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Announcements . Adoration: Friday First Exam: Tues Sept 7 th Old Testament –Tower of Babel HW: Read pp. 68-80/answer RQ p. 83. Chapter 4: The Early World The Flood . The Flood . God wants to start over with Noah and his family Noah takes animals/family onto Ark

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  • Adoration: Friday
  • First Exam: Tues Sept 7th
    • Old Testament –Tower of Babel
  • HW: Read pp. 68-80/answer RQ p. 83
the flood
The Flood
  • God wants to start over with Noah and his family
  • Noah takes animals/family onto Ark
  • 7 days later –flood hits
  • 40 days/40 nights –rain
  • 150 days –ark lands on Mt. Ararat
  • Altar built to sacrifice to God
the flood1
The Flood
  • Covenant with Noah –Rainbow
    • God:
      • Will give earth to have dominion over
      • Will not flood the earth again
    • Noah:
      • Will take care of the earth, sacrifice to God
did the whole earth flood
Did the Whole Earth Flood?

Catholic Answer: No!

“Neither Sacred Scripture nor universal ecclesiastical tradition, nor again scientific considerations, render it advisable to adhere to the opinion that the Flood covered the whole surface of the earth.”

New Advent Encyclopedia

noah the new adam
Noah –The New Adam
  • Given authority over animals
  • Commanded to be fruitful an multiply
  • Second major covenant
        • Extended to family
flood baptism
Flood = Baptism
  • Flood –washed away the sinful world
    • Baptism –washes away our sins
effects of baptism
Effects of Baptism
  • Forgives __________/personal sins (adult)
  • Sacramental Grace
    • God lives within
    • Enables holiness
  • Initiation into the Church
  • Indelible Mark
    • Stamp –you belong to God
    • Enables us to be like Christ
effects of baptism1
Effects of Baptism
  • Priest, Prophet, and King
    • Priest
      • Offering ourselves as sacrifices to _______
    • Prophet
      • Teach others about God
    • King
      • Loving service of others
      • Dominion over _______
after the flood
After the Flood
  • Noah plants a _____________.
  • Three Sons:
      • Shem (“name”)
      • Ham
      • Japheth
  • Noah gets drunk/sleeps naked in the tent
after the flood1
After the Flood
  • Ham sees his father naked
    • Meaning:
      • Dishonored His father
        • Son of Ham dishonored Noah?
      • He slept with his mother
how do we know this
How Do We Know This?
  • Dishonoring his Father:
    • “to look upon his/her nakedness”
    • Lev 18: 6-18; 20: 17
  • Incest:
    • To gain power within the Family
      • In retaliation for favoritism to younger siblings
noah curses canaan
Noah Curses Canaan
  • Ham is NOT cursed
  • Ham’s Son –Canaan
    • Son of Union
    • Father of nation known for maternal incest
scripture reflection write in complete thoughtful sentences
Scripture ReflectionWrite in complete, thoughtful sentences.

Read Genesis 9: 20-29

  • Do you think Noah should at all be partially blamed for what happened? Why?
  • Why do you think Ham “dishonored his father (Noah)?
  • What do you think Ham’s brothers thought of him when Ham told them what he had done?
  • What do you think is the overall message/Truth that God, through the SS author, is trying to convey to us today?
  • What question(s) do you have for:
    • Ham
    • Noah
    • God
shem is blessed by noah
Shem is Blessed by Noah
  • Shem (and Japheth)
    • CoveredNoah
    • Firstborn
      • Servants chosen by wisdom –Not societal rules
  • Family becomes foundation for people of God
section after genesis 10
Section After Genesis 10
  • “Table of Nations”
    • Tells which nations came from Noah’s sons
  • Descendants of Canaan (Ham’s son)
  • Become the enemies of Israelites
    • Egypt, Canaan, Philistia, Assyria, Babylon
    • Why?
      • Differences in religion/morality
      • Family at war (Shem vs. Ham’s descendants)
ham s other descendants
Ham’s Other Descendants
  • Become the enemies of God
the tower of babel
The Tower of Babel
  • Descendants of Ham
  • Tower to reach Heaven
  • Plain of Shinar/Mesopotamia (Iraq)
the tower of babel1
The Tower of Babel
  • Why?
    • To make a name (shem) for themselves
      • Rebelling against Shem’s authority
      • Think they can reach Heaven WITHOUT God
        • The Righteous praises God’s name, NOT their own
  • God intervenes
    • Confuses their language
    • Tower is not built –city of Babylon
    • City remains a symbol of decadence and evil
truths to learn
Truths to Learn
  • Humanity can do NOTHING without the help of _____________
  • Sin causes the breakdown of ___________