jan amos comenius i n another time n.
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Jan Amos Comenius i n another time

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Jan Amos Comenius i n another time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation Transcript
jan amos comenius i n another time

It´soctober 1627 and Jan issitting in his room and working on a newbook. He has not any idea, so he isgoingfor a walk to getsomeinspiration.When he was in theforest, he satnearthetree and fallasleep. Afterthreehours, he woke up and somethingwasdifferent…

Jan Amos Comenius

in anothertime

destruction of nature
  • Now, he opens his eyes and forestlooksdifferent. Itseemslikealltrees are very sick.
  • He iswalkingfromtheforest and he sees big buildingsand carseverywhere, he sees a lot of big chimneys and he is very confused, because he doesn´tknowwhatitis.
  • When he comesaround a river, he sees, thatthewaterisreallydirty and thatanimals in therelooks a littlesick.
  • He isgettingangrynow, because he knowsthatthat´sall are not goodforour planet and animals…
bullying and racism
Bullying and racism
  • He doesn´tknow, whypeople are not nice to eachothers, he seesthatthereis a bullying in schools, thatpeople make differencesbetweenotherpeople, theyjudgethembecauseoftheir skin colour.
alcohol and drugs
Alcohol and drugs
  • he alsoseesthatpeople hurt theirselves and theydon´tknow.
  • They drink alcoholtoo much, theysmokecigarettes and weed and thisisbadfortheirhealth.
  • Theybecome a badpeople, whenthey are drunk and theycan hurt someone by theirwordsorworse.. And sometimes, peoplewho drink alcoholtoo much orpeoplewhosmokecigarettesorweedcandie!
education of children
  • Comeniusthinks, thatparentsfail on educationoftheirchildren.
  • Nowdays, children are always on facebook, they are dependent on mobile phones.. Theydon´tknowwhatthereallifeis.Theyhavefriends just on facebook, theyrather are on computeresthenoutside.
  • They are rude to teachers and parents and oldpeople..
  • Jan Amos Comeniusdoesn´twant to live in thistimeanymore…
key words
  • Drugs
  • Education
  • Racism
  • Destructionofnature
  • Alcohol
  • Facebook
  • Judging
  • Bullying
  • Chimneys
  • Cigarettes
  • Drogy
  • Výchova
  • Rasismus
  • Ničení přírody
  • Alkohol
  • Facebook
  • Posuzování
  • Šikana
  • Komíny
  • cigarety