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Paris power point by; Chrystal Nhan

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Paris power point by; Chrystal Nhan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Paris power point by; Chrystal Nhan. introduction.

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Ah yes, Paris, also known as the city of love. Paris is a beautiful sight seeing place full of lights and romance. There are only two primary reasons on why Paris is known as the City of love. The first reason is that French is known as the language of love, and the second reason is because of the lights in the Eiffel tower. Paris is located at the heart of the lle-de-France. Paris is the largest and capital city of France. One of the tourist attractions in Paris is the Eiffel tower or the padlocks on the bridge.


Paris has many different types food but at the same time it could be unusual. Every country has a different way of eating and living, take Thai land for an example, they have to hunt for their food and sometimes eats it raw. But in every way no matter how disgusting it sounds, it may turn out the way you expected it, good or bad. Every culture has something different and different is good. Even if it looks unusual.


Paris’s housing looks very unique and different compared to other countries. In Paris there

is also another tourist attraction called the padlock bridge. This bridge has a million locks put on

by love couples and people that have romance. The padlocks bridge are full of regular locks

but is also a sign of love. Back to the housing, the houses and apartments are big

no matter what.


The conclusion

The whole point of this presentation was to give a visual tour of Paris and to

inform you about their culture and the different types of things they have and

do. To compare Paris to us, mostly everything is different. Paris is a beautiful

place for couples and has many places a person can see. Just because Paris is

different doesn’t mean it’s weird and different, because different is good. The

next time you might think about a summer vacation think about Paris and all the

Different things they have.

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