cosmos user group meeting 11 12 2008 n.
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COSMOS User Group Meeting 11.12.2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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COSMOS User Group Meeting 11.12.2008

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COSMOS User Group Meeting 11.12.2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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COSMOS User Group Meeting 11.12.2008. ECHAM5. Vegetation Weathering. Chemistry. Isotope Proxy Models. Ice Sheets Model. OASIS. MPI-OM. HAMOCC5. What are the components of COSMOS?. Recent AWI Version: cosmos-1.1.0_millennium_rev1524 (“COSMOS Millennium Version”)

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cosmos user group meeting 11 12 2008
COSMOS User Group Meeting11.12.2008














what are the components of cosmos
What are the components of COSMOS?
  • Recent AWI Version: cosmos-1.1.0_millennium_rev1524(“COSMOS Millennium Version”)
  • This COSMOS version includes the following components:
    • Atmosphere: ECHAM (v. 5.4.01)
    • Ocean: MPIOM
    • Land Vegetation & Carbon Cycle: JSBACH
    • Ocean Biogeochemistry & Carbon Cycle: HAMOCC

Folie ok

which cosmos configurations exist
Which COSMOS configurations exist?

At the moment, the following COSMOS setups can be run:

  • cosmos-a ECHAM5 (atmosphere, only)
  • cosmos-as ECHAM5 + JSBACH (atmosphere + land surface scheme)
  • cosmos-o MPIOM (physical ocean, only)
  • cosmos-ao ECHAM5 + MPIOM (atmosphere + ocean)
  • cosmos-asob ECHAM5 + JSBACH + MPIOM + HAMOCC (atmosphere + land surface scheme + physical ocean + marine biogeochemistry)

The various setups can be run in different resolutions:

  • cosmos-a, cosmos-as: T31L19, T63L31 (cosmos-a, only!)
  • cosmos-o: GR30L40
  • cosmos-ao, cosmos-asob: T31L19 + GR30L40
where do i find cosmos on the awi sx8
Where do I find COSMOS on the AWI-SX8?

All required COSMOS files can be found in the following directory

/sx8/user2/paleo/models/COSMOS (always the most recent version!)

    • version-specific directories exists, too, e.g./sx8/user2/paleo/models/COSMOS-1.1.0_millennium_rev1524.AWI

There exist the following subdirectories:

  • $COSMOS/util - Utility routines to generate scripts for the compilation and running of the COSMOS model
  • $COSMOS/SX - The machine-dependent build files and model binaries (i.e. the executable model files)
  • $COSMOS/src - The source code files for the different model components (e.g. ECHAM5, MPIOM) and additional libraries
  • $COSMOS/contrib - some auxiliary scripts (not important)
  • $COSMOS/data - some auxiliary input data for testing (not important)
how do i run the cosmos model
How do I run the COSMOS model?
  • Example scripts are found here:


  • There are always 3 scripts: *.run, *.arch, *.post (for running, archiving and postprocessing)
  • Copy the example scripts to your own directory and adapt them before(!) you use them
    • Adapt everything until from 1st line until paragraph “END OF THE USER INTERFACE”
  • Submit run script (*.run) via the qsub command; archiving and postprocessing will be started autamatically
  • Alternative method:continue to use your old ECHAM5 and MPIOM scripts with the new model binaries
where are the default cosmos input files
Where are the default COSMOS input files?

Default input files can be found here:


  • There exist subdirectories for the different model setups (cosmos-a, cosmos-as, cosmos-o, cosmos-a, cosmos-asob)
  • To avoid disc space waste, please do not copy the default input files to your user directory but rather just use symbolic links (automatically done in the default run scripts)
  • Currently, a warm start (from existing restart files) can only be done for the following model setups: cosmos-asob, cosmos-ao, cosmos-o
  • Default input files for different past climates (e.g. 6K, LGM) will be added to the input_data directory in the future
where is my cosmos output data
Where is my COSMOS output data?
  • Output data should be stored in your $USER-directory:


  • You should use different subdirectories for the different model setups (cosmos-a, cosmos-as, cosmos-o, cosmos-a, cosmos-asob)
  • To avoid disc space waste, please modify the post-processing script and store only data that you actually need (or may need in the future...)
  • Default output files for commonly used control runs (e.g. climatology for present day climate) will be available in early 2009 in the following directory:


for advanced users how to compile the cosmos model
For Advanced Users:How to compile the COSMOS model
  • Go to directory $COSMOS/util/compile/tools; type:Create_COMP_cpl_models.ksh --id <experiment ID> <model-setup>
    • E.g. Create_COMP_cpl_models.ksh --id default comos-a
  • => Script generates the actual compile-scripts; names and location are given on the screen
  • Run all of the generated compile-scripts
    • E.g. $COSMOS/src/mod/echam5/COMP_echam5_default.ksh

Wait a little bit... (and watch the output on the screen!)

  • After successful compilation, you can find the model binaries in$COSMOS/SX/bin/ (e.g. echam5_default.x)
  • Components for coupled COSMOS setups have the ending *.MPI1.x
    • E.g. echam5_default.x versus echam5_default.MPI1.x
  • For detailed help and more information, type Create_COMP_cpl_models.ksh --help
where can i find further cosmos information
Where can I find further COSMOS information?
  • In /sx8/user2/paleo/models/COSMOS/util/running/doc:the PRISM Standard Running Environment (SRE) Report(=technical description of running the COSMOS model)

(PRISM = Program for Integrated Earth System Modeling)

  • In /sx8/user2/paleo/models/COSMOS/util/compile/doc:the PRISM Standard Compile Environment (SCE) Report (=technical description of compiling the COSMOS model)
  • In the various doc-subdirectories /sx8/user2/paleo/models/COSMOS/.../doc
    • E.g. in /sx8/user2/paleo/models/COSMOS/src/mod/echam5/doc
  • On our web site... (TBA)
  • On the COSMOS website:
  • At the COSMOS User Group meetings
  • Ask your colleagues!!

WARNING: Some of the documents may be a little bit outdated...