Gennet snapshot l.jpg

425 miles of installed fiber a ‘New Normal’.”

209 school buildings connected

170 mbps of Internet capacity

30,000 computers

1 gig Ethernet to each building in county

5,000 phones

132 Interactive Television sites (ITV)

60 HS ITV sections

Virtual learning experiences

800+ online course offerings


Content filtering

GenNET Snapshot

Slide21 l.jpg

Slide23 l.jpg

  • 512 out of a ‘New Normal’.” 531 districts

  • 11 charters

Ramp up support l.jpg
Ramp Up Support a ‘New Normal’.”

  • MAISA support

  • GISD support team

Statewide gennet online participation summary l.jpg
Statewide GenNET Online Participation Summary a ‘New Normal’.”

Avg. 73%



Genesee seat time waiver l.jpg
Genesee Seat Time Waiver a ‘New Normal’.”

What is a seat time waiver l.jpg

What is a Seat Time Waiver? a ‘New Normal’.”

Slide28 l.jpg

Thinking Differently About School a ‘New Normal’.”

6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 10 months a year vs. 24/7

Think “outside the building”

Purpose of the waiver l.jpg
Purpose of the Waiver a ‘New Normal’.”

  • Expand opportunities for students

    • NCLB

    • Meet the needs of all students

  • Increase student enrollment

  • Improve student outcomes

Michigan graduation requirements l.jpg
Michigan Graduation Requirements a ‘New Normal’.”

  • 2011 Requirements (2006 8th grade class)

    • 4 English Language Arts

    • 4 Mathematics (1 in senior year)

    • 3 Science

    • 3 Social Studies

    • 1 Physical Education/Health

    • 1 Visual, Performing, and Applied Arts

    • Online course/experience

  • 2016 Requirements (2006 3rd grade class)

    • 2 credits/experience in languages other than English

Genesee county waiver l.jpg
Genesee County Waiver a ‘New Normal’.”

  • Students can take up to 100% of their high school classes online and physically away from local district

    • With teacher led online classes from approved providers on the GenNET portal

    • With a certificated teacher mentor

    • With affirmation from local high school

    • With a graduation plan in mind

Slide32 l.jpg

Approval for: a ‘New Normal’.”

2009-10 school year (with extensions)

Students can take up to 100% of courses online

Up to 25% of enrolled high school students/district (9-12)

Not to exceed 10% enrolled High School students in each ISD Region collectively

Approved by school principal or designee

Participating student list submitted to ISD per normal auditing processes

Student participants tracked by GISD/ISD

Approval Granted

Slide33 l.jpg

Online coursework delivered through a ‘New Normal’.” instructor-led courses registered through GenNET portal

Students required to take district approved secondary credit assessment at conclusion of each Michigan Merit Curriculum core course

Students must be assigned a certified teacher mentor

Mentors must have documented interactive contact during count week (1x/wk min email/f2f/phone)

A student who qualifies for a free or reduced lunch and is taking more than 4 courses must be provided computer and internet access.

GISD will submit annual report to MDE with input from students, teachers and parents

District requires no additional funding for support of STW student

Approval Conditions

Understanding what it means l.jpg

Understanding what it means… a ‘New Normal’.”

Students to be served but not limited to l.jpg
Students to be served a ‘New Normal’.” but not limited to…


Attendance issues

Social/emotional issues

Accelerated learning

Medical situations

Pregnant/parenting teens

Students on the move

Working students

Previously unenrolled (i.e. homeschooled)

Definition of 100 seat time waiver student l.jpg
Definition of 100% Seat Time Waiver Student a ‘New Normal’.”

  • A pupil is considered a full-time student if the combined number of classes that the pupil is enrolled in equals the number of classes scheduled for a full-time pupil at the local district high school. 

  • This could be a combination of traditional, virtual, or dual-enrolled classes. 

Michigan Department of Education

Slide37 l.jpg

100% Online: Qualifies for Waiver a ‘New Normal’.”

Slide38 l.jpg

66% Online: Qualifies for Waiver a ‘New Normal’.”

Slide39 l.jpg

50% Online: Qualifies for Waiver a ‘New Normal’.”

Slide40 l.jpg

Does Not Need A Waiver a ‘New Normal’.”

Slide41 l.jpg

Does Not Need A Waiver a ‘New Normal’.”

Partnering with gennet l.jpg
Partnering with GenNET a ‘New Normal’.”

  • GenNET built on choices

    • Single registration system

    • Multiple course options

    • Competitive pricing

    • Immediate access

    • Classes start when YOU want

    • 24/7 online access

    • 11 years of success

    • Course and customer support

Online web based courses l.jpg
Online Web-based Courses a ‘New Normal’.”

  • 800+ teacher-led course offerings for High School and Middle School students including:

    • General Education

    • Honors

    • Advanced Placement

    • Credit Recovery

  • Accredited

  • Aligned to Michigan Standards

  • Certified Highly qualified teachers

  • Competitive rates

Slide44 l.jpg

Accounting a ‘New Normal’.”

Advanced Composition


American History/Literature

AP Courses

Art History


Business Communications



Computer Programming

Creative Writing


Foreign Languages

Health Sciences

Honors Courses

Intro to Technology

Physical Science





Reading Comprehension



U.S. History

World History/Literature

… and many more

GenNET Online Courses

Online course providers l.jpg
Online a ‘New Normal’.” Course Providers

Gennet online courses site l.jpg
GenNET Online Courses Site a ‘New Normal’.”

Seat time waiver process l.jpg

Seat Time Waiver Process a ‘New Normal’.”

Rules waived administrative guidelines mde pupil accounting manual l.jpg
Rules Waived a ‘New Normal’.” Administrative Guidelines MDE Pupil Accounting Manual

  • Expelled/Suspended

  • Virtual Learning

  • Post Secondary Options

  • Work Based Options/Programs

Expelled suspended students l.jpg
Expelled/Suspended Students a ‘New Normal’.”

Administrative Rules/Pupil Accounting Manual Reference

  • Section 5N-5 of the MDE Pupil Accounting Manual

    • “A pupil provided a minimum of two nonconsecutive hours per week of individualized instruction, who was suspended or expelled under local school board policy, is a pro–rated FTE with the pro-ration based on the number of hours of instruction…”

  • A waiver of this rule will allow this population access to curriculum and offer districts opportunity to continue the education of the student by keeping on track for graduation.

  • Weekly contact with a mentor teacher will provide assistance and monitor progress.

Virtual learning course l.jpg
Virtual Learning Course a ‘New Normal’.”

Administrative Rules/Pupil Accounting Manual Reference

  • Section R340.11 –Administrative Rules

  • Section 5O-2(3) of the MDE Pupil Accounting Manual

    • “The pupil must be concurrently enrolled and attending at least one course offered by the district in which credit is earned and regular daily attendance is required.”

    • “The pupil must be in attendance on the count day or during the 10/30 day rule period during the class time designated for the course on the pupil’s class schedule.”

    • “This type of virtual learning course is limited to two per semester per pupil.”

  • A waiver of these rules will allow selected pupils to access classes without the in-school seat time requirement.

  • Weekly contact by a mentor teacher will provide assistance and monitor Progress.

Post secondary option l.jpg
Post Secondary Option a ‘New Normal’.”

Administrative Rules/Pupil Accounting Manual Reference

  • School Aid Act – Section R340.17

  • Section 5G-3(1)

    • The pupil is enrolled and attending at least one high school course.”

      A waiver of this rule will allow increased flexibility in scheduling for selected pupils who wish to enroll exclusively in post-secondary classes, or combine with virtual, or work-based experiences.

Work based learning experience l.jpg
Work-Based Learning Experience a ‘New Normal’.”

Administrative Rules/Pupil Accounting Manual Reference

  • Section R340.15 –

  • Section 5P-7(1)

  • “The work-based learning experience shall not generate more than one-half of the pupil’s FTE, not to exceed .5.”

    A waiver of this rule will allow a more flexible scheduling of selected pupils to enroll in individualized work-based learning experiences or a combination of work-based learning, post-secondary classes, and virtual learning experiences.

Application process l.jpg
Application Process a ‘New Normal’.”

Step 1(Student)

Step 2(Counselor)

Step 3(Counselor)

  • Application Form

  • Essay Questions

  • Online Course Readiness Survey

  • Seek pre-approval from principal to move forward with Seat Time Waiver process

  • Information & Approval Form

  • Identify mentor

  • Graduation Plan Worksheet

  • Determine courses

  • Recommendation Form (Optional)

Application process cont l.jpg
Application Process (cont.) a ‘New Normal’.”

Step 4(Principal/ Counselor)

Step 5(Counselor)

Step 6(Student/District)

  • Meet w/Parents to discuss status (if necessary)

  • Complete Seat Time Waiver Student Contract

  • Final approval

  • Complete appropriate pupil accounting forms

  • Notify GenNET Office

  • Student will be asked to complete course evaluation

  • District will be asked to complete program evaluation

Pupil accounting forms l.jpg
Pupil Accounting Forms a ‘New Normal’.”

List of Enrolled Pupils

Mentor Instructional Time Form

Desk Audit Review Procedures

On-Site Audit Procedures

Stw information site l.jpg
STW Information Site a ‘New Normal’.”

Planning is necessary l.jpg

Planning is necessary a ‘New Normal’.”

Public relations plan l.jpg
Public Relations Plan a ‘New Normal’.”

Each district agrees to notify parents, students, staff and the community through at least one of the following methods:

Board-adopted school handbooks

District student assistance team procedures manual

District newsletters

Board of Education meeting minutes

Community Club Presentations

Evaluation l.jpg

The program will be evaluated based on but not limited to: a ‘New Normal’.”

Participation rates

Completion rates

Graduation rates

Satisfaction surveys

Transition back into traditional programming


Grades and test scores


Lessons learned l.jpg
Lessons Learned a ‘New Normal’.”

  • Improve Marketing Plan

    • Increase Board of Education presentations

    • Increase direct marketing to parents

    • Service clubs

    • District newsletters

  • Expand staff development for administrators and staff

Preparing for the future l.jpg
Preparing for the Future a ‘New Normal’.”

  • Partner with institutions of Higher Education

    • Dual enrollment online courses

  • Train high school teachers to teach online content (500+ to date)

    • Through ISDs infrastructure

    • Using available course content (31 courses)

  • Race to the Top incentives

Slide62 l.jpg

Thomas a ‘New Normal’.” Svitkovich, Ed. D., Superintendent


(810) 591-4403

Beverly Knox-Pipes, Assistant Superintendent


(810) 591-4436

John Schantz, Superintendent, Bentley Community Schools

Chair, GenNET Board of Directors


Lisa Hagel, Superintendent, Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools

President Genesee County Superintendent’s Association