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Persuasive Essays

Persuasive Essays

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Persuasive Essays

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  1. Persuasive Essays A step-by-step guide to creating a persuasive essay -or- How to get a good grade on this assignment….

  2. Format: Heading and Title In the upper right corner please include the following: • Your Name • The Date • The Class Period • Assignment (“Persuasive Essay”) Centered on the top line of your paper you should include: • A title ( example: Baseball is the Greatest Sport Ever)

  3. Format: How it should look • Please skip one line, underneath your title, and begin your essay. • Make sure to “indent” the very first line of “Every Paragraph.” S P A C I N G “Double Space” this essay!!! • This means to “skip” a line between EVERY SENTENCE!!! I know it’s only 1 line…..but it is still called “double spacing”!!!

  4. Grammar and Spelling • As this is a “Grammar and Composition” class, I expect your essays to be “Free from Grammatical and Spelling Errors.” • “Watch out” for the following: • Punctuation Errors • Contractions • Numbers • Runs-on and fragment sentences • Apostrophe mistakes • Abbreviations

  5. Introduction • EVERY Introduction paragraph should include the following: A Hook A “hook” should be the first sentence you write!! It is called “A Hook” because it is intended to grab the attention. A Significance A “significance” is a statement of “why it is important to YOU”!!!

  6. a THESIS • Your “Thesis” is the “Main Idea” or “The Purpose” of your essay!!! Your thesis should include The 3 supporting details -which- Will become the “topics” of Your “Body Paragraphs” But…..that’s for another day!!

  7. Thesis Continued……. Another important think to consider -is- that the thesis should be located at -the end- of your “introduction” Paragraph. 

  8. Transitional Words “Transitions” are words and phrases that help connect sentences in a sensible manner. Common Transitions after before because although now therefore however for example here then like next • *The introduction and concluding paragraphs should include 1 transitional word each • **Body paragraphs should each contain 2 transitional words

  9. Recap for Introductions ALL Introduction Paragraphs should include the following: • A Hook • A Significance • A Thesis (with 3 supporting details) • 1 transitional word –or- phrase Which means = the paragraph must be “at least“ 3 sentences long…. No PrObLeMo!!!

  10. Take a moment….. And BREATHE!! Oh yes, there is more ahead!!

  11. ConcludingParagraphs ..... Yes, we are skipping around!! ( it’s okay, I’m the teacher!!) A “Concluding Paragraph” is Basically A “Restatement” of: The Hook The Thesis And It should also include A “Final Thought” -or- “A Call to Action”

  12. What does this mean??? A “ Call to Action” Is a statement that is meant to inspire others to take your side on an argument. -It is- the reason you are attempting to “Persuade” someone!! Remember the movie clip from “Independence Day”???

  13. What “else” does this mean?? ..Basically This means…. a “Concluding Paragraph” should contain -NO- new or irrelevant information!!

  14. Let’s take a p-e-t-S/s-d-r-a-w-k-c-a-B A “Conclusion” should be a restatement of: • The hook • The Thesis -and contain- • A Final thought/Call to Action • 1 transitional word or phrase • No new -or- irrelevant information

  15. ..Go Ahead Get Started