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amphibians n.
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  1. Amphibians By jazmine

  2. Poison dart frogs have beautifulcoloursand patterns. Amphibians have backbones. Some amphibians have slimy skin. The bullfrog is one of the largest frogs in the world

  3. Most have webbed feet.Amphibians lay eggs.Amphibians are cold blooded.

  4. Amphibian Description. Poison dart frogs are red, orange, yellow, blue, green and even sometimes purple. Amphibians have smile like mouths, slick and slimy skin, fat squishy bodies and bulb shaped toes. Most newts and frogs have rather big, round eyes. Did you know that red eyed tree frogs have: big red eyes, sticky orange toes, a leaf green body and sapphire blue sides including its waist . Frogs are happy, spotty or stripy, thin and slimy Amphibians that croak as loud as a trumpet. Toads are fat, plump and scaly Amphibians that crawl and slide like spiders, I like them because they hop as quick as a car. They creep around under the mud in ponds. Frogs and Toads love to leap all over the place.

  5. Information Report. • Amphibians are animals that live on land and in water, they lived back in the dinosaur age. Did you know that at least a quarter of the dinosaurs were Amphibians but it is quite hard to tell because they are skeletons now! • Newts, frogs, toads and salamanders are all part of the Amphibian family. Did you know a female Newt can lay up to 400 eggs a year. The word Amphibian comes from a Greek past meaning double life.

  6. Amphibians live in lakes, ponds, streams and swamps. Most amphibians like frogs have slimy skin and others like salamanders have scaly skin but both frogs,newts and salamanders have short legs. Frogs lay eggs that hatch in to tadpoles which grow in to froglets and then they will lose their tails and become adult frogsThough amphibians look rather small they can still bite you and it is painful.

  7. Action plan. • Poison dart frogs are critically endangered. • Humans should stop deforesting to stop poison dart frogs from becoming extinct. • Cane toads are being killed because they are going into peoples backyards. • We could just move them some where else.

  8. This power point was made by Jazmine White.