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Gifted Services

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Gifted Services
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  1. Gifted Services Radford City Public Schools 2012-2017

  2. RCPS Philosophy of GiftedFrom the 2012-2017 Radford City Local Plan for the Education of Gifted Students Radford City Public Schools believes in “excellence in education for every student every day.” Providing such an education for our gifted learners necessitates the identification of those students whose outstanding abilities and potential for accomplishment warrant services and opportunities beyond the standard curriculum and means of instruction. Through the provision of gifted services, gifted students will have the opportunity to explore their area(s) of interest, develop expertise beyond their age-level peers, and be motivated to achieve to their full potential—both in school and beyond.

  3. Screening Annual Screening • Each fall • Coordinator screens students whose names were submitted by teachers the previous spring (classroom performance and grades, high state assessment scores, exhibition of gifted characteristics)

  4. Referral • Continuous • Students may be referred by anyone—teachers can make referrals, but if parents ask you to refer, direct them to the Web site for the form they need • Referral forms are available on the Web site or from the coordinator • Return forms to the coordinator

  5. Data Collection • Parent/guardian permission (forms are online) • Testing is scheduled and parent/guardian is emailed (either KBIT2 or Stanford Ten) • Teacher completes SIGS (Scales for Identifying Gifted Students), which is scored by the coordinator • English/language arts and math grades are reviewed • Scores are recorded on identification rubric

  6. Eligibility Determination • Identification committee meets to determine placement and services (11 out of 15 points on identification rubric); additional points (up to 2) are awarded to members of underperforming populations • Parents/guardians are notified and provide permission for services (also notified of the appeals process); parents/guardians receive appeals information • Teacher and principal are notified and services begin • A Differentiated Progress Plan is written by the teacher providing differentiation and sent to the parents; a copy is filed in the student’s green gifted file • End-of-semester progress reports are completed by the teacher and sent home with report cards The identification process is complete within 90 instructional days of the coordinator’s receipt of parental permission to screen.

  7. Elementary Services • Students are clustered and served through differentiation by the classroom teacher • Teachers providing differentiated services attend in-service training and write Differentiated Education Plans (DEPs) for students; end-of-semester progress reports are sent home with report cards • The elementary principals spend gifted funds on materials requested by teachers and to support testing used in screening • McHarg students receive math and/or reading comprehension enrichment; BHES students belong to before-school clubs as enrichment

  8. Intermediate School Services • Students may advance in math beyond grade level • English teachers provide differentiated services and participate in in-service training; they write and send home DEPs • The coordinator spends gifted funds for enrichment services and gifted testing • The coordinator teaches seventh grade Critical Thinking, which is recommended for gifted learners • Enrichment: American Math Competition (AMC 8), National Geography Bee, and Readi-Step testing provided; Brown Bag Book club and occasional enrichment trips

  9. High School Services • Math beyond grade level • Advanced English 9, 10, 11 • Dual Enrollment English and Geology • Advanced Placement (gifted coordinator is A.P. coordinator) • Independent Study course • American Mathematics Competition (AMC 12) • Southwest Virginia Governor’s School (SWVGS) • Summer Residential Governor’s Schools • The coordinator spends funds to support some academic competitions and to supplement A.P. instruction, as well as to provide for gifted testing and A.P. testing

  10. Local Advisory Committee • The local advisory committee meets a minimum of three times each year to monitor implementation of the gifted plan; an annual report is approved and presented to the School Board • The committee writes and presents a new plan to the School Board every five years; the plan approved by the School Board and is reviewed by the Virginia Department of Education to determine its compliance with the Virginia Regulations for the Education of Gifted Students

  11. Gifted Services Information Online • Information about gifted services is available online (from, click on Academics and then Gifted) • The current local plan, semester online newsletters, forms, and information about gifted services and activities are available online through this site • Previous in-service presentations and forms are available to teachers through this site • The National Association for Gifted Children, an online resource for those working with gifted students, is available at

  12. Coordinator’s Contact Information • • 540 731-3649, ext. 6619 Lisa Swope Radford High School 50 Dalton Drive Radford, VA 24141