Chapter 1 the american people
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Chapter 1 The American People - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 1 The American People. What is Civics?. The study of the rights and duties of citizenship. A Nation of Immigrants section 1. Early Immigration 1600’s French and English Immigrants to North America 1700’s German, Nordic, Irish, Scottish, Swedish joined Enslaved Africans

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Chapter 1 the american people

  • The study of the rights and duties of citizenship

A nation of immigrants section 1
A Nation of Immigrantssection 1

  • Early Immigration

    • 1600’s French and English Immigrants to North America

    • 1700’s German, Nordic, Irish, Scottish, Swedish joined

  • Enslaved Africans

    • 1619-1808—more than 500,000 people brought to America

  • After Independence

    • 1830-1850--600,000 European’s to the U.S.

    • 1860-1890—10,000,000 European’s to the U.S.

A nation of immigrants
A Nation of Immigrants

  • A Shift in Immigration

    • 1890-1924—22,000,000 European, Italian, Grecian, Polish, Russian

    • TODAY’s Greatest Shift in Ethnic Immigration???

Diverse population
Diverse Population

  • Ethnic or Racial Backgrounds

  • Religious Diversity

  • Traditions

Immigration transforming american economy
Immigration Transforming American economy???

  • Rural to Urban

    • $$$$

  • Population increase from Northeast to Southern/Western areas

  • Manufacturing to Service Economy

    • Providing a service v.s. working in industry

American values
American Values

  • Basic Values

    • Freedom, Equality, Opportunity, Justice, Democracy, Unity, Respect, and Tolerance.

  • Shared Values

    • Builds Unity Among Citizens

      • Ex. Declaration of Independence and Language (English for now) Can population change that?

American institutions
American Institutions


    • Think of your Family---they Represent you and who you will become because they instill VALUES into you

  • Religious Institutions

    • Promote social unity and provide meaning to life

  • Educational Institutes

    • Promote personal growth and development

      • Is it important to have an educated population? Should we value education?

  • Social Institutes

    • Places to share common values

      • Ex. Clubs, volunteer organizations

      • Where and who you surround yourself with defines who you are?

Who are america s citizens section 2
Who are America’s Citizens?Section 2

  • Birth

    • Born in one of the 50 states/District of Columbia

    • Native Americans—1924

    • Born in American Territory

      • Ex. Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Military Base

    • Parent(s) are American Citizens But Born While Parents Living In Another Country

      • Dual Citizenship????

Who are america s citizens
Who are America’s Citizens?

  • Naturalization

    • Immigrants who plan to permanently move to the U.S.

    • File a Declaration of Intention with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service

    • Live in U.S. for 5 years (3 if married to U.S. Citizen)

    • File Application for Interview and Examination

      • Are you of good character?

      • Do you know your U.S. History and Government facts?

    • Oath of Allegiance

      • Loyalty to Country and Constitution

Loss of citizenship
Loss Of Citizenship???

  • Denaturalization

    • Loss of citizenship after fraud or deception

      • Ex. Nazi’s after the war

  • Expatriation

    • You choose to become a citizen of another country (voluntary) or your parents choose for you (Involuntary) when moving!

  • Punishment for a Crime

    • Federal Crime

      • Treason, rebellion, attempts or plans to overthrow government

Aliens in america
Aliens in America


Aliens in america1
Aliens in America

  • Illegal Aliens

    • 12 million in U.S.

    • Temporary visitors who never left

      • Deportation (sent back)

    • Crossing the Boarder (Mexico or Canada)

      • United States Boarder Patrol responsibility to detect and prevent illegal entry

Aliens in america2
Aliens in America

  • Legal Aliens

    • Resident from foreign country who established permanent resident without being a citizen

      • Job takes them to U.S. to work---ex. Journalist

      • Pay taxes, attend public school, own property

      • DO NOT HAVE political rights—Voting or Run for office

What does the government do section 3
What Does the Government Do? Section 3

  • Keep order

    • Ex. Enforce Laws

  • Provide Security

    • Ex. Armed Forces…Jacksonville goes way beyond the call of Duty???

Government duty
Government Duty

  • Provide Public Service

    • Ex. Hospitals, Libraries, and SCHOOLS!!!

  • Guide the Community

    • Ex. Creating a budget or plan for collecting and spending money

Levels of government
LEVELS of government

  • National Government

    • Highest level of authority—state/local governments cannot make laws that would go against them!!!

  • State AND Local Government

    • counties/cities/towns

Types of governments
Types of Governments

  • Democratic

    • Democracy created by the GREEKS!!!

    • ‘the people vote’—literally every single citizen votes on matters!!!

      • Issue??? BIG POPULATION

Types of governments1
Types of Governments

  • Republic

    • Representative Democracy created by the Romans!!!

    • ‘the people of the people vote’---citizens choose their representatives

Types of governments2
Types of Governments

  • Constitutional Monarchy

    • Not a Complete Monarchy

    • Ex. Great Britain Today

Democratic principles
Democratic Principles

  • Voting and Democracy

    • Free, Fair, Competitive Elections

      • Ex. ‘One Person, One Vote’

  • Voters Have Choices

    • Candidates because competition is good for the soul!

  • Majority Rule

    • Created by French Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Authoritarian government
Authoritarian Government

  • Absolute Monarchy

    • Unlimited Authority/Unrestricted

      • Ex. European Leaders Born (inherited) into ‘Kinghood’

  • Dictatorship

    • Take Power By Force rather than inherit

    • Limit freedoms of speech, assembly, and press

      • Ex. Fidel Castro of Cuba, China

  • Totalitarianism

    • Control in every aspect of citizens lives—What you believe, what you think

      • Ex. Nazi Germany, North Korea