fy 08 florence sawyer school budget proposal january 25 2007 l.
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FY 08 Florence Sawyer School Budget Proposal January 25, 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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FY 08 Florence Sawyer School Budget Proposal January 25, 2007

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FY 08 Florence Sawyer School Budget Proposal January 25, 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FY 08 Florence Sawyer School Budget Proposal January 25, 2007. NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School. Vision Statement

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FY 08 Florence Sawyer School Budget Proposal January 25, 2007

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fy 08 florence sawyer school budget proposal january 25 2007
FY 08

Florence Sawyer School



January 25, 2007

nashoba florence sawyer school
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School
  • Vision Statement
  • The Florence Sawyer School will prepare students who are motivated learners, have achieved measurable academic success, and have developed a solid foundation that gives them the skills for secondary school success. In addition, we will provide opportunities for students to become socially responsible, contributing citizens.
nashoba florence sawyer school3
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School

School Improvement Plan Goals for SIP 2004-06:

Progress Examples:

  • Curriculum- Full implementation of Scott-Foresman Reading and Everyday Math programs, K-5.
  • Work sampling system, PK-K
  • Use of Learning Styles information, K-8
nashoba florence sawyer school4
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School

Progress Examples from 2004-06 SIP:

  • Updated Portfolios as assessment tool, K-8 and began pilot use of electronic portfolio
  • Continued “Student-Led” Conferences, 5-8
  • Enrichment Programs: Accelerated Reader and Junior Great Books, and “Renzulli Learning” available 3-8
  • Piloted Power Grade as Parent Access tool in Grade 6
nashoba florence sawyer school5
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School

Progress Examples from 2004-06 SIP:

  • Completed annual surveys of parents, students, and staff to help inform programs and SIP
  • Implemented electronic newsletter
  • Continued offering Summer reading and Math assignments
  • Reformed K transition process
nashoba florence sawyer school6
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School

FSS School Council approved a School Improvement Plan for 2006-08:

  • Includes 5 Goals with multiple Objectives and Activities.
  • Goals:
      • To Continually Improve student performance and knowledge in all academic areas.

a. Curriculum b. Instruction c. Assessment

nashoba florence sawyer school7
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School
  • Goals, continued:

2. Foster and sustain educational services that support, enrich, and extend our curriculum for all students.

a. Personalized Learning opportunities to enrich and remediate.

b. Utilize technology to support and enhance curriculum, instruction, and assessment, and to support student enrichment and remediation.

nashoba florence sawyer school8
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School
  • Goals, continued:

3. Strive for a culture of respect throughout the school…

a. Learning opportunities (Health program, school-wide respect program, Conflict resolution)

b. Healthy school environment – health and wellness

nashoba florence sawyer school9
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School
  • Goals, continued:

4. Implement an effective communication plan for all constituents.

Re: student progress, school expectations, educational activities.

5. Provide a safe and nurturing environment.

a. School procedures and culture.

b. Procedures, training, expectations

nashoba florence sawyer school10
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School

Budget development:

  • Outlined the process and timelines to entire staff.
  • Staff teams (Grade level, content, etc.) identified needs based on school, district, and grade level goals and needs.
  • Admin’s met with Teams during CPT or before/ after school; Sub-group meetings (PK-2/ 3-5/ 6-8).
  • Met with individuals as needed.
  • Shared teacher requests with subcommittee of the School Council, staff, subgroups in subsequent meetings.
  • School Council subcommittee presented FSS Request budget to full School Council.
  • Determined needs through recommendations of staff, administrators, and School Council.
  • Met with District administrators and other Cost Centers
nashoba florence sawyer school11
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School

Cost Center Line Overviews/ Non-Salary Accounts:

Contracted Services: (+$5,290)

General Office Supplies: (+$8,623)

Textbooks: (+$3,328)

Gen. Instructional Supp.: (+$5,082)

Music Supplies: (+$1,425)

nashoba florence sawyer school12
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School

Non Salary Site Based Accounts:

P.E. Supplies: (+$663)

Art Supplies: (+$123)

Instructional Tech: (+$3,760)

Library Books…: (+$1,600)

Guidance Supplies: (+ $66)

Library-Media Supp: (+ $350)

nashoba florence sawyer school13
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School

Non-Salary Site Based Accounts:

Professional Dev.: (+$11,812)

Other Expenses: (- $ 359)

504 Compliance: ( $ 0)

Library-Media Other: (+$2,000)

Total: (+$43,763)

nashoba florence sawyer school14
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School
  • FY 08 Budget Request Initiatives:
    • Maintain Student-Teacher ratios at District recommended levels.
    • Look to provide more true activity time through Physical Education expansion: 3 x 6 (every other day to continue to build on the health initiatives).
    • Implement plan for increased involvement of Librarian in Classroom research projects with the upgrading of Instructional Aide to Assistant.
nashoba florence sawyer school15
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School
  • Additional Support with a M.S. Math Coach/ PK-5 Enrichment Teacher for:
    • Students in need of extra support
    • Student Enrichment in all Subject Areas
    • Math Support, Grouping Practices, Co-Teaching
  • Inst. Supplies: Support Teaching Materials:
    • Everyday Math
    • Instructional Materials for ELA, SS, Sci
    • Classroom supplies
nashoba florence sawyer school16
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School
  • Increased Professional Development – to support District/ FSS initiatives: Define our Assessment System that defines the Standards being taught and supports differentiated learning.
  • Classroom moves for the most effective use of instructional space with PK-2, 3-5, and 6-8 being housed together.
nashoba florence sawyer school17
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School
  • Continue to provide technology tools that enhance the educational experience for students and provide a quality instructional tool for all staff.
  • Support staff initiatives based on PD, data, and research such as the work being done on “Building Academic Vocabulary”.
nashoba florence sawyer school18
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School
  • Summarize FY 07 New Initiatives
    • Health has been implemented as planned in grades K-8
    • Have continued to offer quality Extra curricular activities- clubs, intramural sports, extracurricular athletics
    • Continued to implement our Science, Technology and Engineering program, 5-8 – Co-taught with Gr. 5 Science teachers; opportunities for connections 6-8 with Science.
    • Instructional Coaches- Are working actively with teachers in classrooms, as part of our Site-based PD planning subcommittee, in enhancing instructional practice of classroom differentiation, PK-8.
nashoba florence sawyer school19
NASHOBA – Florence Sawyer School


Our PK-8 structure allows us to be unique within the district, yet able to coordinate at the early childhood (PK-8), elementary (3-5), and middle (6-8) with our colleagues. The School Council supports the goals, objectives, and activities which are consistent with the school and district missions. Financial support through the budget process enables our PK-8 culture to thrive.