the opposition facing the war of 1812 n.
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The opposition facing the War of 1812

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The opposition facing the War of 1812 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The opposition facing the War of 1812. By: Adele Sutton, Megan Chirco , and Miles Goeglein. Thesis.

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the opposition facing the war of 1812

The opposition facing the War of 1812

By: Adele Sutton, Megan Chirco, and Miles Goeglein

  • The extent of the opposition of The War of 1812 and the ways in which the New England Federalists showed their objections and displeasures were shown through Federalist writings opposing the war of 1812, the state elections of 1814, and the activities and thoughts of Governor Caleb Strong in support of the federalist cause.
the war of 1812
The War of 1812
  • Americans faced the greatest power in the world, Britain.
  • American’s were angry at the British because the British attempted to restrict trade, the impressment of sailors by the British Royal Navy, and the desire to expand American territory.
  • All of these factor’s made the American’s declare war.
the war cont
The War Cont.
  • American’s suffered many defeat’s throughout the war.
  • Burning of Washington D.C.
  • Americans did win over New York, New Orleans, and Baltimore.
  • Treaty of Ghent in

February 17, 1815

the federalist and the war
The Federalist and the War
  • Federalist’s opposed the war.
  • Federalist were supporters of the British during the French Revolution.
  • They remained supporters even after the Revolution.
  • Two major Federalist papers that were published during 1812 were the Boston Gazette, and the Connecticut Mirror.
  • These papers attacked the Madison Administration.
state elections of 1814
State Elections of 1814
  • The actual elections took place in 1812
  • They were mainly influenced by the Federalists because they feared the government
  • Federalists dominated politics until Jefferson’s election in 1800
  • At that time, Democrats took over both houses
  • Federalists wanted to accommodate the new American political landscape of popular support, but they ultimately failed
state elections cont
State Elections Cont.
  • Federalists wanted Jefferson
  • This ultimately made them loose all of their leaders and their center of influence in the government
  • Federalist last opportunity to gain back their power was in the election of 1812
  • During the election federalists attacked Madison
  • This failed and Federalists lost all of their support
governor caleb strong
Governor Caleb Strong
  • He was the Governor of Massachusetts
  • He opposed the War of 1812
  • Supported the Federalist party
  • Caleb Strong is an example of the desperation of the Federalist party and their extreme actions that they took to gain back their voice
  • Strong hinted of a separate peace and a possible alliance to General Sir John Sherbrooke, the British governor of Novia Scotia
  • When Caleb Strong did this, it shows how helpless the Federalists were