safety matters n.
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Safety Matters!

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Safety Matters!. Dr. Ngai Wong Safety Coordinator 2004/05 2 Sep 2004. Source: Contact Persons. Dr. N. Wong , Safety Coordinator, CYC720, 28591914 Mr. C. L. Chan , Chief Technician, LG301A 28592694/97813612

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safety matters

Safety Matters!

Dr. Ngai Wong

Safety Coordinator 2004/05

2 Sep 2004

contact persons
Contact Persons
  • Dr. N. Wong, Safety Coordinator, CYC720, 28591914
  • Mr. C. L. Chan, Chief Technician, LG301A 28592694/97813612
  • Department Homepage General Info.  Safety and Emergency
safety is
Safety is ……
  • Free from danger or injury
  • No such thing as absolute safety
  • Rather, we use the term RISK
  • In other words, safety is the control of risk or a judgment of the acceptability of risk
  • A thing is safe if its risks are judged to be acceptable
  • Quantitatively:Risk = Probability of occurrence * consequence of occurrence
risk management
Risk Management
  • Emphasize on the systematic identification, analysis, assessment of all risks inherent in an activity
  • Effective measures can be established to control the risks
  • Assessment is subjective. Stay alert! Sometimes (most of the time) you need to be conservative
  • Close scrutiny shows many accidents or injuries could have been avoided with proper risk management
legal requirement
Legal Requirement
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance (OSHO) has been in effect since June 1997. This Ordinance brings safety and health at work under statutory control.
  • All members of the university must
    • comply with the safety, health, and environmental regulations
    • comply with the work practices laiddown in University policy
    • share the responsibility for protecting from injury those working in the department
    • help to protect others who may be exposed to hazards from our activities
  • Being a student in a university, you MUST be able to:
    • Properly follow the safety precautions in laboratories
    • Learn the necessary operating procedures of machines
    • Stay calm in an unlikely event of accident, and help others only when you are safe
  • Being an engineer or a manager in near future, you MUST learn to:
    • Appreciate potential hazards in various industrial processes
    • Practice safety/risk management
    • Help to ensure a safe workplace for your fellow workers
  • In any event, safety comes first!
as a student
As a Student ……
  • MUST follow technicians’ guidance while in laboratories
  • NEVER perform unauthorized experiments
  • NEVER repair any machines in the lab
  • NEVER do experiment ALONE in the lab
  • BEWARE of electric shock – treat all circuits as ON all the time
  • ALWAYS earth all electric machines/circuits
  • ALWAYS wear protective gears whenappropriate
  • NEVER use an electric device (e.g., cell phone) when you suspect a gas leak
as a student1
As a Student ……
  • NEVER touch any unknown chemicals
  • ENSURE a tidy workplace, e.g., never eat or drink in the computer lab
  • ALWAYS be sure to locate fire exits
  • NEVER smoke in the building (well… anywhere)
  • NEVER think it will never happen!!