2gt3 school year 2010 2011 n.
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2GT3 School Year 2010-2011

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2GT3 School Year 2010-2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2GT3 School Year 2010-2011. TANGUY RISTORI. My name is Tanguy. I’m 15 years old .I’m not very tall (5ft5in). I have got brown eyes. I am funny and sociable but I am not patient. I like video-games, television and computers but I dislike school and work. My hobbies are BMX and hockey.

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Presentation Transcript
tanguy ristori
  • My name is Tanguy. I’m 15 years old .I’m not very tall (5ft5in). I have got brown eyes. I am funny and sociable but I am not patient. I like video-games, television and computers but I dislike school and work. My hobbies are BMX and hockey.
nicolas cordier
  • Mynameis Nicolas Cordier. I’m 15. I’mtall and slim. I have long, frizzy, brownhair.
  • I listen to rock and metal.
  • My hobby is the drums. I don’tlike football. I do skateboard and surfing.
  • I’vegot the style of a skateboarder and myfavouritecharacteris Joey Jordison, a world record drummer.
victor desmots
  • Hello, mynameis Victor Desmots. I’m 15 yearsold. I’mtall, sporty and a littlestrange. I have straight, short brownhair and brown and green eyes.
  • I like all sports, I practice karting and running.
  • I likereading mangas and magazines, but I hatenovels.
  • I enjoyplayingvideo-games.
  • I dislike cooking, football, dance and school.
  • I like pop rock, R’n’B and reggae music.
  • I’msmilingang good-tempered.
  • I’dlike to become an automobile sports engineer.
leo marchadier
  • Hello, mynameis Leo. I’m 16 yearsold. I’mtall and veryslim. I’mstrong. I’m a good boy. I have a lot of hobbies, I’mcrazy about videogames. I spend a lot of time on my computer but myfatherdoesn’tlikethat.Sometimes I eatat a fastfood restaurant and I likethat. I like sports too. I do bike on the road. I do not likedoingmy home workbecauseit’sboring.
na s ardoin
  • My name is NaïsArdoin. I’m 15 years old. I was born on august, 25th,1995. I’m small with blue eyes and medium long blond hair. I’m quiet, shy, stubborn and outgoing. I’m keen on tennis and I love dancing.
  • I’ve got one brother, Laurykaël. He is 27 years old, he is very tall and he has got short blond hair like me.
  • My father is a truck driver so I don’t see him often. My mother has got beautiful green eyes. She is a teacher in a “lorry” school.
  • I’m very happy to study at Lafayette high school.
christy barros
  • My name is Christy Barros and my nickname is Chris. I’m French and I live in Beaumont, near Clermont-Ferrand. I’m a student at Lafayette high school. I’m 14 and ½ years old. I’m small and slim, I’ve got curly black hair and black eyes.
  • I’m nice, sociable and funny. I like playing and I speak all the time.
  • I like football, video games and going out with my friends.
  • I like music like Rn’B, rap and lots of other sorts but I don’t like metal and classical music
jean baptiste darlet
  • I’m 15 yearsold. I’mtall and slim. I’vegot short brownhair. I like music, cinema and painting. I hate sports and politics. I hateschooltoo but I like English.
florian basset
  • I’m 16 yearsold. I’m a boy of medium heightwithbrowneyes and hair. I’m a little bit shy but sociable. I likevideogames, particularly the MMORPG world of warcraftfrom blizzard. I likereading books, particularly science and fantastic books. I likebeeingwithmyfriends but I dislike sports. I likegoing to the cinema or the restaurants withmyfriends.
romain lauer
  • I’m 16 yearsold. I’mtall. I’vegotbrownhair and browneyes. I’mshy and cool. I like cars and animals. I dislike rock and karate. I playvideogameswithmyfriends. I likewalking , driving and going out withmyfriends. I play basketball.
dorian houdier
  • I’m 15 yearsold. I’m of medium height and slim. I have round, blueeyes and short blond hair. I often wear a white jacket and jeans. I’mcurious, I alwayssmile but I’mboring. I likeschool. I prefer maths because I likenumbers. I don’tlike French. My hobbies are: readingat the supermarket’sbookshop, eatingat Mac Do’swithmyfriends, playingvideogames, walking in the forestwithmyfamily. WhenI’molder, I wouldlike to be a physiotherapist.
chloe belin
  • Mynameis Chloé, I’m 14 yearsold. I wasborn in Normandie. I likecycling and swimming. I don’tlike tennis and badmington. I’mtall, blond withblue and greyeyes. I’mnice and sociable.
baptiste gomez
  • Mynameis Baptiste. I’m 16 yearsold. I have long, light brownhair. I’msmall and slim. I am a bigsleeper and I eat all the time. I don’tlikebig books and going to school. I likeplaying the guitar and playing on my computer. I practice mountainclimbing .
benjamin decotte
  • Mynameis Benjamin. I’m 14 yearsold. I’mtallwith medium brownhair. I dislike hard sports. I sometimes go to the cinemawithmyfriends.
cedric masclaux
  • I’m 16 yearsold. I’m not verytall. I have medium-lengthcurlyhair and browneyes. I’mfunny. I like a lot of musics, playingwithmyfriends and I love playing basketball but I don’tlikeplaying football.
christian meunier
  • Mynameis Christian. I’m 15 yearsold. I wasborn in Segamoso (Colombia). I’msmall, I have darkhair and browneyes. I’mathleticbecause I like sports. I’malways happy and good atkeeping self-control. I love football, rugby and running. I don’tlikeschool. My hobbies are football, running and playingwithmyfriends or mybrother and ridingmymotorbike.
even trenado
  • MynameisEvenTrenado. I’m 15 yearsold.I’m short, not verystrong but I’mbeautiful and very smart and a littleboasting….I have a good sense of humour. I love sleeping and playing on my computer. I hateschoolbecauseI’m not interested in English, maths, sports…. I don’t practice any sport but I love watching sports on television. I love hard rock, grunge and heavymetal.
geoffrey rebollo
  • Mynameis Geoffrey. I’m 14 yearsold. I’mtall and slim. I’vegot medium-lengthbrownhair and green eyes. I’m not verystrongbecause I dislike sports. I thinkI’vegot a lot of imagination. I enjoyplaying on my computer.
nicolas petitjean
  • Mynameis Nicolas Petitjean. I’m 16 yearsold. I like mangas and I love beingwithmy girl friend. I likespending time withmyfriends and playingwarvideogameswiththem. I think I ’m just a normal teenagers withqualities and defects.
ronan hegron
  • Mynameis Ronan. I’m 15. I’m not verytall and not verystrong but, in my opinion, I’m smart and elegant. I thinkI’m a niceperson but I’msometimesjealouseven if I’m patient.
  • Myfavourite music is Rock, Hard Rock and Blues but I hate Rap and R’n’B.
  • I likereading comics and books, playingvideogames on my computer and playing basketball withmyfriends.
  • Myfavourite hobbies are badmington, rugby and playing the guitar.
jeremy wieczorek
  • I’m 15 yearsold. I’m not verytall and not verysmall, maybe of medium height. I have medium-length auburn hair and browneyes. I’mshy but I’m good-tempered.
  • I like a lot of things: sports, video-games, music, films,etc
  • Duringmy free time, I play rugby in my club and sometimes I go to the supermarket to read a book or buysomething to eat.
jade rodrigues
  • I’m a girl of medium heigth. I’m 15, I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. I have brownhair and eyes. I likelaughingwithmyfriendsso I hatewhenthey are serious for theirhomework. I likereadingnovels, particularlyfantasticnovels and mangas. My hobby ismy computer.
aultier roux
  • I am 16. I’mtall and thin. Myeyes are brown and green and myhairisbrown. I don’tlikeschool, particularly French, English and physics. I like nature. My hobbies are cycling and swimming.
clement brugiere
  • I’m 15 yearsold, I’mtall and slim. I have blond hair and blueeyes. I like sports, videogames, friends, cinema, shopping but I dislikeclassical music, hard rock and skating. My hobbies are playing tennis, rugby, cyclingwithmyfriends, going out withthem, playing on mycomputer,RafaelNadal, Yoann Gourcuff, the rugby team of ourtown(ASM) and my girl friend.
remi vauquer
  • I am 15 yearsold, I amsmall for myage, I have green eyes, black hair and large hands because I practice boxing. My hobbies are playing on my computer, listening to English, going shopping withmyfriends. I dislikeGerman classes, breakingmy glasses, going in the town centre. I have 2 brothers. They are atgrammarschool. I likelistening and speaking to my best friends.
mike gimenez
  • I’m 16 . I have 2 sisters: Kelly and Betty. I’mverytall for myage. I have brownhair and green eyes. I am absent-minded and very cool. I likecycling and playingvideo-games and I love repairing computers. My hobbies are watching TV and talking to myfamily.
etienne robert brest
  • I am 15 yearsold. I have blueeyes and curly, light brownhair. I’mtall and slim. I like sports and I practice table tennis in a club. I likeplaying on my computer.
mathieu legrand
  • I’m 14. I’m of medium height and I have short brownhair and browneyes. I amcalm and serious but I am impatient and thismakes me easilyangry. I like the world of computers and video-games but I dislikegetting up early. I likeschool but not all the teachers. My hobbies are playingvideo-games on my computer and talking to myfriends.
dylan cruz
  • Mynameis Dylan. I’m 15 yearsold. I’msmall and slim. Myeyes are dark and I wear glasses. I have curlydarkhair. I’mshy but impatient. I likevideo-games but I don’tlike sports. My hobbies are playingvideo-games, watching tv, surfing the net, reading books or mangas.
adrien ribiere
  • Mynameis Adrien. I’m a 15-year-oldboy. I’mtall and slim and I have blueeyes. Myhairis blond and short.
  • Atschool, I don’tlike French, but I like English and Spanish. I like maths and sports too.
  • WhenI’m not atschool, I likewatching TV and playingvideogames. During the week-end, I likebeingwithmyfriends and playingwiththem.
theo gangloff
  • I’m 16 yearsold. I ’m tall and athletic. I have short brownhair and green eyes. I’m cool but serious in mywork. I likeplayingvideo-games and listening to reggae music in mybed. I hategetting up at 7 to go to school. My hobby isplaying rugby withmyfriends.
valentin begon
  • I’m 15. I’mtall and slim. I have short, straight, brownhair and browneyes. I’m a nice and good person.
  • I likereading mangas and comics, listening to music, watching TV, playingvideo-games and rugby.
  • I dislikereadingnovels, watchingdramas, rap and techno.
  • My hobbies are playing rugby, video-games and watching TV
tristan guillouard
  • I’m 15 and a ½ and I’m 1.75m tall. I have got short brownhair and green eyes and I wear glasses.
  • I’m not very sociable so I don’t have manyfriends, in fact I amshy.
  • I likeplayingbadmington and chess. Myfavourite hobby isplayingvideogames and myfavouritegameisassassin’screed II. I love eating out and spending time withmyfriends. I listen to all kinds of music but I prefer Rock and pop music. Myfavouritesingers are Green Day.