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By Jan Robinson, Ipsalu Tantra Instructor PowerPoint Presentation
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By Jan Robinson, Ipsalu Tantra Instructor

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By Jan Robinson, Ipsalu Tantra Instructor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Jan Robinson, Ipsalu Tantra Instructor
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  1. How to Use Simple, Heart-Based Business Strategies So You Can Fill Your Tantra Classes and Workshopswith Ease By Jan Robinson, Ipsalu Tantra Instructor

  2. Purposeand Benefits • Purpose • To know that business can be heart-based and spiritually aligned • To provide you with practical information for launching a successful tantra teaching enterprise • BenefitsYou will Learn: • What Level of Venture is right for you and your teaching aspirations (3 Levels) • 3 Powerful Business Models to Get You Started • Essential Business Skills, Tools, and Principles you need to know to be successful

  3. Who’s Jan and Why Is She Here? • As the Chair of the Ipsalu Teacher’s Committee and I’m here to support you with resources to help you succeed as an Ipsalu Teacher • I know the pain of what it is to LOVE what you are trained to do and to STRUGGLE to build a community, enroll participants in courses, and make a living doing it. I’m here to tell you: THERE IS AN EASIER WAY! • 1) Learning Your Art and 2) Learning the Business of Your Art are two separate and distinct things. I’m here to help you learn about the latter.

  4. Filling Your Workshops with EaseWhy is This Important? • You were born with unique gifts to share with the world • The Universe wants you to give them fully without fear, without holding back • Serve and share your gifts generously • One of the greatest fulfillments is to share your gifts and have them received • You can do this in ways that energize and sustain you rather than deplete you • Employing simple, heart-based business strategies will help nourish you and your business

  5. Most High-Tech, Common Methods to Fill Classes • The O.M. Method • H.A.P.(Hope and Pray)

  6. Business as a Spiritual Practice • Your business vision drives you to reconcile who you are now with who you can be.In order to play at the (community, national, global) level, who would I have to become? Bold, daring, unconditionally self-loving, crystal clear, confident, committed, humorous, courageous, etc. • Spirituality and profitability mutually exclusive? It’s your duty to get wealthy. “Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.” The more people you serve and the more value you provide, the greater your income. It’s a lot easier to pull people up that to push people up (law of physics) • Your job is to upliftWhat you provide is a gift, a valuable resource for someone to solve the pressing problems in their life or to help them move beyond their limits and manifest their heart’s desire. You can become masterful at having selling conversations with people that support them, inspire them, and compel them to take the next steps with you (i.e. “Heart-Selling”). Whether or not people say “Yes” to your services, your primary intention is to leave people in a better place than when you found them.

  7. Top 6Business Skills, Tools, and PrinciplesTo Be Successful in Your Business • Skills • Selling • Marketing • Tools • Marketing Website or Blog • Email Marketing or Ecommerce Software • Principles • Niche Marketing • Leverage

  8. What is Selling? What is Marketing? • Selling is the most high-leveraged skill you can have in business. It’s what persuades people to buy. Hard-selling uses fear, pushiness and domination to close a sale. Heartselling™ uses connection, service, acknowledgement, curiosity and bold questions to open people to what their heart wants to say “yes” to. • Marketing is the activity and process of creating, communicating, and delivering offerings that have value for customers, clients, etc. Marketing Activities Include: Selling Writing Copy Packaging Doing market research

  9. 6 Stages of Heart-Selling 1. Open the Conversation 2. Find Out What They're Looking For 3. Share a Resource 4. Find Out If It's a Match 5. Ask For the Next Step 6. Dance (with concerns)

  10. What’s Your Game? • Avocation/Labor of Love Teaching for the pleasure in the work itself and of being of service in the world, without expectation of financial reward • Side Business Teaching what you love, building community and earning supplemental income • Full-time Business(local, national, global?) Thriving and prospering financially while creatively living your soul’s purpose

  11. Remember! You don’t have to do it alone. In fact, it’s best to have a team. - Bookkeeper/Accountant - Web Designer - Graphic Artist - Personal Assistant - Virtual Assistant (VA) - Business Coach - Program Coordinator/Sponsor • Co-accountability Partner “If it’s not your genius, it’s not your job.” *See Rolodex of Resources on Document Page:

  12. Labor of Love Organizational Model I • Set up a local Yahoo! Group (or “Meetup Group”) A free online electronic mailing list, calendar, internet forum that allows you to: • Keep track of members and their contact information • Inform your community of upcoming events and send out automatic email reminders • Hold regular satsangs, short programs, and/or daylong workshops • Love donation or sliding scale fee (Optional but highly recommended) • Set up a simple brochure website, sales (CTA) website, or blog1 • with opt-in box and valuable freebie • Subscribe to online email marketing software2 (e.g. Constant Contact, CoolerEmail) that allows you to: • Connect with your community members through regular email and/or newsletter (ezine) • Transfer and store membership contact data from your opt-in box into your database

  13. What is a CTA Website? • A Marketing (or Sales) Website is a website designed to inspire action and capture visitor contact information.What you want your visitor to do is very clear: Either they take the action step or they leave the page. Examples: • • • • • • Tip: Adobe Contribute C3 software is an outstanding tool for managing your own website content • Tip: Create a blog (web-log) for an easy website. WordPress is an excellent blog platform and comes with a a website content management system. (see and WordPress for Dummies book)

  14. Importance of an “Opt-In” Box • An Opt-In Box is one of the easiest, cheapest, most high-leveraged ways of building your LIST. • Your LIST is your BIGGEST asset as a business. Those on your list are the people you develop relationship with. • When someone feels connection with you and trusts you, they are much more likely to say “YES!”

  15. Business Model IISide Business • CTA website with testimonials(See handout “magic testimonial questions”) • Basic Copywriting Skills3 highly recommended(Writing Copy for Dummies an excellent resource) • Online email marketing software or ecommerce software4 • Leveraged business model5with promotional classes designed to sell class series and programs • Optional targeted market(e.g. singles, couples, men, women, corporate, ethnic community, kids+parents, gay & lesbian community, VA vets, nuns, Christian)

  16. What is Leverage? • The leverage principle is using small effort to get BIG results • A leveraged business model allows you to do what you love without burning yourself out. Poverty= using big effort to create small results Prosperity= using small effort to create big results

  17. Use Promotional Classes to Fill Your Workshops! • Schedule a few different dates in different venues in your area • Have people register (and fill out a marketing questionnaire) • Send reminders before your classes! • Seed the workshop you are promoting throughout your free class • In the “what’s next” section, Make your offer. Provide incentives (i.e. bonuses, special tuition price) for registering right there and then. Go on break. • Continue with program • At end of class get participant feedback and testimonials!

  18. Marketing Questionnaire • WHEN IT COMES TO . . .(e.g. being a single mom, your sexual love life, being a corporate manager, building your business) . . . . • What are your biggest challenges? • What are your biggest concerns? • What worries you? • What are you most proud of? • What excites you? • What frustrates you? • What do you wish would just go away? • What do you want more of? • What do you think would help you get it? • On a scale from 1-to-10, how committed are you to having that?

  19. Find Out What They are Looking For! TantricJoy Questionnaire • Are you male or female? • What is your age? • Are you single, dating, or in relationship? • As someone who is interested in (tantra), what are you looking for? • If you could have that, what would that get you? • What’s the biggest challenge you facing right now, (spiritually, sexually, and/or emotionally)? • What do you want instead? Thank you!

  20. free article full-scholarship 2-hr. class Inner Path to Bliss (4-weeks) Level 1 Marketing Funnel Full-Scholarship Class Inner Path Daylong Ipsalu Practicum (6 mos.) Private Mentoring or Group class Ipsalu Practicum (next 6 mos.) Full-Scholarship Class 6-week class series 6-month program three 6-week classes + mentoring or 4-daylong programs + mentoring

  21. What is eCommerce Software? A complete package of “must-have” marketing tools in one place (e.g. Features: • Shopping Cart Software • Internet Marketing Tools • Credit Card Processing • Email Autoresponders • Ad Tracking Tools and Statistics • Affiliate Program Tracking • Questionnaire Features • Custom Forms and Opt-in Boxes • Mailing List Programs • Email Broadcasting Service (Ezine/Newsletter Management)

  22. What is Copywriting? • Copywriting includes all the written materials used to sell, market, and promote products and services to prospects and customers. It’s one of the most highly leveraged marketing tools • In writing copy, you are committed to 3 things: • Benefits, Benefits, Benefits – they provide a reason to buy, act or respond • A desire to make offers. Give customer a choice (one-banana marketing) • A commitment to the customer’s point of view. Use your target market’s language to describe the problem and desired solution. • Collect testimonials from happy customers – most persuasive selling tool there is. • Hot copy writing creates vivid pictures and emotional impact. Your potential customer feels like you are speaking specifically and directly to them.

  23. WSGAT What’s so great about that? FBB – the foundation of copywriting WiiFM What’s in it for me? So, what do you do? “I’m a tantra teacher” “You know how for many married couples the first few years of their love life is usually really hot, but later down the line, they wonder where the magic’s gone? Well, I help couples bring back that honeymoon feeling.” Favorite Copywriting Tips!

  24. Websites with Good Benefit Language • Art of Living Foundation. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. “Enhance your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-Being • Warrior Sage. “Ignite Passion. Live Freedom, Embody Love” • Tantra Yoga Retreats “Journeys of Self Discovery” • T. Harv Ecker’s Millionaire Mind Seminar. “Take Control of Your Financial Destiny”

  25. Magic Questions To Get Great Testimonials 1. What (specific) problems did you have before you started working with me? 2. How were these problems impacting your life? 3. What attracted you to working with me? (anything unique about me as a mentor/facilitator) 4. How soon did you start seeing results? 5. What are your results? 6. How has your life been impacted because of these results? • Follow a BEFORE / AFTER format, 1-2 short paragraphs

  26. Example Testimonial “Absolutely mind-blowing! We reached a whole new level.” “Our lives are so hectic, sex always felt like having to get to some finish line, to rush toward orgasm. After working with Jan, sex was the best it had ever been! The results were immediate. All of our senses are heightened when we make love and we are right there in the moment. Nothing hurried. There is a lot of passion now and a very deep and intimate connection in our lovemaking. It feels like we are not just making love with our bodies, but with our souls.” Amy and Daniel Goggiano Carson City, NV

  27. “Sex and love have really come together for us in true lovemaking” Anna and JohnSacramento, CA Example Testimonial “Before we worked with Jan I enjoyed a physical connection with my husband during lovemaking but not a spiritualone. Sometimes, my eyes would wander towards other men wondering if they could fulfill me in the way I desired. After we worked with Jan, I feel the spiritual connection between us. John looks at me in a totally different way. He even says he feels more in love with me than on the day we got married! We’ve been together for 17 years now. Friends have told us it’s so hard to have passion after you’ve been together for years and have fallen into a rut. But it’s not!You just need the right tools.”

  28. Business Model IISide Business Additional option with higher level of commitment Monthly membership program (need merchant account with automated payment system) Could include any combination of: • Monthly newsletter • Monthly short program • Monthly teleclass with guest interview • Monthly local satsang • Quarterly daylong workshop • $19, $47, $97, $147, $197 month • Higher pricing tiers could include personal mentoring, Level 1, Levels 1 & Level II

  29. About Teleclasses What is a Teleclass?A live seminar to which people listen and participate over the telephone. All you need is access to a phone and email. The call is free. The only fee is the cost of the long-distance phone call. The advantage of teleclasses is you can provide educational information free from financial or geographic barriers. – Free teleconference call service – Online monthly service to record teleclasses, produce and publish great audio and video to your Web site and emails. Create your own online radio show. - Teleseminars to learn to make money and become highly skilled at leading teleseminars

  30. Business Model IIILivelihood • You have a powerful leveraged business vision using a niche-based6 business model. • You’re a leader and an expert in your field (big fish in small pond) • Your personal vision married with your marketing message • Skills:Marketing, Copywriting, Heartselling, Making Offers • Tools:Sales Website, Ecommerce Tool with Merchant Account • Offerings may Include:Private client practice with packages, Informational Products, Teleseminars, Workshops/seminars and programs • You have Strategic Alliances and/or Joint-Venture Partners and an Affiliate Program • You invest in ongoing Education/Training in Entrepreneurship

  31. What is Niche-Based Business? No business can be all things to all people. Instead, you must reach specific customers and satisfy their particular needs. As an entrepreneur, you must identify those customers and understand as precisely as possible what they want. Once you have that information, you’ll have a much better chance of capturing those customers for your business. Niche = the problem you solve and for whom“I work with blank kinds of people with blank kinds of problems”(e.g. “I work with couples who love each other but are unsatisfied sexually.”) Do you want to be a Light House or a Search Light?

  32. Stealth Transformation The GATE is the Problem you SolveTransformation is on the Other Side Lead with your Marketing Message MM – Marketing Message PM – Personal Mission MM – “You love each other but wonder where the magic’s gone. Here’s how to recapture that lost passion and romance!” PM - Awaken Consciousness on the Planet You can use any modality, method, process, etc. you want provided you help them with their problem.

  33. Review Principles/Concepts Niche marketing Leverage Stealth Transformation Marketing Funnel Skills Heartselling Marketing/Copywriting Tools Sales (CTA) Website, Blog, Opt-in Box Email marketing software Ecommerce software Audio Acrobat – for recording teleclasses Magic Testimonial Questions Market Research Questionnaire

  34. Please Go To: You will find This slide show presentation and supporting documents, The Inner Path to Bliss Materials (scripts, agendas, and music links)