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STUDENT GURUS. Unit Portfolio Presentation by S. Muhammad Athar Raza. UNIT SUMMARY.

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Student gurus


Unit Portfolio Presentation


S. Muhammad Athar Raza

Unit summary

  • It has been witnessed recurrently that pupils of public sector schools are underprivileged and the conformist teaching and learning methodologies are the obstacles in acquiring superlative education. Technology has given humanity unbounded access to information which can be turned into knowledge.

Unit summary cont d

  • Students can be "plugged into computers" to do drill and practice that is not so different from workbooks. Teachers can use multimedia technology to give more colourful, stimulating lectures.

Unit summary cont d1

  • In this project computer studies students are volunteering themselves to educate the deprived and less blessed students of the society. Students will impart basic knowledge of computer software and Internet usage to enhance their capabilities in learning.

Curriculum framing questions
Curriculum FramingQuestions

Essential Question

  • How can we step in 21st Century?

    Unit Question

  • Why do we think that technology literate students are helpful in stepping towards 21st Century?

    Content Questions

  • What is the need to learn technology?

  • What is the impact of bringing technology in learning?

  • What is the current ratio of IT literacy in Public Sector Schools of Pakistan?

  • What is the strategy of IT literate students to educate students who do not possess IT literacy?

  • hat is the change which students want to bring in for underprivileged students of the society?

  • What social implications are likely to occur with Student Gurus project

Goals for unit
goals FOR UNIT

  • To establish the basic operations and concepts of the technology amongst students.

  • To enable students in utilizing all social, moral, ethical and human values in designing the project.

  • To enrich study environment with usage of modern technology for students.

Goals for unit cont d
goals FOR UNIT…cont’d

  • To expedite my students to communicate efficiently with the help of technology.

  • To facilitate my students in research and investigate situations with the help of technology.

  • To make my students strategize the problem solving methodologies and decision making procedures with the help of technology.

Project approaches

My students will:

  • Make public sector students aware about the technology usage.

  • Coerce the private sector students to learn ICT skills.

  • Train public sector students for basic ICT tools.

  • Facilitate public sector students in adapting technology for learning.

21 st century learning

My students will learn how to:

  • Exercise sound reasoning in understanding and making complex choices

  • Manage, create effective and multimedia communication

  • Demonstrate teamwork and leadership

  • Stay open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives

  • Act responsibly with the interests of the larger community


The essential and unit questions will be used to:

  • Monitor students’ project management skills.

  • Check their collaborative and communication skills.

  • Observe high standards of group task.

  • Annotate research information processing methods

  • Note their self directed attitude and outcomes.