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Expanding 4-H Opportunities

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4-H 101 CES Staff Development Series Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 10:00 a.m. Steve McKinley Carl Broady mckinles@purdue.edu broady@purdue.edu 765-494-8435 765-494-8435. Expanding 4-H Opportunities. To access PowerPoint slides, visit:.

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expanding 4 h opportunities

4-H 101

CES Staff Development Series

Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 10:00 a.m.

Steve McKinley Carl Broady


765-494-8435 765-494-8435

Expanding 4-H Opportunities

to access powerpoint slides visit
To access PowerPoint slides, visit:
  • U: drive, “State YDAE” file folder, then “4-H 101” file folder
  • “Save as”, then close to allow others to access the file
  • Lower left hand corner of your screen

To ask questions during presentation, type in the Chat box:

4 h 101 series
4-H 101 Series
  • 4-H Purpose, History, and Structure (10/15/09)
  • Effectively Utilizing Volunteers (11/10/09)
  • Starting and Maintaining 4-H Clubs (12/10/09)
  • Expanding 4-H Opportunities (1/12/10)
  • Working with 4-H Parents (2/18/10)
  • Characteristics of Positive Youth Development & Life Skill Development (3/9/10)
  • Share opportunities to complement the 4-H Club experience.
  • Discuss core beliefs of recognition.
  • Describe the National 4-H Recognition Model.
  • Identify steps to prepare judges for the judging process.
4 h scholarships
4-H Scholarships
  • Indiana 4-H Foundation - Grade 12 applicants; for any post secondary education
  • 4-H Accomplishment - Grade 10-12 applicants; project related
  • State 4-H Club - Grade 12, based in part on financial need, students at Purdue in College of Agriculture or Consumer and Family Sciences
4 h scholarships1
4-H Scholarships
  • Applications due to County Extension Office by January 15; application information on State 4-H Web site: http://www.four-h.purdue.edu/ind_4h/scholarships.cfm
  • Sample applications available on U: drive (State YDAE-Shared 4-H Scholarship files)
key club award
Key Club Award
  • Award to recognize members for their tenure and participation in the 4-H Program.
  • Members who have at least a 5-year tenure and who are 4-H Jr. Leaders may apply.
  • Application forms are due to State 4-H Office by June 15.
operation military kids omk
Operation: Military Kids (OMK)
  • State 4-H Office Contacts:
    • Judy Hauser(jhauser@purdue.edu, 765-494-9516)
    • Steve McKinley (mckinles@purdue.edu, 765-494-8435)
  • OMK e-mail address: omk@ydae.purdue.edu
operation military kids omk1
Operation: Military Kids (OMK)
  • OMK Goal:
    • Provide support to military children and their families through a network of community resources before, during, and after deployment.
  • Delivered in local communities in 49 states through a national collaboration of U.S. Army Child, Youth, & School Services, 4-H, and other community agencies serving youth.
operation military kids omk2
Operation: Military Kids (OMK)
  • Primary Components
    • Speak Out for Military Kids (SOMK)
    • Hero Packs
    • Mobile Technology Lab (MTL)
    • Activities for children
    • Funding for county-sponsored events
operation military kids omk3
Operation: Military Kids (OMK)
  • How can your County help?
    • Establish a County OMK Team
    • Apply for funding for a county-sponsored event
    • Assemble and write letters for Hero Packs
    • Schedule the MTL at an event
    • Invite Military Youth to join 4-H Clubs
    • Adopt a Military Family or Soldier
    • Plan an event for Military Families
    • Write letters to local Soldiers
natural resources
Natural Resources
  • Contact: Dr. Natalie Carroll, ncarroll@purdue.edu
  • Indiana State Museum hosts the Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show in late October.


  • Beekeeping Essay contest
    • Sponsored by the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc.
    • Any 4-H member may apply
  • Young Beekeeper of the Year Award Program
    • Sponsored by the Indiana Beekeepers Assoc.
    • Any youth involved in beekeeping may apply
  • Information is generally available in June/July
career development events
Career Development Events
  • Wildlife Habitat Evaluation – high school teams only, October 16, 2010
  • Entomology, Area qualification required, State Event December 11, 2010
  • Forestry, Area qualification required, State Event December 11, 2010
  • Crops, Area qualification required, State Event December 11, 2010
other career development events
Other Career Development Events
  • Meats, Dairy Foods – January 30, 2010
  • Horse & Pony – May 1, 2010
  • Livestock, Poultry, Dairy – May 22, 2010
  • Horticulture – TBA
  • Livestock Skill-a-Thon – September 25, 2010
  • Soils –October 30, 2010
  • Link to 4-H/FFA Judging Handbook:
    • http://www.four-h.purdue.edu/cde/index.cfm#
  • Livestock Judging Camps
    • Practice judging and giving oral reasons on all species for coaches and students
    • January 23 & February 20
    • Ivy Tech College, Lafayette
    • Coordinator: Andrea Schwartz – aschwartz1@ivytech.edu
  • Look for upcoming Livestock Invitational Judging Contests (and other Judging events) to be held around the state at: http://www.indianaaged.org/InvitationalCDEDates.htm
  • Junior Pork Day
    • Any youth interested in learning more about the Swine industry
    • Saturday, March 6
    • Lilly Hall, Purdue University
    • Contact: Kyle Culp – culp@purdue.edu
state 4 h horse and pony program opportunities
State 4-H Horse and Pony Program Opportunities
  • Contact: Dr. Colleen Brady, bradyc@purdue.edu
  • Link below will take you to an Adobe Connect video of a presentation at the 2009 State Horse and Pony Volunteer conference describing and explaining State-wide opportunities in the 4-H Horse Program.
  • https://gomeet.itap.purdue.edu/p30301550/
2010 in 4 h horse and pony calendar of events
2010 IN 4-H Horse and Pony Calendar of Events
  • January 23- Beginning Horse Judging Camp
  • Feb. 20- Intermediate Horse Judging Camp
  • March 6- Advanced Horse Judging Camp
  • March 10- deadline for Horse Fair and State Contests Entries-Purdue
  • March 26-27- State Horse Bowl, Hippology, Public Speaking, Demonstrations-Purdue
  • April 9,10,11- Hoosier Horse Fair, Indiana State Fairgrounds

Details available from your county extension office, or


2010 in 4 h horse and pony calendar of events1
2010 IN 4-H Horse and Pony Calendar of Events
  • May 1- State Horse Judging Contest-Danville, IN
  • June 9-11- Animal Science Workshop for Youth- Horse Workshop-Purdue
  • June 14-18- State 4-H Horsemanship Camp- Danville, IN
  • August 6-13- Indiana State Fair Horse Show-Indiana State Fairgrounds
  • October TBA- State HP Volunteer Conference
  • November 12-14-Multi State Judges School, Indiana

Details available from your county extension office, or


junior master gardener jmg
Junior Master Gardener (JMG)
  • Contact: Dr. Kathryn Orvis, orvis@purdue.edu
  • Mission: To grow good kids by igniting a passion for learning, success, and service through a unique gardening education.
  • Participants include school groups, youth outreach programs, summer camps, afterschool programs.
  • Training offered for teachers and leaders to offer JMG.
junior master gardener jmg1
Junior Master Gardener (JMG)
  • Curriculum includes broad range of horticultural and environmental education topics.
  • Science process skills, observation, taking measurements, and problem solving are integrated.
  • Curriculum is tied to academic standards for science, math, language arts, and social studies.
  • Learn more at www.jmgkids.us.
4 h trips workshops conferences

4-H Trips, Workshops, & Conferences

Applications available at State 4-H Web site: www.four-h.purdue.edu

national 4 h conference
National 4-H Conference
  • March 20th- March 25th, 2010 in Washington, D.C. for members in grades 10-12
  • Meet 4-H members from across the nation and experience leadership training
  • Application due December 1st
purdue science workshops
Purdue Science Workshops
  • Aerospace
  • Ambassador
  • Computer
  • Engineering
  • Entomology
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Plant
  • Mission to Mars
  • Animal
    • Aquatic
    • Beef
    • Dairy Cattle
    • Dairy Goat
    • Horse
    • Poultry
    • Rabbit
    • Sheep
    • Swine
    • Veterinary Science – separate large & small animal tracks

Wednesday, June 9 – Friday, June 11, Purdue University, grades 9-12 completed; subjects offered:

state 4 h jr leader conference
State 4-H Jr. Leader Conference
  • June 15th-18th, 2010, University of Indianapolis
  • Jr. Leaders who have completed Grades 9-12
  • Includes:
    • Skill Sessions
    • State Park Group meetings
    • Keynote Speaker
    • General Sessions
    • Skit night
    • Recreation
    • Dance
  • For more information, visit: http://www.four-h.purdue.edu/sjlc
electric workshop
Electric Workshop
  • June 18th-20th, 2010, Purdue University
  • For members in Division III or above
  • Opportunities:
    • Wire switches and receptacles or an entire 4-way circuit using a computerized wiring program.
    • Wire (hands-on) switches and receptacles, both two and three-way.
    • Design and build a magnetic powered flashlight.
    • Learn how to use the various meters to measure electrical current, voltage and resistance.
    • Build an electronic "Decision Maker.“
    • Robotics track offered.
4 h round up
4-H Round-Up
  • Monday, June 21-Wednesday, June 23, Purdue University, grades 7-9 completed
  • Live in a Purdue Residence Hall, meet youth from across Indiana, and attend career exploration sessions.
state 4 h band
State 4-H Band
  • June 19th-21st, 2010 at Purdue University
  • Performance at 4-H Round-Up
  • Written application includes a recommendation by band director and/or instrument instructor.
  • 4-H Band is for youth who are in grades 9-12.
state 4 h chorus
State 4-H Chorus
  • June 19th- 23rd, 2010 at Purdue University
  • Performances at 4-H Round-Up and at the Indiana State Fair
  • Written application includes a recommendation by a vocal and/or choral instructor.
  • 4-H Chorus is for youth who are in grades 9-12.
citizenship washington focus
Citizenship Washington Focus
  • June 26- July 3rd,Washington, D.C.
  • Must be at least 15 years old
  • Experience the nation’s capitol by taking tours, visiting dignitaries and lawmakers, and seeing some of our country’s most beautiful sites.
state fair youth leadership conference
State Fair Youth Leadership Conference
  • August 3rd-8th, 2010, Indiana State Fair and Indiana School for the Deaf
  • Youth who have completed Grades 9-12
  • During the Conference:
    • Help with the Indiana State Fair
    • Debate mock legislation at Indiana State House
    • Prepare meal for State Fair Directors
    • Scavenger Hunts, Dance, etc…
    • For more information, visit: www.four-h.purdue.edu/isfyl/
national 4 h dairy conference
National 4-H Dairy Conference
  • September 26th- September 30th, 2010
  • Held in Madison, WI for members 10th grade and above
state fair 4 h exhibit building workers
State Fair 4-H Exhibit Building Workers
  • 4-H members at least 15 years old by the start of work
  • End of July through the end of the Indiana State Fair (full and part-time positions available)
  • Assist with 4-H Exhibit Building set-up, check-in, judging, tear-down, and public relations with fair-goers.
  • Applications due April 1.
indiana 4 h youth congress
Indiana 4-H Youth Congress
  • October 2th, 2010
  • For members in Grades 8-12
  • Indiana State Fairgrounds
  • Experience leadership and essential skills training with 4-H members from across Indiana.
  • Keynote speakers
  • Luncheon honoring 4-H Accomplishment Scholarship winners
national 4 h congress
National 4-H Congress
  • November 26th– November 30th, 2010
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Students in Grades 9-12
  • Selection via state application process due January 15.
state fair achievement trip
State Fair Achievement Trip
  • October 27th- October 31st, 2010, Washington, D.C.
  • Award trip sponsored by Indiana State Fair Board
  • Delegates are winners from…
    • Public Speaking/Demonstration
    • Fashion Revue
    • Tractor Driving
    • Bicycle Rodeo
    • State 4-H/FFA Career Development Events
    • Rabbit and Poultry Illustrated Talks
    • Rabbit Ambassadors

One Million New Scientists. One Million New Ideas.™

  • Only 18 percent of US high school seniors are proficient in science (NAEP 2005). 5% of current US college graduates earn science, engineering, or technology degrees compared to 66% in Japan and 59% in China.
  • America faces a crisis in its ability to keep up with increasing demand for professionals trained in these fields.

4-H’s response to this need

    • 4-H National Youth Science Day
    • Biofuels Blast
    • Soy Sensation
    • Existing 4-H Project Manuals and Workshops



4-H is committed to the physical, mental and emotional health of our nation's youth so they may lead healthy and productive lives into adulthood.

  • By 2014, 4-H will expand participation to 2.75M youth involved in healthy living opportunities.
  • Healthy Living includes eating habits, physical fitness, capacity to recognize and direct emotions, and development of positive social interactions and relationships.


  • 4-H places an emphasis on the importance of young people being engaged, well-informed citizens.  
  • By connecting to their communities and leaders, youth understand their role in civic affairs and are able to expand their role in decision-making processes.  
  • Civic engagement provides the foundation that helps youth understand the big picture of life and learn the skill sets that will allow them to become wise leaders for the 21st century.


recognizing 4 h member accomplishments
Recognizing 4-H Member Accomplishments
  • Important part of 4-H experience for youth and adults.
  • Can take on many forms.
  • Based on a number of beliefs…
core recognition beliefs
Core Recognition Beliefs
  • Recognition is a basic human need.
  • Recognition should be designed to build self-esteem.
  • Balance intrinsic and extrinsic recognition.
  • All members need recognition of their efforts.
  • Recognition is more meaningful if given soon after it is earned.
core recognition beliefs1
Core Recognition Beliefs
  • Appropriate recognition depends on…
    • Stage of development
    • Past experiences
    • Family lifestyle
    • Community and cultural heritage
  • Provide opportunities for self-assessment and reflection
  • Members should be able to exercise individual choices in learning and participation and be recognized accordingly.
national 4 h recognition model
National 4-H Recognition Model
  • Acknowledges positive learning behaviors in young people.
  • Based on youth’s involvement, participation, and/or efforts.
  • Identifies recognition for individuals and groups.
  • Designed to meet needs, interests, and aspirations of youth from different backgrounds.


5 approaches to recognition
5 approaches to recognition…

1. Participation in educational experiences

  • Simple, well-publicized requirements
  • Appropriate for 4-H members’ abilities
  • Need not be expensive, but valued by member
5 approaches to recognition1
5 approaches to recognition…

2. Progress toward self-set goals

  • Realistic and reachable
  • Developed by member with adult guidance
  • Evaluation measured against goals

3. Achieving standards of excellence

  • Clearly defined standards established by experts
  • Measures quality against rating categories
5 approaches to recognition2
5 approaches to recognition…

4. Excelling in peer competition

  • Needs rules and procedures
  • High risk, but may be strong motivator
  • Not for children under 9

5. Excellence in cooperation

  • Mutually agreed upon group goals; encourages working together
  • Recognizes all members of a group
tips for award selection
Tips for Award Selection
  • Select awards appropriate for the age of your members and valued by them.
    • e.g., ribbons or buttons for 9- to 11-year-olds; cash, t-shirts for older members
  • Select awards related to the learning experience
    • e.g., water crocks, grooming tools, tack equipment at animal workshops
tips for award selection1
Tips for Award Selection
  • Correctly use the 4-H name and emblem.
  • Avoid using the same award repeatedly for the same program or different programs.
  • Media recognition (press releases, photographs, etc.) enhances awards.
project judging
Project Judging
  • Provides feedback
  • Reinforces efforts
  • Encourages learning
  • Most effective in one-on-one setting – Open/Conference/Interview Judging
conference judging
Conference Judging
  • Judge and exhibitor discuss the project together (WITHOUT the parent’s help!)
  • Focus on the learning experiences of the member
  • Judge must be able to interact well with youth and be familiar with project
  • Judge should consider age of member, skill level, special circumstances, and opportunities for future growth
judges preparation
Judges’ Preparation
  • Insure adequate preparation of the judges
  • Share standards and requirements of projects
  • Review judging guidelines specific to project and/or county
  • Provide copy of “Judging 4-H Projects” (4-H-567-W); http://www.ces.purdue.edu/extmedia/4H/4-H-567-W.pdf
  • Provide copy of “Philosophy of 4-H Judging”
judges preparation1
Judges’ Preparation
  • Define who the judge should ask clarifying questions of during the judging
  • Emphasize the importance of following printed guidelines
  • Avoid emphasizing personal preferences
  • Encourage judge to be tactful, courteous, and to maintain a positive attitude and sense of humor
  • Share the importance of consistent judging among projects
judges preparation2
Judges’ Preparation
  • Ask the judge to give the exhibitor the benefit of the doubt
  • Encourage the judge to provide many written and verbal constructive comments (both positive and ways to improve)
  • Provide copy of “101 Ways to Praise a Child”
  • Ask the judge to share suggested improvements in the judging procedures with the person in charge
sample questions for conference judging
Sample Questions for Conference Judging
  • What new things did you learn?
  • Have you taken this project before?
  • What were your goals for this project?
  • What do you like best about your exhibit?
  • What would you like to change about your exhibit?
  • What steps did you take to complete your project?
sample questions for conference judging1
Sample Questions for Conference Judging
  • What were some of the difficulties you had completing your project?
  • Were you able to get help with your project? How?
  • Approximately how many hours did you spend on your project?
  • How much did it cost to complete your project?
  • What would you like to do in this project in the future?
  • Darlene Baker, Arkansas State 4-H Program Leader, “The National 4-H Recognition Model Volunteer Leaders’ Series,” http://www.uaex.edu/Other_Areas/publications/PDF/4HCL1.pdf
  • Oregon State 4-H Web site, “About 4-H Recognition,” http://oregon.4h.oregonstate.edu/about-4h-recognition
  • USDA/Army Youth Development Project. 2003. “4-H 101, The Basics of Starting 4-H Clubs.” http://www.national4-hheadquarters.gov/library/4h_docs.htm
working with 4 h parents thursday february 18 2010 10 00 a m 12 noon adobe connect
“Working with 4-H Parents”

Thursday, February 18, 2010,

10:00 a.m.- 12 noon, Adobe Connect

Next 4-H 101 Program:

Thank you for your participation!