Want to make your home gardening perfect
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Want To Make Your Home Gardening Perfect - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Want to make your home gardening perfect

Want To Make Your Home Gardening Perfect

Explore the month of September


  • September is the starting of one of the best times of year included in a gardening calendar. The fight to maintain your plants watered has relieved, deadheading becomes lesser & lesser is what required and the excitement of designing next year’s display can be started. Even though spring may be considered like a long way off at present, it’s important to get your spring-flowering bulbs set in before the ground starts to get cool and freeze.

Flower garden
Flower Garden

A small preparation this month will draw huge rewards afterwards.

  • Start tidying up your flower beds by cutting back the things that’s looks a bit bad for wear or presenting signs of disease.

  • While the soil is still considered warm, it’s time to garden evergreen shrubs and trees. By planting them at present means they’ll be well established before the weather of cold arrives.


  • Grasp out and purchase your spring-flowering bulbs and beautiful garden furniture. Choose firm, suitable products and avoid any with signs of molding. Get them presented in the ground as faster as you can, so they get enough time to set down strong roots before the ground starts freezing.


  • Hanging baskets can still make their looks well into autumn, so continue to provide those lots of focus. Deadhead and feed flowers regularly maintains their water levels topped up, that way your garden baskets should keep going before the first frost.


  • Carry with collecting seeds from your hardy annuals and favorite perennials.

  • The bushes of Lavender should be lightly reduced with dodging shears, but don’t cross overboard. Dramatic cropping should be left before March or April.


  • Autumn is one of the great time to divide and transplant perennials. Lift every clump and then divide it into small pieces, either by prizing it apart by cutting it up with a spade or with two forks.

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