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Stuk’s Village PowerPoint Presentation
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Stuk’s Village

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Stuk’s Village
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Stuk’s Village

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  1. Stuk’s Village Unit 1 Week 3 IOBD- Day 1 G

  2. Teacher Slide 1 • This week’s concept is “survival.” People need different kinds of skills and tools to survive in certain surroundings. • Let’s discuss the web. What else can we add to it to aid us in our understanding of “Survival?” What kinds of challenges to survive have you heard about, read about or experienced? • This week we’re going to read about characters who face different challenges in order to survive in their surroundings. • What kinds of things do you need to survive? • How do you get those items? • Today, we’re going to read Stuk’s Village; it is also a fictional story. • Storm Danger! IOBD- Day 1 G

  3. Food Survival Tools IOBD- Day 1 G

  4. Teacher Slide 2 • Picture Walk • Page 3… This page shows Stuk’s home. What kind of home is it? What do you think it would be like to live in this kind of home? • Page 4-5… These illustrations have captions. Listen to the captions as I read them. What do the captions tell you about living in Stuk’s village? • Page 7… This illustration shows something that people need to survive. What is it? How do the villagers get what they need? • Stuk’s Village IOBD- Day 1 G

  5. Let’s Take a Picture Walk… • Stuk’s Home… page 3 • Stuk’s village… page 4-5 • What do we need to survive?… page 7 IOBD- Day 1 G

  6. Toby’s Vacation Unit 1 Week 3 IOBD- Day 1 Y

  7. Teacher Slide 1 • Picture Walk • What do you know about the word quartz? • Quartz is a hard mineral that is usually found as glass-like crystals. It is used in the making of watches, jewelry, and some electronic equipment. • What do you know about the word adobe? • Toby’s Vacation IOBD- Day 1 Y

  8. The Challenges of Storm Chasing • Quartz • Adobe IOBD- Day 1 Y

  9. Teacher Slide 2 • As we read, we’ll add types of wildlife found on each island, the size and location of the islands, and how endangered species on the islands manage to survive. • Add facts to chart as we read. • Toby’s Vacation IOBD- Day 1 Y

  10. Toby’s Vacation IOBD- Day 1 Y

  11. Harvesting Medicine on the Hill Unit 1 Week 3 IOBD- Day 1 B

  12. Teacher Slide 1 • What problem was Red Hawk most worried about? • How would you have felt if you were Red Hawk? • How would you have solved the problem? • How did the different plants help solve the Chumash’s health problems. • How do you think this selection connects to events in the world today? What happens when other cultures meet? • Harvesting Medicine on the Hill IOBD- Day 1 B

  13. Island of the Blue Dolphins Unit 1 Story 3 IOBD- Day 2

  14. Teacher Slide 1: Thunder Rose- Day 2

  15. IOBD- Day 2

  16. Teacher Slide 2 First look for meaningful parts. If I see a part I know, such as –ed or –ing, then I look for a Base word. I see a chunk at the beginning of the word: shel. I see another part: ter. I put the parts together: shelter I know the word “shelter” then I add the suffix bac. I say it fast to make the word “sheltered”. Let’s practice with a few more… IOBD- Day 2

  17. ter ed • shel IOBD- Day 2

  18. ish brack sandspit IOBD- Day 2

  19. hollow utensils ornaments IOBD- Day 2

  20. Teacher Slide 3- IOBD- Tuesday Comprehension Lesson , pages 72-79 (Green) Before Reading Stuk’s Village described life in an American Indian village. This selection tells about an American Indian girl who lives on an island and what she needs to do to meet the challenge of surviving on the island. Take a picture walk. Discuss children’s observations. *page 74- Describe the picture. What do you think might be challenging about living in this place? *page 77, 79, 80- What kinds of tools does Karana use? How do you think she got them? How do you think those tools help her survive? During Reading *Story and Add to G.O. After Reading: Partner A tell partner B what has happened so far. Partner B tell partner A what you heard them say and anything they left out that you think should be told about the story. Predict. IOBD- Day 2

  21. Teacher Slide 4- Discuss “theme”. It is the lesson learned from the story. It is the lesson the author wants us to remember… Refer back to the theme of Thunder Rose. Discuss “setting”. The setting is the time and place of a story. Do setting sort. Discuss how setting matters. IOBD- Day 3

  22. IOBD- Day 3

  23. IOBD- Wednesday Comprehension Lesson , pages 80-83 (Green) Before Reading Retell partner what happened yesterday. Partner B tell what heard and add anything that was left out. I reread page 75. As I read, I pictured the clear sky with the clouds in the distance. I also pictured the headland, a piece of land that juts out into the ocean. I also thought about the wild dogs. I could hear them barking and whining. I pictured the ravine and could hear the water rushing down the ravine in the springtime as I felt the warm air and sun shining on my skin. As you read today, visualize what is happening. Take a minute, close your eyes as your reading and picture it in your head. During Reading *Story and Add to G.O. After Reading: Partner A tell partner B what has happened so far. Partner B tell partner A what you heard them say and anything they left out that you think should be told about the story. Describe the challenges that Karana faces in this story. Tell what she does to meet these challenges. IOBD- Day 3