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Paris, la Ville Lumière. Capital of France Capital of fashion, art, technology and cuisine Nickname= city of light= knowledge Approx. 12 miles across. Notre Dame de Paris. Name means “Our Lady”= Mary Located on Ile de la Cité

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Paris la ville lumi re
Paris, la Ville Lumière

  • Capital of France

  • Capital of fashion, art, technology and cuisine

  • Nickname= city of light= knowledge

  • Approx. 12 miles across

Notre dame de paris
Notre Dame de Paris

  • Name means “Our Lady”= Mary

  • Located on Ile de la Cité

  • Gothic cathedral pointy arches, gargoyles, stained glass, tall=600 feet

  • Took 200 years to build during the middle ages

  • Built to house the crown of thorns and cross

  • Parvis= small plaque in front on sidewalk that measures all distances to and from Paris

  • 2 front towers were left unfinished

La sainte chapelle
La Sainte-Chapelle

  • Small gothic cathedral

  • Only took 20 years to build

  • Home of the crown of thorns and portion of the cross

  • Next door to Notre Dame

  • Famous for stained glass windows

  • Connected to Palais de Justice / Supreme Court

Sacr c ur
Sacré Cœur

  • Name means “Sacred heart” built to honor Catholics who were martyred on the hillside

  • White basilica= domed church

  • In Montmartre, district to north known for artists

  • Located on Place du Tertre

La madeleine
La Madeleine

  • White Greek-style temple

  • On Rive Droite / Right Bank

  • No windows

  • Built by Louis XV

  • Sculptures of the 10 commandments

Le pont neuf
Le Pont Neuf

  • Name means “New Bridge”

  • Oldest bridge in Paris - begun 1578 & finished 1607

  • Connects Ile de la Cité to the Rive Droite & the Rive Gauche

L arc de triomphe
L’Arc de Triomphe

  • Built by Napoleon

  • Roman in style

  • On Place de l’Etoile which was later renamed Place Charles de Gaulle, after the French President

  • 12 avenues that radiate out form a Rond Point (traffic circle)

  • Located at end of the Champs Elysées

L arc du carrousel
L’Arc du Carrousel

  • Built by Napoleon in 1800

  • Roman in style

  • Resembles Arc de Triomphe, but smaller and has 3 arches

  • 3 arches = liberty, equality and brotherhood

  • Outside Louvre, marks entrance to Tuileries Gardens

La grande arche
La Grande Arche

  • Built in 1989 for France’s bi-centennial

  • Modern interpretation of the Arc de Triomphe

  • Modern office building, “cubes”

  • Located in La Défense district

  • Has a strange bat-like tarp that hangs in the middle

  • So large that Notre Dame would fit inside the arch!

La tour eiffel
La Tour Eiffel

  • Built in 1889 for the Universal Expo + France’s centennial

  • 3 étages (levels)

  • Controversial - hate turned to love

  • Has restaurants, movie theaters and shops

  • Military post, satellite and weather station

  • Located on the Champs de Mars which is on the Rive Gauche / left bank

Le louvre
Le Louvre

  • Former royal palace

  • Largest art museum in the world, through 1890

  • New entrance, glass pyramid

  • Famous works include La Joconde = Mona Lisa; Winged Victory = Nike;

    Venus de Milo

La joconde
La Joconde

  • By Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Italian painter brought to France by François I during the Renaissance

  • Unknown woman with a strange glance

La victoire de samothrace
La Victoire de Samothrace

  • Known as Nike, the Greek goddess of victory

  • Nike adopted the swoosh and Just-do-it logo, after the Winged Goddess of Victory

La v nus de milo
La Vénus de Milo

  • Famous Greek statue of the goddess Aphrodite

  • Carved of marble about 100 BC

  • Found in 1820 on the island of Milos

Le palais de chaillot
Le Palais de Chaillot

  • 4 museums: science + mankind, Naval, and Cinematography

  • Home of Einstein’s brain

  • Shaped like two embracing arms

  • Center area has a platform, excellent for viewing the Eiffel Tower

Le mus e rodin
Le Musée Rodin

  • Former hotel, turned art museum

  • Ground and hotel used to display statues by Rodin

  • Le Penseur (The Thinker) is a famous statue which greets you at the garden’s entrance

Mus e d orsay
Musée d’Orsay

  • Former train station

  • Art museum which houses art from 1850-1920

  • Known for its Impressionist paintings

Le centre pompidou
Le Centre Pompidou

  • Modern art museum

  • Also known as Beaubourg, this district where it is located

  • Renamed for the French President who was in charge of its development, Georges Pompidou

L h tel des invalides
L’Hôtel des Invalides

  • Former church

  • First used by Louis XV to house wounded soldiers

  • Napoleon also used it for his soldiers

  • Contains military history museum and veteran’s center

  • Napoleon is buried here

Champs elys es
Champs Elysées

  • Most famous street in Paris

  • Begins at Place de la Concorde

  • Ends at L’Arc de Triomphe

  • Up-hill, tree-lined

  • All parades and political events happen here

Place de la concorde
Place de la Concorde

  • Square outside the Louvre

  • Former site of the guillotine

  • Today the Obelisk de Luxor, a gift from Eygpt, stands there

Le jardin des tuileries
Le Jardin des Tuileries

  • Garden outside the Louvre

  • The Tuileries wing of the Louvre burned; all that remains are the gardens

  • Kings of France used to stroll here

  • Fountains used for toy boat races

La cimeti re p re lachaise
La Cimetière Père LaChaise

  • Famous cemetery

  • Eternal resting place for many famous singers and actors

  • Jim Morrison, Edie Piaf, Charles Balzac, Chopin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Marcel Proust

Le jardin du luxembourg
Le Jardin du Luxembourg

  • Gardens and home of the French Senate

  • On the Rive Gauche, left bank

  • Cinquième arrondissement, 5th

  • In the Latin Quarter

  • Near the Sorbonne University

La conciergerie
La Conciergerie

  • Former Prison for the elite, aristocracy

  • Marie Antoinette was held here

  • Dungeons and torture chambers, Oubliettes, and Leper Colony

  • Today - museum and concert hall

La bastille
La Bastille

  • Former prison that was stormed and destroyed at the outset of the French Revolution July 14, 1789

  • Prison and armory

L h tel de ville
L’Hôtel de Ville

  • Municipal building that houses city administrative offices

  • Almost destroyed by fire in 1871, most of the building had to be rebuilt

L op ra

  • Home of the French ballet

  • Inspired the story Phantom of the Opera, famous staircase, chandelier, and river beneath the building

  • On Place de la Bastille

La sorbonne
La Sorbonne

  • Oldest university in France

  • On Rive Gauche, cinquième arrondissement

  • In Latin Quarter, as all classes were taught in Latin

L od on

  • Theater built especially for Marie Antoinette

  • Still used today for concerts and other productions

Le moulin rouge
Le Moulin Rouge

  • Name means “Red Mill”

  • Trademark is the red windmill located on the roof

  • Famous nightclub, shows

  • Can-Can Dance

  • Located in Montmartre, on Place Pigalle

Le ch teau versailles
Le Château Versailles

  • Little hunting cabin in the woods, became the largest, most lavish home in the world

  • “built” by Louis XIV to lure nobles out of Paris so that the King could rule without interference

  • About 12 miles south of Paris

  • It was rebuilt several times since the 17th century

Le ch teau fontainebleau
Le Château Fontainebleau

  • Famous castle near Paris

  • Famous for its horse-shoe shaped staircase

  • Many movies have been filmed here


  • Monet’s home and gardens

  • Water lilies and Japanese gardens served as a source of artistic inspiration

  • About 30 minutes north of Paris


  • Famous castle near Paris

  • Home to Napoleon, as Versailles was in ruins and France was not able to afford to restore it.