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Mind Mapping

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Mind Mapping. Borrowed with permission from Mrs. Sonny. What is a mind map?. A mind map is a a graphic technique that helps to improve understanding, create clearer thinking and boost memory. You can create a mind map about any topic or subject.

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mind mapping
Mind Mapping
  • Borrowed with permission from Mrs. Sonny
what is a mind map
What is a mind map?
  • A mind map is a a graphic technique that helps to improve understanding, create clearer thinking and boost memory.
  • You can create a mind map about any topic or subject.
  • A mind map allows a person to use a range of cortical skills (word, image, logic, rhythm, color and spatial awareness) to help review a concept.
supplies needed
Supplies Needed
  • Blank unlined paper
  • Markers, colored pencils and crayons
  • Your brain
  • Your imagination!
7 steps of mind maps
7 Steps of Mind Maps
  • There are seven steps to making a mind map....
start in the center
Start in the Center
  • Start in the center of a blank page
  • Turn the page sideways (landscape)
  • Why?...Because starting in the center gives your brain freedom spread out in all directions
central picture
Central Picture
  • Use an image or a picture for your central idea
  • Why?...Because a picture is worth a thousand words and helps you use your imagination
  • A central image is more interesting, keeps you focused and helps you concentrate
  • Use color throughout
  • Why?...Because colors are as exciting to your brain as pictures
  • Color adds more vibrancy and energy to your mind map
connect main branches
Connect Main Branches
  • Connect the main branches to your central image
  • Connect the main level branches to the 2nd level branches; 2nd level branches to the 3rd level branches etc...
  • Why?...Because your brain works by association
  • If you connect branches, you will remember things more easily
curve the branches
Curve the Branches
  • Make the branches curved rather than straight
  • Why?...Because having nothing but straight lines is boring
one key word per line
One Key word per line
  • Use one key word or a short phrase per line
  • Why?...Because single words or phrases gives your brain more power and flexibility
use images throughout
USE Images Throughout
  • Use graphics throughout your mind map
  • Why?...Because a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • 10 images = 10,000 words!
your mind map
YOUR Mind Map
  • Create a mind map about ancient Rome
you must include the following
You MUST include the following...
  • At least 15 pictures
  • At least 6 colors
  • At least 6 main branches
  • At least 2 sub-branches for each main branch
possible topics
Possible Topics
  • Roman Republic
  • Government
  • Choose an emperor
  • Religion
  • Architecture
  • Roman Army
  • Battles or wars
  • Entertainment
  • Artists
  • Early Christians
  • Fall of Rome
  • Legacy of Rome
mind map hints
Mind Map Hints
  • Use color for symbolism
  • Maps are good illustrations
  • You may cut out pics or draw them on your mind map
  • Use your IB Design Cycle - MAKE A PLAN!
any questions
Any Questions?