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I Wanna Be In Movies. By Josh Beattie and Josh Williams. (A2D2 Productions). ‘Cinema can’t kill me, but it can make me care’ ‘Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the cinema…’ . Target Audience. Academics Students People that study film and media. . Brief Synopsis.

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I wanna be in movies

I Wanna Be In Movies

By Josh Beattie and Josh Williams.

(A2D2 Productions)

‘Cinema can’t kill me, but it can make me care’

‘Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the cinema…’

Target audience
Target Audience

  • Academics

  • Students

  • People that study film and media.

Brief synopsis
Brief Synopsis

  • Two characters, falling in love, whilst interacting with, altering and manipulating the most famous scenes throughout the last 120 years of cinema.

  • We will achieve this by focusing a lot of our attention on accurately recreating iconic scenes from the last 120 years.

  • We understand that recreating some scenes accurately will be extremely difficult, time consuming and costly, so to counteract this we are going to be very blatant about the fact that it is a student film. E.g. Cardboard robots.

Characters actors

  • There will be two primary characters in our short film, a boy and a girl. They will be conventional love characters, whom of which are not named. This is because our film will not build the characters personality via dialogue. The characters will mostly use expressions and physical actions to communicate with one another. We want the characters interaction to pastiche that of a silent movie.

  • We will require professional actors because we will need them to be able to create emotion and display feelings, through actions, with minimal dialogue.

Location style and form
Location & Style and Form

  • We will use the Bridgwater Art Centre stage as our location, decorating the stage accordingly to recreate our scenes.

  • Our style and form will derive directly by the manner in which we film and edit our piece. We plan on creating imaginative links between scenes, as we will need to show the passing into a new era of film. We hope to do this by having the characters interact with the scene which will result in the arrival in the next scene, or we will have our actors jump off shot, and arrive in the next shot.

Contingency plan
Contingency plan

  • “First Impressions” is our contingency idea.

  • The general idea of this film is based on peoples initial perceptions of others, based upon their looks. Why would someone trust a man, clean shaven and in a suit, over a man who is dressed in ragged clothes and has a big beard.

  • We obviously haven’t planned this entirely, this is simply an “if all else fails idea”.

  • The reason for this is that it is much less costly and time consuming, but we believe that we will be able to create a piece that has genuine realism, and a powerful message.


  • At first we thought that our idea could cost a considerable amount of money, but after deciding that we are going to be blatant about the fact that it is a student film, we have come to realise that it isn’t going to cost us much at all. The majority of the money we do spend will go on making the mise on scene perfect, as this is the definitive part of our film.

  • We are also prepared to provide lunch and refreshments for our actors as we are anticipating a long day or maybe even a few days of filming.

Production schedule and deadline
Production schedule and deadline.

By the 30th of October, we hope to have everything planned out and to be clear on everything we need to create our scenes.

We will begin filming on the 22nd of November. We aren’t sure on how many days we will need to film at the moment.


17th Dec


17th Oct

By the 13th of November we hope to have everything made and be at the final stage of pre-production, and be ready to film.

We plan to have finished the editing process and be finished by the 6th of December.

Feedback and comments
Feedback and Comments

  • Are there any potential issues you can see with the creation of our film, other than the fact that it will be difficult to achieve?

  • Are there any changes you think we could make to improve our idea?

  • Does the concept work? Do you think most audiences will recognise the iconography?