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MS Publisher 2007

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MS Publisher 2007. Design, Multimedia, & Web Technologies. Today’s Objectives. Define vocabulary associated with the MS Publisher 2007 environment. Identify elements included in Publisher template designs. Locate specific features and options related to project publications in Publisher.

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ms publisher 2007

MS Publisher 2007

Design, Multimedia, & Web Technologies

today s objectives
Today’s Objectives
  • Define vocabulary associated with the MS Publisher 2007 environment.
  • Identify elements included in Publisher template designs.
  • Locate specific features and options related to project publications in Publisher.
  • Identify keyboard shortcuts and their functions.
elements of a flyer
Elements of a Flyer









designing flyer publications
Designing Flyer Publications

These are journalistic principles!

  • Headline – title; usually bold and easy to identify
  • Tag Line – sometimes styled as a subheading; use a smaller font and place in close proximity to headline
  • Business Name – sometimes styled as a subheading; identifies the organization to whom the ad belongs
  • Attention Getter – might target a specific audience
  • Body Copy – clarifies the flyer’s purpose or message
  • Graphic – used to entice people to look at the flyer; usually a picture, Clipart, image, or photo
  • Bulleted List
  • Tear-offs – provide contact information
the workspace
The Workspace




  • a tool that helps you through the design process by offering & changing publication options
  • similar to a blueprint you can use over and over to fill in the blanks, replace prewritten text, and change art to fit your needs

Publication Types


Clicking a publication type causes a catalog of template previews to be displayed in the center of the window.

color scheme font scheme
Color Scheme &Font Scheme
  • Defined set of colors that complement each other when used together
  • Defined set of fonts associated with a publication
  • Contains several elements similar to the document windows of other applications
  • Includes the page layout, rulers, scroll bars, guides and boundaries, status bar, etc.
  • Text Box
  • WordArt
  • Tear-offs
  • Graphics
  • Pictures
  • Bookmarks
  • Bullets
  • Lines
menus submenus
Menus & Submenus

A menu contains a list of commands to retrieve, store, print, and manipulate data.

A submenu is displayed when you point to a command with an arrow inside of a menu.

keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Displayed to the right of menu commands, when available

When you move the mouse pointer over a button or box, the name of the button or box is displayed below it in a ScreenTip.

task pane
Task Pane
  • Special window with buttons, boxes, lists, and links to help perform specific tasks
  • Click the Publisher Tasks button to open the Task Pane.
  • Click the down-arrow to see other available Task Panes.
text box shortcut menu
Text Box &Shortcut Menu

A text box is an object in a publication designed to hold text in a specific shape, size, and style.

A shortcut menu is displayed by right-clicking the text box.

  • A property is an attribute or characteristic of an object.
  • Within text boxes, you can edit the following properties:
    • Font
    • Spacing
    • Alignment
    • Line / Border Style
    • Fill Color
    • Margins
placeholder text
Placeholder Text
  • Text supplied by the template
  • Can be selected with a single click
other terms
Other Terms…
  • Wordwrap
    • Allows you to type words in a text box continually without pressing the enter key at the end of each line
  • Formatting Marks
    • Sometimes called nonprinting characters; examples include the paragraph mark ( ), raised dots to show spaces, and end of field markers ( )
  • File Name - the name assigned to a file when it is saved
using graphics
Using Graphics
  • Graphic – includes drawings, photographs, sounds, videos, and other clips / media files
  • Clip art – predefined graphics that include images, artwork, and draw-type images
  • Picture Frame – an invisible border that helps with placement and text wrapping
publication properties
Publication Properties
  • Details about a file
  • Includes information such as the project author, title, subject, and keywords