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China Healthcare Market Overview and Coland Development Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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China Healthcare Market Overview and Coland Development Strategy

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China Healthcare Market Overview and Coland Development Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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China Healthcare Market Overview and Coland Development Strategy. Coland Holdings Limited CEO Leo Lee 2014 . 3.6. Coland Development Strategy. 2. China Healthcare Market Overview. 1. In 2013, China's population exceeded 1.36 billion - 1/5 of world total

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china healthcare market overview and coland development strategy

China Healthcare Market Overview and ColandDevelopment Strategy

ColandHoldings LimitedCEOLeo Lee



Coland Development Strategy


China Healthcare Market Overview



In 2013, China's population exceeded 1.36 billion - 1/5 of world total

(India-1.24 billion, U.S-320 million, Total 7 billion world Population)

China's GDP per capita is USD$6,824 - 7.1% annual growth

(Doubling GDP in 7 years - the fastest country in the world

2012 China’s total health expenditure to GDP reached 5.57%, 0.42% increase from prior year

(Brazil 8.8%, South Africa 9.2%, Russia 5.6%, India 4.2%)

In 2013 the total value of China's medical industry reached RMB 2.17 trillion

(Estimated in 2015 to reach 3 trillion, average annual growth rate of 18%)

2013 China's average life expectancy is 76 , the elderly population exceeded 200 million

(Expected in 2020 will reach 243 million/ in 2025 will exceed 300 million

china s health care market will continue to grow rapidly
China's health care market will continue to grow rapidly
  • By 2020, as result of accelerated aging process , % of population with age 50+ will rise to 33% from 24% in 2010
  • The reported events of chronic diseases will continuously to rise. By 2020, it’s estimated 1/3 of adults will experience with high blood pressure, and 1/10 will be diagnosed with diabetes.
  • The number of mid-class and affluent group will drastically increase, the urbanization process in small/med-size cities will also stimulate the demand for better medical services
  • At present, China has achieved basic universal health care coverage, and future medical plan will continue to expand a broader range of therapeutic areas.
  • By 2020, China's health care spending will remain 14% of CAGR; the proportion of medical expenditure as % GDP from rise from 5.57% in 2012 to nearly 7%.
  • The expected future growth rate will become slower than 2008-2011 (~20% range), the growth trend still impressive

Source: Southern Medical Economic Institute, "China Medicine Economic operation of the system."

dynamics in china s health care market
Dynamics in China’s Health Care Market

Source: 2012 China Health Statistics Yearbook; National Food and Drug Administration;

national health and birth control committees People's Republic of China

Foreign manufacturers withdraw from Essential-drug market: The tender process at provincial level will phase out favorable treatment in foreign original drugs. As results of regulated lower price, foreign manufacturers will gradually to withdraw from low-end drug-market , domestic-produced medicine will accelerate import substitution.

The original drugs’ patent will be expired and price will be substantially reduced, and the price gap between domestic generic drugs to be reduced 30% or even lower in the next couple years.

In the near future, only first-released or genuine generic drugs or clinically differentiated medicines will benefit from differential pricing - the incentives offered by NDRC.

CFDA issued a series of new GMP regulations, requiring drug manufacturers to be certified and completed in registration prior to end of 2015.

The government introduced policies to support innovative local companies, by providing financial support for R&D businesses with independent IP rights, speeding up review process, encouraging the adoption of industry consolidation, which witnessed by large state-owned pharmaceutical companies to lead the integration and restructuring of China's pharmaceutical industry.

china s health care market segmentation
China’s Health Care Market Segmentation

Source: 2012, Statistics China, People's Republic of China national health and

birth control committee; National Food and Drug Administration?


The city-level hospitals will account for 50% of total market growth in 2011-2020, which will remain as major battlefield for pharmaceutical companies

The county-level hospitals will become increasingly important. The government will continue to increases funding to finance new infrastructure, physician training, professional competence development in county hospitals; the government has also introduced types of insurance reimbursement policies to encourage “treatment in local hospitals“, wide-spreading local medical hospitals, such as community/rural health centers.

china s medical device market status quo
China’s Medical Device Market – Status Quo

Source: China Medical Association, "2013 China Medical Devices Industry Development Blue Book"

China’s medical device market size has increased to 212 Billion in 2013, up from 17.9 Billion in 2001. By removing price factor, the increase has more than 10 times in the past 12 years.

Medical device as % of total healthcare market size: 42% Worldwide, <20% in China

Medical device cost per capita: U.S. $329 / person, China $13 / person

development of innovative medical device market
Development of innovative medical device market

"Medical Devices Regulations" amended to adjust the product registration and licensing order to change production sites, will be converted to first register and then apply for license.

New GMP requires all Class III medical

device must meet requirements by 2015,

completed by end 2017

New GSP regulated

procurement, acceptance,

Storage, transportation,

sales, after-sales service,

and other business sectors,

tracking traceability.

  • February 7, CFDA introduction of "innovative medical devices special approval process (Trial)", with early intervention, the person responsible for approval of scientific principles without lowering the standards, the program does not reduce under the premise of innovative medical devices to be given priority.
      • 2. by the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Planning Commission are working together to develop Guardian "industrial revitalization and transformation projects", the entire special support fund of 15 million RMB, is expected to receive individual enterprises - more than 10million RMB support funds.

Innovative products with industry support efforts

Regulatory amendments to facilitate industrydevelopment

  • Oversea M&A and speed up localization for business expansion
  • Innovative ideas brought new market expansion

2012 China wearable

device Market size reached

610 million RMB, is expected

2015 China wearable devices

Market size will exceed 10 billion

To 11.49 billion RMB

Health-themed wearable devices

has recently been gradually increasing,

wearable device products some can collect information including: blood pressure, heart rate and other signs of information, also use "chronobiology" analysis method, based on the physical condition, proposed detailed, personalized medical programs.

1. 2013, the Mindray takeover of U.S. ultra

Sound giant ZONARE, Fosun Pharmaceutical close                           purchased Israeli company Alma to enter the medical

  device market,

Weichuang medical acquired U.S.

                     Wright Medical orthopedic operations.

   2. local companies expand overseas mergers and acquisitions and expand business scope abroad.

the rise of ivd market
The Rise of IVD Market


"Long-term Scientific and Technological Development Rules (2006-2020)", "the State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries" are included in the key biological detection technologies and strategic industry development in September 2010.

Preventive, Predictive, Personalized, Participatory (4P) medical approach will replace traditional therapy-lead diagnosed approach

In 2010, the global IVD market size exceeded USD$40 billion, China IVD market approximated

RMB$15 billion (USD$ 250 million). In 2014, the global IVD market size has projected up to USD$50 billion, China IVD market could grow to RMB$25 billion.

IVD consumption per capita is only USD$1.5 in China, while in developed countries reached USD$25-30.

Source: McEvoy & Farmer,2010

Source:McEvoy & Farmer《China’s IVD Market(2011) 》

the molecular diagnostic market grows rapidly
The molecular diagnostic market grows rapidly

Global Molecular Diagnostics product

Sales & Sales (%)

The global molecular diagnostic market grows rapidly, which accounted for 2% in 1995 of IVD market share, up to 10 percent in 2009, its growth has exceeded 10% per annum, of which the China’s market has reached 20%+.

Molecular diagnostic products are used in the diagnosis of clinical subjects, such as cancer, infection, genetic and other applications proportion of 74% is applied to all other medical, technical services, third-party testing and rapid detection of microorganisms and other markets.

future trend in china s pharmaceutical industry
Future Trend in China’s Pharmaceutical Industry

Quality Management

International Competitiveness

Increase in Total Size

Increase in Concentration

  • 200+ generic drugs will be registered and put into sales in developing countries
  • Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition will establish common standards, including standards spectral library
  • Implementation of the new GMP practices
  • The Concentration of top 100 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers 2011: 44.2%2015: 50%+
  • Gross output in Pharmaceutical industry
  • 2011:RMB1.5707 Trillion
  • 2015:RMB 3+ Trillion
  • Pharmaceutical industry as % of GDP2011: 3.28%2015: 5.2%






Coland Development Strategy


China Healthcare Market Overview


value creation coland style
Value Creation - Coland Style

We are a healthcare firm that, while listed in Taiwan, is firmly rooted in China. We have a deep understanding of the healthcare market and we excel in the areas of product development and brand marketing.

Our superior performance is led by an industry-leading MNC-experienced, senior management team. We recruit only the best local talent.

Coland uses its market insights to choose specialty products in targeted markets, effectively launching them with our outstanding partners via our integrated commercialization platform.

our mission
Our Mission

To introduce superior pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and IVD reagents into the market.

To be the catalyst that enables our partners and their products to fully realize their potential.

To create value for our employees and shareholders through continuous growth.

development strategy
Development Strategy

We have strengthened our market presence and increasedour product offering through product in-licensing, co-development, strategic investment, JV, and M&A






Heilongjiang TongZe


Hefei Guozhen

Suzhou Microclear

East-Asia Pharma


Zhejiang Jianfeng



Product in-licensing/Co-development

Strategic investment






Taiwan Biotech

Hainan Jinrui

HC Bios

pipeline planning
Pipeline Planning
  • Hepatitis
  • Respiratory
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cardiovascular
  • Oncology
  • Orthopedic
  • Medical Devices
  • Dental
  • Ophthalmology
  • IVD reagents
  • Oncology
new products in 2014
New Products in 2014

*Generic name : Ursodeoxycholicacid

our vision
Our Vision

To build the most valuable healthcare commercialization platform, maximizing its value to human beings and shareholders now and in the future.

Rooted in China, Expanding to Asia, possessing a global view


Thank You !


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