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  1. Poetry Hi boys and girls! Today you will learn about four different types of poetry. These poems are haiku poems, limerick poems, acrostic poems, and free verse. All of these are fun types of poetry to read and write. Have fun exploring!

  2. What is POETRY? What do you think about when you hear the word POETRY? There are many kinds of poems: Some poems make us LAUGH. Some poems make us THINK. Some poems are SHORT & FUNNY. Some poems are LONG & SERIOUS. Some poems RHYME. Some poems DO NOT RHYME. What KINDS of poems have you read? What KINDS of poems have you written?

  3. Limericks Limericks are fun silly poems that are sometimes nonsensical. They follow a strict rhyme scheme or pattern. The pattern for this type of poem goes AABBA. (A) Limericks are fun and exciting. (A)When you read them they sound inviting. (B)They are usually funny. (B)But listen up honey So now why don’t you try writing? See how the 1st, 2nd and 5th lines rhyme? The 3rd and 4th lines also rhyme.

  4. Here are some more examples….. There was an Old Man with a beard, Who said, 'It is just as I feared! Two Owls and a Hen, Four Larks and a Wren, Have all built their nests in my beard!’ There once was a girl Selina, who wanted to be a ballerina. She went on her toes, and broke her nose. Then she became cleaner.

  5. Haiku Poems A haiku is a type of Japanese poem. Haikus are 3 lines and the pattern involves syllables. The first line of a haiku has 5 syllables, the 2nd line has 7 syllables, and the 3rd and final line has 5 syllables. Haikus are typically written about nature and the hardly ever rhyme. Here's a Haiku to help you remember: I am first with five Then seven in the middle -- Five again to end.

  6. More examples….. Green and speckled legs, Hop on logs and lily pads Splash in cool water. Spring is in the air Flowers are blooming sky high Children are laughing Snowflakes are our friends They descend when winter comes Making white blankets

  7. Acrostic Poems An acrostic poem is a poem in which special letters spell another word. Most often, the special letters come at the beginning of each line. But they may be placed elsewhere, too. Acrostic poems usually do not rhyme. Panthers growl, Orioles sing, Eagles soar, Monkeys swing. See how the beginning letters of this acrostic poem spell “POEM”?

  8. Examples Great at baking and, Really good at hugs! Awesome at comforting Nice Daring ( in their hearts, most of the time) Merry As nice as they could be! Sweeter than honey! Laughing for every joke. Over all the bad things.Very best relationship.Eternal love.

  9. Free Verse Poems Free Verse poems can have any number of lines. Free verse poems do not rhyme. TACKLE A grizzly bear in shoulder pads, he growls at the line of scrimmage, snarls into the face of the offense and glares into the eyes of the opposing quarterback.

  10. More Examples…… THE JAZZ MAGICIAN He turned his saxophone into a hat of satin and pulled a silky rabbit out of every note. SKYDIVER First step and he swallows the dry, delicious fear of walking on air.

  11. It’s YOUR turn I hope we all had fun looking at and reading the different types of poetry. Now it’s your turn to write your own! Good luck and get creative. I know each and every one of you is an excellent author!