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O ur values. By Fazilat. Parents : by calling them abba And mummy which mean mum and dad. By doing stuff that they tell us to do. And we don't talk back to each other because that is disrespectful I show respect to my parents by saying they got good writing and

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O ur values
Our values

By Fazilat

How do we show respect to our parents brothers sisters and friends

Parents: by calling them abba

And mummy which mean mum and dad. By doing stuff that

they tell us to do. And we don't talk back to each other

because that is disrespectful I show respect to my parents by saying they got good writing and

comforting them. And when they are sick we give them food and medicine . We also say thank

you and please. And we have to appreciate the sacrifices that they made and shaping us into

the person we are today . And appreciate the things that they give us.

FRIENDS: We show respect to our friends by doing things we

haven't done before or because she is shy to do it. We have to

be a good friend and tell the truth to each other and saying

a compliment once in a while. They appreciate it when

we called them their nicknames. We don't mock them or

tease their culture or their appearances.

Brothers: By not swearing at them or touching their things

Sisters: By putting away their make up and putting their clothes back. We have to ask before we get

anything from their room

How Do we show respect to our parents, Brothers, sisters and friends

How do we show respect in our culture

When going into a house the mum or dad have to say assa-lamu-alaykum.

When kids are in mufti going anywhere(women)they have to dress up in long pants or tights but it has to be underneath their knees or it is disrespectful in our culture. At funerals the women cannot go only the men. In other countries the women have to cover their heads. At weddings the girl wears a dress called a gungra and the boys wear a suite. When the women comes the men have to come and get the women and then the little siblings are in the front of them. Then the sisters of the bride try and get the shoe off the groom and try and force the brother of groom to give money to them and then they have to go away and hide it After a while they eat things like Palou and drinks and chutney and butter chicken. Before two days after the wedding the mum and dad from both sides come and then they have sign a contract that says to protect each other from harm or anything else And while the women are doing that they both have to wear a sari

How do we show respect in our culture

Look after to one and each other

O ur values

How do we show personal responsibility in: assa-lamu-alaykum.

Class: I show responsibility in class by bringing my tools and ironing my uniform. My class duties are to go to my p.e meetings and to clean up the class after I make a mess. School: I put my rubbish in the bin and my responsibility is to get my honours badge or get to or more. And then I will get to go Mac Donald. I try and get along with the years 7’s and to play with them and teach them new stuff.Teacher :I show responsibility to my teacher by doing my work and staying on task.By being reliable when my teacher tells me to do work.School work: bring my homework to school and my work has to be neatly.Your learning: To memorise my spelling and to go up 3 sub levelsFamily, siblings: to look after them in their older age. To be a good role model to my little sister and brother. Listen to my older brother and sister and what they tell me to do.Your culture: to wear my clothes correctly when going to an occasion. And to dance when it is my sisters wedding.Community: To pick up rubbish when I see it on the ground and to put my rubbish in the bin when I am finished.

O ur values

Time line assa-lamu-alaykum.

My life until now?Age 5: when I was 5 I always use to look after my little brother Age 6: when my little sister was born I use to feed herAge 7: When I was 7 I started to go school and make sure I knew my alphabet age 8: Age 8 I finished kinder and I started going primaryAge 9 : I had my birthday and I was sure that I gave cake to everyoneage 10: I started to learn how to write on the line and to say my numbers in 2s Age 11: it was my last year at primary and I wanted to make it the best yearAge 12: I started going intermediate the first two terms It was rough. And I made new friendsAge 13: I am not 13 yet I am going to be on 11 June and I might want this birthday just to be my family no friends and no cousins

O ur values

Passion assa-lamu-alaykum.

O ur values

My passion at assa-lamu-alaykum. :

I show it by doing it and having a good time.

How will this help me in the future:

I will loose wait and might be on TV and get popular

school: My passion at school is joining sports and doing my work.My passion at home: is to watch TVIn my culture: to dance to songs and everything

O ur values

My passion is to…. assa-lamu-alaykum.

Play soccer and dance

How does john key show his passion
How does john key show his passion assa-lamu-alaykum.

John key shows his passion by using his 5 values and making this country environmentally clean. He tries to make this country the best. And do what he can to repair Christchurch city. He honours help to the people in Japan and to save their lives. He is kind to the people and makes plan for the future so their will be no harm against us. He is a great leader and he should think he is doing a good job. Because he is New Zealand's leader and for our people and he wont let us down.

O ur values

*Michael Jackson* assa-lamu-alaykum.

Michael Jackson shows his passion by having the greatest hits in music history and be a pop sensation. His middle name is Joseph. He was born on the August 29 1958. Since then he was an American recording artist ,dancer , singer-songwriter, and a musician. Everybody called him the king of pop. He is the eighth child of the Jackson family. His and his brothers were in a band called Jackson five in 1964 and started to go solo in 1971. His songs were popular and his music videos including beat it Billie jean and thriller. The channel mtv became to fame. Videos such as black or white and scream became him famous in his dance techniques such as the robot and the moon walk. Jackson then released his album thriller and it became the best selling album of all time. He was also into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. He had recently past away on the .