explain the best methods of storing hydrogen n.
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Explain the best methods of storing hydrogen. PowerPoint Presentation
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Explain the best methods of storing hydrogen.

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Explain the best methods of storing hydrogen. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Explain the best methods of storing hydrogen. 11720026 Daisuke Ishikawa. “ L iquid hydrogen or Compressed hydrogen ”. Methods of storing hydrogen. Introduction. “ Chemical storage ” Metal hydrides, Carbohydrates. “ Physical storage ” Carbon nanotube, Cryo -compressed. Advantages.

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“Liquid hydrogen or Compressed hydrogen”

Methods of storing hydrogen


“Chemical storage”

Metal hydrides, Carbohydrates

“Physical storage”

Carbon nanotube, Cryo-compressed

liquid hydrogen or compressed hydrogen


A method to liquefy like gasoline is ideal to store hydrogen most compactly.

Liquid hydrogen or Compressed hydrogen

It is suitable for the mass transit.


Hydrogen has low liquefaction temperature with -253 degrees Celsius. It needs big energy to liquefy.

chemical storage1


The hydrogen filling density is extremely higher than gas.

It can prevent the outbreak of the accident by the sudden hydrogen leak.

Chemical storage


These metals except Mg and V are very heavy.

There are the heat with the reaction.

physical storage

Hydrogen carriers based on nanostructured carbon have been proposed.

Physical storage

Despite initial claims of greater than 50 wt% hydrogen storage, it has generally come to be accepted that less than 1 wt% is practical.

There is a capillary array same way of carbon nanotubes.


“Compressedhydrogen is mainstream now.”

‘More efficient’



Low cost


Big capacity

Chemical storage

Physical storage